Raku night!

My friend arrived at 1PM from NYC. Despite the crappy day in DC, we walked from Union Station to Chinatown, and then to Lincoln Memorial and Memorial monument until it began to rain again. 😦 So we went back home, checked email and found out that I’m going to a conference in three weeks and I’ll be presenting!!! I’m still in a shocking mode :shock:. My first conference presentation, and in front of the most important people of my field! Excited and scared!

Okay. Back to food. My friend wanted to have japanese food, so I did “homework” and found that Raku has good reviews.


Most of restaurants in Bethesda were almost empty but Raku was crowded (at a Monday night)!


My friend Neil… Star’s best friend in Argentina. 🙂


We ordered two appetizers: Grilled Asian BBQ Rock Octopus Mango Asian pear Concassé


Seaweed Wakame, Mixed Greens with Carrot Dressing


both were delicious!!!! I specially like the seaweed salad… very unique combo of asian and western flavors.


Neil ordered Deluxe Udon noodles with Shrimp Tempura, Chicken, Beef. He loved it! 😀


and I ordered Wok-Charred Chilean Seabass (cooked in tons of butter) Ginger Tomato Sauce, Sautéed Broccolini and Mushroom



It’s not only pretty but amazingly tasty! Seabass is my second favorite fish after Salmon but I’ve never had it cooked with a lot of butter…. incredible!!! How much I’ve missed.


It came with a bowl of rice. Japanese people know how to prepare rice. After I finished my entree I tasted one bite, I was hooked, so I finished the bowl of rice PLAIN! As my mom says, japanese rice is so good that it can be a meal by itself. 🙂 So true! 🙂

We finished EVERYTHING and almost had to roll back to home! 😆  Everything was super tasty, worth every bite! I’m sooo going back to Raku! If I have to rate its food, it would be 10/10. Service: 10/10. Environment: 8/10 because it was too crowded and our table is just one inch from our neighbors’.

Today we’ll going to capital hill, smithonian and georgetown before Neil takes the train back to NYC at 2PM. It’s great to have  friend  from home visiting and take a break from work. I needed it to feel recharged and ready for the next “battle”. 😉

Q: What’s your favorite japanese dish other than sushi?

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13 responses to “Raku night!

  1. I love that octopus! looks so yummy 🙂 hope you two have a great time today ! finally its cleared up!

  2. Shrimp tempura oh how I miss theee.
    Coco you will rock at that conference!! I’m so excited for you! 🙂
    Don’t get me started on Japanese food.. I love it way too much! 😉 I believe that my favourite Japanese food is onigiri (though there are 10000 more that I love). I adore how simple and handy onigiri is. Plus it’s amazing with that green seaweed seasoning.

  3. Anita

    Learned this from a trip to Japan last year: Rinse the rice grains well and drain. Repeat until the water is clear. Then add water in a near 1:1 ratio with the rice (add slightly less water than you do rice though). After the rice is done cooking, take the shamoji (the flat spatula that usually comes with rice cookers), rinse it lightly with water, and use it to fluff up the rice. I don’t eat a lot of rice but when I do, I follow this method and it always comes out well.

    Good luck on your presentation 😀

  4. yayyy you’re going to be presenting!! that’s huge!
    wow, the flakiness of the seabass is amazing. *drool* hope you have a great time exploring with Neil today! enjoyy!

  5. Coco, congratulations on that presentation in 3 weeks!! That is SUCH exciting and thrilling news!!! Time to shop for a cute outfit? hehehe

    You guys ordered such tasty looking dishes. I love chilean sea bass too!! It’s crazy that restaurants always overdo the butter with fish sometimes, but it really does taste goooood! hahahah You are too cute finishing the rice plain! If there is one thing i can’t eat plain, it’s rice!!!

  6. Those dished all look delicious and pretty! I love shrimp or salmon teryaki. I also love shrimp tempura yumm.

  7. Holy YUM – everything looks so good!
    I bet you and Neil had tons of fun 😉
    Have a great week, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  8. CONGRATS on your presentation love!! Proud of you!!! So awesome, dont be nervous!!

    Oh that place looks amazing!!!!! I will have to remember that!! Did u ever have the seabass at PF Changs? It melts in your mouth!!! Amazing!!!!

    Have fun today in DC, I love Georgetown!! So pretty near the water, and what a beautiful day to be down there!!

    Love ya girl!!!

  9. WOW, that all looks gorgeous and delicious! props on the presentation news 😀

  10. Sounds like such a fun day with your friend! That octopus looks really tasty and so does that noodle bowl!

  11. lesouefsbrouilles

    all those dishes look like your creations!!!

  12. I actually prefer Thai, long-grain rice to Japanese rice…which is really the same as Korean rice. Hee. I guess you prefer the sticky short-grained kind!
    That place has REALLY nice food! Whoa!

    Oh, and Coco, you must update us on the conference presentation! Ah! So excited for you!

  13. All that Japanese food looks AMAZING!!! Glad your friend enjoyed such a great meal while in the US.

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