Challenge J&J 7 & Going Nuts!

J&J #7 @Eat Clean Cookbooksummer roasted veggies


this recipe is so easy and so versatile. I think you can use whatever veggie you have. I had eggplant, zucchini, leek, onion and tomato


seasoning: olive oil + sea salt + italian seasoning + black pepper. The original recipe called for fresh herbs.


cut the veggies in similar form and size, toast with seasoning.


bake at 400F 20 min, turn it once and another 20 min.


It was DELICIOUS!!!! Tender, soft, the strong olive oil flavor perfectly combined with italian seasoning! 😆 Another Score! 🙂


served with a tofu, egg white and LC scramble  and a toast.


Few days ago I was contacted by the generous people at NutsOnline promoting their version of March Madness called MUNCH MADNESS!

NutsOnline has created 8 sampler packages which will be represented as teams in a bracket-style format. Voters will log onto the Web site to back their favorite team, and the team with the most votes in each bracket will advance to the next round.

At the end of each round (which will coincide with the March Madness basketball tournament), NutsOnline will select one voter and one blogger from the winning team to receive a prize package that includes all the specialty items we think they will enjoy.

NutsOnline sent me a sampler package for Team Foodie:




I’ve used these for the chicken picadillo



IMG_5764.JPG IMG_5768.JPG


ALL of my favorites nuts and new fun foodie kind of dry fruits! 😀 Thanks NutsOnline!!!

My favorite nut used to be almond, but I think I might have converted to be a pistacho fan!!! 😆


Q1: What’s your favorite nuts to eat directly (no in form of nut butter)?

Q2: Do you use tweeter? How many times do you tweet per day?

Giveaway alerts:

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7 responses to “Challenge J&J 7 & Going Nuts!

  1. Roasted veggies are the best! 😉
    I love almonds (they make my favourite nut butters too) and love them roasted with a bit of shoyu
    No twitter though.. (lame phone and no time ;))

  2. I loooove roasted vegetables! Perfect side dish!
    I like peanuts plain… sort of boring…

    No twitter for me…

  3. Roasted veggie are a fave of mine. I thought your zuchinni was a cucumber at first!! LOL!

    My favourite nuts to eat out of hand would be almonds.

    I do not tweet. Technology already takes up too much time in my life!

  4. i LOVE roasted veggies, and it’s really hard to go wrong with them! so simple! and yours look delish, as usual!

    i do use twitter (i’m liltiff917 if you’re thinking of joining) and i tweet just a few times a day. nothing crazy. 🙂

  5. yours look better than the photos! beautiful veggies. cashews are my fave nut to eat plain and i sometimes use twitter!

  6. Your veggies look delicious! I can handle that recipe! I love pistachios as well. I don’t buy nuts too often because I have no control lol.

  7. Yum! I can’t wait for summer veggies to be in season!
    I use Twitter, and I tweet about once or twice per day.

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