Tea review & A giveaway

Two weeks ago I received a package from Celestial Seasoning

It was part of a “wellness kit” that they’ve created for the “flu” season. It included: Four wellness teas to ease  symptoms associated with the cold and flu including Sleepytime Extra, Echinacea Complete Care and Tummy Mint and Two green teas to support a healthy immune system year round – Authentic Green Tea and Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea.

I tried all of them and my favorites are Tummy Mint and AM Detox. I really like them because they’re rich in aroma and smooth in taste. Since I’ve been wanting to cut down my caffeine intake, these caffeine free teas are satisfying my hot drink craving. I’d probably drink 2-3 bags of different tea everyday.

Do you get “flu” in this season? I personally am fairly “insensitive” and don’t get flu often. But for those of you who do, here are some teas that might help.

A Tea for Whatever Ails You!

Seasonal discomforts keeping you down? You can trust delicious, all-natural Celestial Seasonings teas to help foster everyday wellness as part of your balanced, healthy lifestyle. The selection of recommended herbs, teas and other foods provided below can help you find great-tasting natural relief for your symptoms.

Tea for Health 101

Once you’ve chosen the tea that best matches your symptoms, click here to view a series of short videos that teach you about drinking tea for health and wellness, how to properly prepare tea, tea pairings and more!

Symptom Herbs for What Ails You Teas to Try Other All-Natural
Health Helpers
I have a sore, dry or scratchy throat.
  • Soothing chamomile
  • Licorice root and slippery elm bark to coat the throat and help alleviate discomfort
  • Ginger and lemongrass to rejuvenate the body
Sleepytime Throat Tamer™

Sleepytime Tea

Ice cold orange juice, honey, lemon juice, salt water (for gargling)
I am beginning to feel sick; my immune system needs a boost.
  • Echinacea to support the immune system and the body’s ability to defend itself*
  • Vitamin C for its antioxidant properties
  • Zinc, an essential mineral that provides immune system support during cold season*
  • Aromas and flavors likeeucalyptus and peppermintthat make you feel better fast!
Echinacea Complete Care®

Echinacea Tea

Walnuts, garlic, berries, citrus fruits
My stomach hurts and/or I’m feeling bloated.
  • Revitalizing fennel to quickly but gently calm your stomach
  • Soothing herbs likepeppermint and chamomilethat naturally assist digestion
Tummy Mint®

Tummy Mint Tea

Yogurt with active cultures, whole grains, water
I’m feeling run down.
  • Whole eleuthero root andAsian and American ginsengto sustain healthy levels of energy and stamina
  • Vitamins B6 and B12, which are essential for helping you cope with stress
  • Revitalizing and refreshing flavors like orange peel andspearmint
Ginseng Energy®

Ginseng Energy Tea

Oatmeal, berries, citrus fruit
I need to cleanse my body after over-indulging in fatty foods, alcohol or caffeine.
  • Milk thistle to cleanse and detoxify the body and promote healthy liver function*
  • Immune system-supportingEchinacea*
  • Cleansing botanicals likedandelion rootsarsaparilla root and red clover
Detox AM®

Detox AM Tea

Green leafy vegetables, water
I can’t sleep.
  • Tilia flower to quiet the mind and relax the body
  • Valerian, a trusted natural sleep aid
  • Calming herbs like chamomileand spearmint
Sleepytime Extra®

Sleepytime Extra Tea

Dairy products, nuts, carbohydrate-rich foods
I am feeling healthy and want to stay that way.
  • Powerful polyphenols and potent flavonoid antioxidantsto counter the harmful effects of free radicals
  • Vitamins A, C and E to maintain your body’s good health
A delicious, health-supporting Green Tea, like Antioxidant Supplement Green Tea

Green Tea

Fresh fruits and vegetables

okay. Wanna win a Wellness Kit? which included six package of teas that I got, PLUS Mug, soothing lip balm, honey sticks and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Bear and the book “Herbs for Health and Happiness” by Celestial Seasonings founder Mo Siegel and Nancy Burke.

Ways to participate:

1) Leave a comment on this post answering the following question: What’s your favorite tea?

2) Blog about it.

3) Twitt about it.

4) Add me to your blogroll.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Giveaway ends Sunday, March 28th, 2010 9PM Eastern Time


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42 responses to “Tea review & A giveaway

  1. I adore tea.
    Specially green tea, but I also like herbal tea, like chamomile, peppermint, lemon grass, rooibos.
    My favorite is one combination of different herbal teas that is perfect for relaxation. After drinking it, I sleep like a baby 🙂

  2. yay! what a great giveaway! my favorite tea is actually celestial seasoning’s blueberry breeze green tea. i love the hint of blueberry in it!

  3. Oh I LOVE tea! I never drink coffee but tea is like my crack. It’s hard to pick a fave one though. I prefer green tea with my breakfast and ginger tea after lunch. In between I heart some sweet chili and rooibos tea but I like switching things up and have a HUGE tea stash.
    Can people from overseas participate too? This giveaway sounds heavenly!

  4. Maureen

    I actually have two favorites. I love love Mint tea. But I also really enjoy the calming properties of the Chai teas.

  5. elaine

    hi coco! thanks for holding this awesome giveway! my favorite tea right now is chai because of the cold blustery weather. it warms me up and makes me feel toasty!

  6. elaine

    you’re added to my blogroll via googlereader!

  7. Tasha

    Favorite tea is definitely my family’s own loose leaf green tea

  8. Mary

    My favorite tea is lemon green tea 🙂

  9. Mandy

    Fave tea is any green tea…

  10. My favourite tea has got to be chamomile. It is SO soothing and has many uses….for me. Ease an upset stomach or cramps, helps to put me to sleep and calms me down when I’m stressed.

  11. You’ve been on my blogroll for-evah hun!! 🙂

  12. I’ve recently become obsessed with teas! Echinacea is delicious!

  13. My favorite tea is black tea! Wakes me up in the morning.

  14. grace

    my favorite teas are the FRUIT TEA SAMPLER from celestial seasoning and also their HOLIDAY tea line. my cabinet is full of teas from celestial seasoning so this is a perfect giveaway for me! 🙂

  15. I’m a big of Celestial Seasonings! I love their holiday varieties, especially the Gingerbread:) Favorite tea of all time thought is Jasmine Pearl.

  16. Coool giveaway!! My favorite tea is Osmanthus Green tea that i bring from Hong kong…mmm…so flowery and herbal all at once!

  17. Ivanna

    My favorite tea is either Jasmine or Tazo Honeybush!

  18. Ivanna

    You are on my Google Reader Blog List!

  19. Ivanna

    Justed tweeted about your great giveaway!

  20. Lydia

    vanilla chai tea is amaazing. i look forward to it.

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  23. Gina

    Currently my favorite is Cocoa Chai Tea but I also love anything with ginger!

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  26. and you’re on my blogroll of course 🙂

  27. I love sleepy time tea 🙂

  28. Your already on my blog roll girl!

  29. Sharon

    My favorite is jasmine tea! =)

  30. runRedrun

    I love genmaicha, but have been drinking a lot of pu-erh lately.

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  32. i’ll say chamomile-mint!

  33. katie

    I go for chamomile or peppermint depending on how I feel

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  35. Lucy

    I love green tea! But cold, not hot. I like to brew a bunch at once and keep it in a pitcher in the fridge…

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