Challenge J&J #14-15 & 2 reviews

J&J #14 @Eat Clean Cookbookfresh berries in vanilla infused avocado oil


I didn’t have avocado oil so here’s my version:


DIVINE~~~ berries and coconut is definitely a winning combo! 😉

J&J #15 @Eat Clean Cookbookgrilled asparagus with primavera sauce


my version: grilled asparagus with poached eggs.


Review #1: Maranatha Almond Butter

I bought it last weekend in Costco with a good deal and haven’t been having it with oat bran every morning since then



Coco’s review: I have mixed feelings about it. From on hand, I like that it’s smooth and runny, even stored in fridge, no stir required, so it’s easy to eat/melt. From the other hand, its lack of body and creaminess let me unsatisfied, I also find it not salty enough. So, I think I won’t buy it again. Rating: 3/5.

I made a tortilla-free burrito. hehehe…. well, it’s just rice/bean chili that I made the other day topped with a bed of greens.


I just started reading Country Driving: A journey through China from farm to factory


Dinner featured another stir-fry of greens: romaine, broccoli, mushrooms with garlic and sesame oil.



Review #2: Few days ago I received from Sahale Snacks 3 packets of their flavored nuts and they’re all gone!!! 😆


#1 : SOLEDAD: This delectable snacking experience features almonds, apples, and flax seeds, tickled with date, balsamic vinegar and cayenne.



Coco’s review: this is my favorite one. First because I love almonds. And then the combination of flavor is amazing, a bit sour, a bit spicy, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the dates. Rating: 5/5

#2: Cashews with pomegranate + vanilla: a perfect combination of sublime flavors: Pomegranate, Vanilla, and Cashews. The whole roasted Cashews are teamed with Pomegranate and Apple, and balanced with pure Vanilla bean. Our light glaze adds just the right amount of sweetness.



Coco’s review: this is an interesting combo, it tastes like dessert for me although a little bit too sweet. Rating: 4/5.

#3: Barbeque Almonds with Mild Chipotle + Ranch. Enjoy the harmony of classic tastes with an all-natural twist. The Barbeque Almonds are seasoned with a proprietary “Dry Rub” spice blend and accented with tangy buttermilk ranch. Then, they’re slow roasted to a smoky, spicy-sweet perfection.



Coco’s review: it sounds really good but I didn’t like the flavor. It was like eating a meal when I was actually snacking. I guess it would be a nice topping for salad (I should have saved it for that instead of just finishing the packet without enjoying it). Rating: 2/5.

Overall, I like their products, their creative flavor combos and the handy packet size. I definitely will buy them in the future.

Q: Do you like flavored nuts? If you can make one, what would be?


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11 responses to “Challenge J&J #14-15 & 2 reviews

  1. Great reviews! I don’t really like flavored nuts, but it would be cool if they all tasted like chocolate cake 😉

  2. I usually make my own roasted nuts with a bit of shoyu and it gives them a great flavour. I think that the store-bought flavoured nuts often contain funny ingredients. 😦
    Never heard of avocado oil before.. sounds great though.

  3. We love Sahale snack mixes at my house! My son, in particular, loves them. I really like the Maranantha AB, too. Sorry to hear you didn’t, but to each their own, right? 😉

    Have a great day, Coco!!!

  4. Your tortilla-free burrito looks amazing! And I think I’ll recreate the grilled asparagus with poached eggs for Easter. I always used to make deviled eggs on Easter, but I can’t eat hard-boiled eggs anymore. But I love (and tolerate) poached eggs! 🙂

    And I feel the same way about Maranatha Almond Butter. It’s just too creamy and smooth for me…

  5. COCO! I’m like obsessed with candied nuts now. I love Sahale, but they really are soooo expensive! I love all sorts of flavored nuts…esp if they’re all crunchy, and uniquely flavored. I wish there was a bacon-nut crunch thing…hmm, in time, I’m sure it will pop up somewhere, lol!

  6. Great way to make do with the ingredients on hand!
    I love flavored nuts…I would make one with coconut flavor, for sure.

  7. thanks for the nut butter review! i have debated buying that brand at costco. i love berries and coconut! for sure a winner!

  8. I’m not really a nut eater. I tend to over eat so I try to eat foods that are not as calorie dense for snacks, although I occasionally at nuts to meals.
    Those sound tasty though!

  9. The sahale snack mixes are sooooooooo good !! Im glad you enjoyed them!!! Yay for winning that giveaway!!!

    I got the hello kitty egg kit at target!! I have the hello kitty toaster too!!! lol!!! I LOVE hello kitty!!!

    Hope you have a great day!! xoxo

  10. I’m so impressed with all of the fantastic meals you’ve been creating lately. That vanilla infused avocado oil sounds FANTASTIC, even if it was coconut oil that you used. That sounds really tasty too!!

    I love flavored nuts, especially deep roasted with garlic and maybe some hot spice. I also love my plain nuts, but a dab of salt.

  11. love your reviews of those nuts, and the great eats, too! nice work!

    re the neg comments…you are so sweet to leave me that great comment. i havent had one lately or related to this, but in the past i have gotten tons so i was just addressing it in general, but thx so much for your concern, your heart is big and tender, like mine is 🙂

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