Challenge J&J #3 & First homemade Artisan Bread

TCM #10: Health benefits of Green Tea

I’m loving the new challenge! It brings so much joy to the daily life!!! Every night I’d sit in my couch comfortably and read the next recipe through, imagining the flavor! 😆

So, yesterday I made Chicken Picadillo @Eat Clean Cookbook






end product. This time it looks like the picture a lot more 😉


I followed the recipe strictly this time, so I can’t share it with you guys. Sorry 😦

And I made some couscous with celery and green peas as side




it was DELICIOUS!!!! The best chicken picadillo I’ve ever had. 😆 I’m sooo making this AGAIN.

I promised Toutou that I’d make Artisan Bread for her. So I kept my promise 😉


Ingredients: WW flour (1.5 cup), WW white flour (1.5 cup), active gluten (2 tbsp), flaxseed (2 tbsp), yeast (1 packet)  and 1 tbsp sugar (to help the yeast)

Put everything in the bread machine I got from allbartools


choose WW cycle


But actually I didn’t bake it there…. because I wanted to make it a la Artisan Bread in 5 min a Day


make the cut on the surface


end product! A homemade Artisan Bread!!!


it’s perfect! Hard crust, soft and chewy in the center! 😆



I couldn’t resist to try a piece! Oh… it’s soooo good! 😀 I feel so proud of myself! 🙂


Besides of cooking, which seems a lot, but actually not, (I didn’t spend more than 1 hour in the kitchen) I had a productive day in term of work, ordering house, calling my mom for 1.5 hours (got some bad news about our closest relatives, but I’ll talk about it later), 50 min with Dave Farmer and watched a fun movie! 😉 Sounds like a perfect Sunday, right?

Q: Do you like Artisan Bread? What’s your favorite kind?



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14 responses to “Challenge J&J #3 & First homemade Artisan Bread

  1. Chicken Picadillo sounds a really fancy name!!!!
    You should have more of that bread – I feel I am a spoiled kid now 😀 it is so soft and airy , just like the bread in the cafe !

  2. wow! you really made some amazing foods this weekend! delicious!

  3. That picadillo and bread looks heavenly! Your challenge sounds like so much fun. 🙂

  4. i’m loving your challenge – everything looks so delicious! i’ve never even heard of chicken picadillo before, but your meal looks wonderful! and dang, your artisan bread looks amazing! and in 5 minutes? haha thats awesomely fast. glad you had a great relaxing day with your friend. 🙂

  5. GREAT food in this post, Coco!! The chicken dish with the couscous is so colourful and pretty. The bread looks amazing, too.

  6. im enjoying your new challenge posts! at least you always know what you are going to cook, right? that bread looks so good! you are quite the baker!

  7. Wow wow wow!!! I love how this challenge is going. You really are kicking the butt of these recipes and they look so good!!

    Also, I can’t get over your cool bread machine! I am a sucker for hot fresh bread! Lucky Tou Tou!

  8. Loving all your Eat Clean creations!

  9. Your Chicken Picadillo looks fantastic! I’m longing for a piece of that bread right now — it looks incredible!

  10. That bread looks amazing!!! Makes me want to get a bread machine but I think that might be a dangerous thing. Funny thing is I’ve been thinking about how I over-indulge in bread sometimes and I think it’s because I deprive myself of it so much. I may have to change that.

    BTW – I hope your relatives are okay. I’ll be praying!

  11. I LOVE a good crusty baguette!
    Ah, Tou Tou is so lucky!! I wish I lived closer to you guys…or you guys to me, since the weather there is frightful.
    ARe you attending the BlogHer conference in NYC?

  12. Bake me a bread too! That bread looks so yummy. I don’t think I’ve ever had picadillo. Will check it out later.

    Yay to yummy food! Do you recommend the Eat Clean cookbook?

  13. I’m glad the recipe was a success! It does look amazing. So does the artisan bread. I don’t think I’ve ever had artisan bread…. maybe I have?? It’s ironic too because I JUST got the flaxseed out of my freezer to add to my morning oats. I’ve never done that before, but for some reason this morning I thought about it….so weird! I’d love to try it in a bread, I bet it tastes fantastic.

  14. i am gluten free but your bread looks aamazing, as does the pea/celery couscous!

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