Task classification

I’ve had this idea when I was doing house cleaning last week. Everyday we do a lot of things/tasks, some are necessary, some are pleasant and others are annoying. I’d classify them in 3 categories:

  1. Things that need to be done like house cleaning, paying the bills, etc. We don’t particularly enjoy the process, but we need to final result.
  2. Things that we do mainly because we like the feeling when it’s finished. Typical example would be running a marathon. It’s a painful process but you feel million bucks when you cross the finishing line.
  3. Things that are enjoyable the process itself. This is probably what makes me happiest. Examples: cooking, reading, walking, working 😉

Ideally we should only do things that satisfied all three categories. Unfortunately we often do things that we don’t like but it must be done. But as long as we remind us to do more things that belong to 2 and/or 3, we’d be enjoying more the daily life.

Talking about daily life, for my surprise I had a very productive day! Even though my code took 10 hours to run just once, I did tone of related work while I waited patiently 😉 (it seems that patience is general missing virtue)

I started my morning in a positive way…. YEAH~~~ I’m addicted to this book. If The Happiness Project was good, this book is even better because it’s a research based book about Happiness, written by a Ph.D in psychology. Stay tune! I have a lot to share with you 😉


Rudi’s 14 grains toasts with a microwaved egg, LC and ketchup! YUM~~~


After my first time eating wraps, I couldn’t resist to try another combo

As you can see, everything happen in this table: work, leisure reading, breakfast and lunch 😉


for the filling I made a chicken curry: chicken, celery, onion with this sauce


wrap # 1 was a success!



#2 was messy because it was too much filling to wrap it up 😯


YUM YUM YUM~~~ I love wraps!!! Sooooo TASTY AND soooooo easy to make.

Dessert was chocolate mousse.


perfect ending, followed by a 30 min power nap~

Q: What kind of task/thing (according to above categories) you do more often?

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10 responses to “Task classification

  1. chocolate mousse! yes!

    beautiful wrappys too!

  2. i’m excited to hear you review this new happiness book and im glad youre liking it! i agree with your task classification. my thesis would either be a 1 or a 2… it’s painful, i need to do it, but i know i’ll feel great in the end! hahah

    i lovelovelove wraps too, and great job on your productivity! have a wonderful sunday!

  3. lesouefsbrouilles

    i think i enjoy doing the third one too! i love to cook, read and work!

  4. I like your classification for tasks! Honestly, I think most of the stuff I do falls under #1. 😦 Something to work on. 🙂 Your wraps look so tasty, Coco!

  5. Yummy wrap combo!!! Chicken curry look so amazing!! I need to come to your house and eat!!!!

    Oh so many tasks!!!!!!!

    # 3 girl all the way!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow, those wraps looks delicious!!
    I’d say I do a lot of things like #2–all for that feeling of accomplishment!

  7. Thanks for the congrats as well on setting my wedding date!!

    And I love gucci!! I do love Louis vuitton too!!!!!

    Great taste girl!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  8. I would say I do more thing tha tI enjoy the process of (#3) SO intersting though! Would love to read that book

  9. Your wrap looks really delish; glad you enjoyed it!

    I do a lot of # 1 right now, but I try to squeeze in some of # 2 and # 3, which make my life less stressful. Good observations!

  10. I’d have to say that I do the pleasing tasks WAY more often. LOL Reading, working out, hanging with the fam…all are more important to me than say, housework. Unfortunately, bills do have to be paid, though…;)

    Great looking wrap! I think I’m gonna use some leftover trout in one today.

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