Do we all have issues?

Do we all have issues with our appearance?

Is USA a image-disorder nation or USA the most open-talk place? I can’t find the answer and here are two episodes of why I entered into doubt.

#1: The night at Raku, since our neighbor table was just 1-inch away, I heard the conversation of two young girls. They’re asian-american, at 20s and at normal weight. Every time I heard them talk, it’s about how fatty is the food but at the same time how good it is; that they probably will hit the gym after dinner, or they probably have eaten 2000 calories…. etc. You get the point. What was funny or called me attention is that as they talk, they kept eating and they really enjoy it (although with guilt). I personally don’t have inconsistency. If I don’t like something I do, I just stop doing it and stop complaining about it. Why would you complain if it’s not REALLY bothering you? I wonder, is this image/ED talk the new trend? Is it like smoking in old days? That you have to smoke because all your friends smoke and that’s being cool. Is this image-issues or ED the new trend to be cool?

#2: A friend of mine who is beautiful inside and outside for me (although not super skinny, but at a healthy weight) complained me yesterday that she thinks she has bulk of fat in her body. I think she’s pretty as she is, but she doubts it.

I can’t remember any talk image/eating related when I was in China, at least among my girl friends. I’ve always thought they don’t have issues, but now I wonder: is it really that they don’t have issues or they’re just not talking about it?

We all have some kind of image-related issues, I did for several years and suffered the consequences. I still do but sporadically because I realized that there are SO MANY other IMPORTANT things in life that I can use my energy and focus than trying to be pretty to please others! Furthermore, if you really want to please others, there are hundreds of ways to do it that does not involve to be the prettiest, skinniest and those probably last longer!

Q: What’s your thoughts on this? Are you open to talk your issues (if you have any)?

Okay. Enough rambling. Let’s see some food pic


Neil’s breakfast combo: 2 cinnamon raisin toasts, LC and microwaved egg


Coco’s: oatmeal + vanilla + cinnamon + flaxmeal + frozen blueberries



Lunch: leftover tofu quich


Dinner: stir-fry assorted veggies with coconut oil, topped with marinara and parmesan



Dessert: dark chocolate that Neil brought me.


Last night to enter General Mills Price Pack Giveaway



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11 responses to “Do we all have issues?

  1. I think everyone has issues… health is paramount… image for Hollywood. When I hear some girl in tears about her weight because her peers torment her… that is when my blood boils. Your food looks delicious.. glad I stopped by!

  2. i think everyone has an issue of some sort, but they just choose to talk or not to talk about it.

  3. I believe we all can be so harsh on ourselves when it comes to our appearance, I know I have good days and bad : p

    Yummy oats you made there girl! I love blueberries!!!!!!

    Oh my yogurt messes are a ugly mess! Thanks for the sweet comment girl : )

    I hope you had a great day in DC yesterday! Hope Neil had a great time here!!! we should do a blogger meetup!!

    There is a PF Changs in Mclean Virginia, its at They Tysons Corner Galleria!

  4. Oh my god! Frey chocolate!! I love that dark chocolate! 🙂
    I agree that we all have issues at some point.. It just depends on how we handle them. I also went to school with a girl who constantly talked about wanting to lose weight but at the same time she was eating snickers, m&ms… I guess that our environment is really important too. These girls for example.. I believe that they would stop that fat talk if one of them would say that they’re ok the way they are.

  5. I think we all have some sort of body image issues at some point in our life. Some are just worse than others or choose to talk about it more. It is sad though. Those eggs on the raisin toast look soo good!

  6. I think body image is huge. It’s hard for me to speak for others but I have a hunch that this is pretty common across the board…
    Even though I realize there are more important things in life, there are benefits to being beautiful/thin. I was actually talking to my brother about this… He brought up the fact that he thinks thin/beautiful people are treated better. To some extent I agree… I mean there’s a reason we dress up for interviews right?

  7. I never complain about my weight ( em. hope you agree :-D) totally agree with you, if I am not satisfied with my body , I will just work out and change it! that kind of food and weights talk are really annoying while I am enjoying my meal!

  8. i think that everyone has at least some type of issue with themselves, some more than others though. those eggs look super good! cant believe they were made in the microwave. so efficient!

  9. Ugh, I can’t stand when people talk about how fat they are or are going to be while they are eating! Especially in restaurants, it’s so awkward!! I “fat talk” to my husband and he tells me I’m being ridiculous, even though I really AM overweight lol. I’m harder on myself than I should be, but sometimes I can’t help it. I think it is a habit. However, I try not to dwell on it; negativity doesn’t help anything. In the past few years I’ve learned to love myself, flaws and all. I think so many people “fat talk”, whether they are fat or not, because they feel guilty and expect their company to want them to feel bad about indulging in something fattening. Almost as if you have to initiate the offensive comments before they do, because you feel that they are THINKING it, even though they’re usually not. Humans are strange creatures lol.

    Those microwaved eggs look perfect, BTW. 🙂


  10. I think we all have issues. Some people just let it bother them more than others.

    Great eats, BTW!

  11. Hey, a fellow egg microwave-r! Next time, throw in a dash of fish sauce and some chopped green onions to some whisked eggs for a different flavour combo ;]

    Thinking about what you said, I realize that I act differently in the company that I’m in. When I am lunching with a friend who is health-conscious, I follow her down the road of self-criticism. When I am lunching with a friend who couldn’t care less, I tuck in with only thoughts of tastiness. For the first friend, it’s like I want her to tell me it’s ok since she doesn’t like what I’m eating. With the second friend, I nom away.

    Oh, the complications food dynamics ;p I think that I shall simply enjoy my food without any inconsistencies. Or at least try to. It’s hard sometimes to ignore what I learned in Nutrition class…

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