Challenge J&J #6: failed!

J&J #6 @Eat Clean Cookbook:Β stuffed artichoke


It looks quite appetizing and pretty. I’ve never cooked artichoke before so I was curious about it.

Ingredients: fresh artichoke


Stuffing: Olive oil (1/4 cup), italian seasoning, panko (1/2 cup), garlic (2 tbsp) and sea salt


Steam artichoke for 30 min, add the stuffing between layers and steam for 5 more min. End product:


It looks pretty much like the picture in the book, right?

I also made Heather’s homemade red sauce: canned diced tomato + butter, I used Earth Balance, over bread of spring mix and steamed zucchini noodles


portobello topped with tomato paste, italian seasoning and goat cheese πŸ˜‰


quite a meal! πŸ˜†


everything was tasty except the artichoke. I didn’t know exactly how to eat it :shock:, layer by layer I ate the stuffing but didn’t know what to eat from the artichoke. I ended up very unsatisfied with my meal so I had as “dessert” two Rudi’s spelt bread topped with Earth Balance


the kitty face made me smile πŸ˜‰

The other day, my new book order came! Look what I’m reading


I’m 2/3 through Lunch in Paris in <2 days, it’s a funny, easy and foodie-kind of story. Next, I’ll learn how to write for food properly πŸ˜‰

Q: What was your last unsatisfied meal?

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18 responses to “Challenge J&J #6: failed!

  1. That sucks it wasn’t satisfying because it looked pretty darn amazing!

  2. Oh no sorry to hear that! But your post just reminded me that I have two artichokes at home, maybe I should do a “how to eat artichokes” tutorial?!?! πŸ˜‰

  3. melissa @ the delicate place

    my least satisfying meal was last night! it was my first dinner back home from paris and all i had in my fridge was eggs! i loved eating lunch in paris! we ate bread/chocolate/cheese and red wine w/ chocolate for dinner each night!

  4. aw sorry the artichokes didn’t turn out well… i’ve never had artichokes, so i wouldn’t know where to start either! it really looked good, though. yours looked exactly like in the book, and that’s hard to do!

    the kitty in your toast made me smile too. πŸ™‚ happy thursday!

  5. sw

    I’ve never made stuffed artichoke before, but when I steam it, I take off each individual “leaf” and scrape off the “meat” of the leaf with my teeth. When all the leaves are peeled off, the middle “heart” of the artichoke is the absolute most delicious part! I think that’s how you eat the stuffed artichoke as well…

    Here’s a tutorial I found online:

  6. Those books look really interesting. I should read the one on food writing, too!
    Sorry the stuffed artichoke didn’t work out well. I’ve never cooked anything with artichokes, though I do like them when I’ve tried them.

  7. I would wonder how to eat the ‘choke, too. We always ate them leaf by leaf when I was a kid but you can’t really do that when it’s stuffed, can you? Humpf!

  8. I hate unsatisfying meals 😦
    My last one was actually my dinner tonight. Light, not yummy, not satisfying 😦

  9. actorsdiet

    very impressed with your artichoke! i’ve only gone as far as steaming it and dipping it into mayo.

  10. I applaud you for at least trying that recipe–I am far too intimidated by fresh artichokes to try a recipe that uses them!

  11. aww man, sorry to hear it wasnt as good as expected!! it does LOOK delicious though! I love artichokes but Im scared to cook withthem!

  12. Oh, I’m sorry Coco! I have to say, I think your artichoke looks really beautiful though…and just like the picture!

  13. Aw sorry for the artichoke fail! They’re tough to eat, I know. The only way I’m able to do it is by hand, leaf by leaf, usually. :-/

  14. I’ve never tried making artichokes- it looks so difficult!!
    Thanks for the book review-I’ve just booked for “Lunch in Paris”.
    Hmmm-last unsatisfied meal was just yesterday,I made butternut squash soup, and let’s say it didn’t go down so well with the hubby and the brat 😦

  15. your meal looks amazing; sorry it didn’t taste so amazing. i like artichokes dipped in butter, haha. πŸ™‚ but i only dip the tip of the artichoke in butter…the rest of it is super tough to eat!

  16. Aw! Too bad your attempt failed. 😦

    I’ve had kitchen mishaps, too. No worries! Live and learn, eh? πŸ˜‰


  17. sorry it was meh, it sure looks good πŸ™‚

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