Failed attempt :(

Running out of Tahini = Unhappy Coco 😦


so, what to do? It’s just sesame seeds right? It can’t be hard to make my own (I thought). I had toasted sesame seeds and olive oil, did some google search and ready to make my own tahini


I used 2 cups of sesame seeds + 1/4 cup olive oil


blend blend blend, just like any other nut butter


5 min later, oil was released and “tahini” was ready


put into a nice container and SERVE 😉


but…. one moment!!! What about the taste? okay…. I took a spoon and tasted it… IT’S REALLY BAD!!! It tastes nothing like tahini. I think the problem was the sesame seeds were too roasted.. or smoked 😦 Very unhappy with my attempt but I won’t punish myself by eating it, so I just throw the whole bottle.

Unhappy X 2, so what to do? Make something that I’m sure I’ll like therefore I can be happy! Dairy-free chocolate mousse is BACK!


I thought I only needed 3 ingredients at first: silken tofu (half block), cocoa powder (3 tbsp) and coconut oil (1-2 tbsp) to help to solidify


after putting them into the blender I realized that I also needed some form of liquid, so added about 1/4 cup of silk


tasted it… too bitter! So add 3 tbsp of sugar (yeah~ the real thing)

Blend again and put them into a small serving container like these


Who needs to buy artificial Jello if you can make these at home? 😉 I promise, they’re really really good.

I finally roasted the lamb that I had marinated for 3 days 😯 (I kept forgetting), used them as topping on a bed of spinach, celery and tomato. No dressing for the salad was needed because the remaining marinate and lamb’s fat combined was tasty enough.



My belly felt loaded after this so I had two bags of tea to help digestion 😉



This is my favorite herbal mix tea (brought from Argentina).

Q1: What’s your latest cooking failure?

Q2: What’s your current obsession? Mine is books. I keep ordering books from Amazon that I don’t know how I can manage to read them all! 😆

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18 responses to “Failed attempt :(

  1. I never had tahini!!!! I should try it???

    Loving the chocolate pudding yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My latest obsession is just buying new food products or bars, lol! I go to whole foods, see something new and buy it, need to stop doing that and use up stuff I have!! Operation clean my pantry!!

    Awwwwww yeah it is hard not seeing your friends! My BFF lives back where Im from and I miss her to pieces!!

  2. the mousse looks so decadent and it’s great that it’s dairy free! sorry the tahini didn’t work out so well…

    my current obsession is nut butter! 2 jars of sun butter are actually scheduled to come today! i’ve never had sunflower butter before, so this should be fun. 🙂

    have a wonderful friday, coco!

  3. Sorry about the tahini failure. I’ve never tried to make it, but maybe the roasted seeds did make a difference. I would love to learn how to make it because it’s so darn expensive!

    I’m glad your other recipe was successful, though. I think it’s great to make your own version of Jello…this way you know exactly what’s in mystery ingredients!

    My latest cooking failure? Homemade chickpea brownies. They were disgusting!

  4. Aww! Sorry to hear about your tahini fail! That’s okay! You can try again 🙂
    Your pudding looks delicious though!

  5. Yeah DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!! That was the first blogger recipe I made 🙂 I loved it!! I haven’t made it in so long, probably because the tofu isn’t part of my “GI diet”! When it’s silken, however, it doesn’t seem to bother me.

    So the tahini was a disaster? At least you tried! I had a disaster in the kitchen not too long ago when I tried to make tuna burgers. They turned out, well, mushy! And gross.

    HAve a great weekend Coco!

  6. I will have to try making tahini…I wonder if it was the olive oil + sesame that made it taste funky? Maybe I would try sesame oil.

  7. Too bad about the tahini! The chocolate mousse looks so good though, I need to buy silken tofu again.

  8. I tried making tahini once and it tasted wrong too! Not to mention the consistency wasn’t great either. My food processor isn’t the best out there.

    Better luck next time!

  9. Bummer about the homemade tahini!

  10. Sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out that well. I’ve never made homemade tahini but would love to make my own.

    The chocolate mousse on the other hand looks HEAVENLY!

  11. Books & writing are always my obsession.
    I’m sorry to hear your tahini wasn’t delicious. I ‘fail’ at baking all the time, because I don’t follow recipes very well!

  12. Curretn obsession = shopping on Lululemon website! YIKES!!!

    I haven’t had any kitchen failures lately. I’m sure my time is coming, though….

  13. oh, sorry about the tahini. maybe next time!

    but i love that pudding! i wish i weren’t allergic to silken tofu though…boohiss.

  14. Oh no im sorry your tahini experience turned out badly! I had a similar one when I tried to make my own. It was just awful!

  15. Coco, may I have some pudding?!

    And that lamb salad looks amazing!!

  16. Sorry about the tahini! I had a problem recently when I was trying to grind almonds into almond flour…they turned into almond butter before I could get them into fine particles! I ended up having to just buy almond meal. 🙂

    Your chocolate pudding looks so good, Coco!

  17. Good to know that grinding sesame seeds is a no go. Although I think tahini is something I will always just get at the grocery store–it seems to messy with all the little seeds everywhere.

    At least you made some pudding successfully!! I bet avocado would help it solidify too maybe?

  18. I’m just impressed you set out to make it on your own! I wouldn’t know where to begin!

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