A discussion: telling the “truth”

I’ve been having this discussion with various friends and never ended in a good way. So, let me bring it here and tell me your opinion about this.

Should we always tell the truth even it’s ugly?

In my opinion, NOT ALWAYS and here are my arguments:

  • There’s no universal truth about everything (I would say very few). Everything is more or less just one’s own opinion. When we explain our opinion, we tend to say it like it is the TRUTH.
  • If it’s something that it might hurt to other person’s feeling and that person didn’t ask for my opinion, I will definitely keep those thoughts for me. For me, that’s a sign of kindness. I really don’t like people who just say what they have to say even what they say will hurt others (and probably they know that). That’s evil. We know that many bloggers receive negative comments. I think that’s being rude.
  • Sometime not telling one’s opinion/thought isn’t not being hypocrite but being kind.  So there’s no contradiction between being direct and not tell the ugly truth. I used to find a contraction in myself because I think I’m a direct person but at the same time I don’t always say what I think when I know it might hurt other person’s feeling.

What’s your answer and your arguments?

I don’t have many food pictures from yesterday because I spent 10 hours at school, grab a sandwich at food court, nuts and teas as snacks. When I came home, I wanted for veggies, so I made a stir-fry of veggies topped with procioutto. Woooo!!! Good stuff! I am so glad that I took the risk and got it! 😀


broccoli, Brussels sprouts, celery, onion, tofu, black fungus and baby spinach, sauteed in tahini and soy sauce, the magic and safe combo, and topped with more toasted sesame seeds! 😉

and a quick fix for carb: couscous. It took me exactly 3 min to make it.



Q: Do you like goat cheese? How do you eat it?



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15 responses to “A discussion: telling the “truth”

  1. mm, I LOVE goat cheese! I like it on pizza, and in wraps,s or on salads.

    I have not heard any information about the safety of NuNaturals. If it’s made with Stevia, there are possible dangers, just a heads up. Just don’t use a lot, and you will be fine. Everything in moderation 🙂

    As for yout arguments about “Truth”, I agree with everything you say. The truth is so necessary sometimes, but other times it can take a back seat. If the truth will help someone, then tell them, if it won’t there is no need.

    Have a great day Coco!

  2. I am an honest person, and sometimes, people are really offended by my honesty. Although, I know to tell a white lie, when I think it’s necessary.

  3. I agree, I don’t think we should always tell the truth. There’s a difference between fabricating a huge tale in your lie and simply omitting something. Generally though I think telling the truth is important.

  4. i somwhow agree when it comes to telling ur negative opinions on something if ur not asked. but on the other hand i think it is not fair, as a friend, to keep secrets back that other people hide from this person if you know it would hurt her or him drastically….for example: u know that her boyfriend is cheating on your friend! but it is certainly true that it is sometimes difficult to decide whether it would acrually help or just hurt with no use….

    i love goat cheese 🙂 i sometimes spread goat cream cheese on top of pizza or along with spinach in my omlette. the goat camenbert i love on crackers with grapes 🙂

  5. I have to agree with you on the matter of telling the truth. Sometimes it’s best to just stay quiet. As long as the person involved is not in any danger, that is.

    SO glad you liked the prosciutto! As a kid we ate it alot wrapped around wedges on canteloupe. Italians LOVE the sweet/salty combo. As for goat cheese, I love it paired with eggs. Yum!

  6. I also agree that we shouldn’t always tell the truth. I’m a very honest person but there are sometimes thoughts that others don’t have to hear because they might be hurtfol. For example: One of my closest friends has a boyfriend who I really don’t like. However, she’s happy with him so I won’t go on and tell her what an idiot he is. I’ll just watch out for her and kick his butt when he hurts her ;).

    Goat cheese. Love it! I used to hate it when I was a kid but nowadays I really enjoy it in wraps, omelettes, sandwiches, risottos, on pizza… And so on.. 🙂

  7. I heard some chef use procioutto to wrap melons, that create a very special flavor- maybe you can try that out later 😀

    I agree with that telling the truth part . it’s so hard tell the truth for somebody you don’t want to hurt . if you start counting how many times a day we tell a lie, probably its really “scary” 😀
    hehe have a nice day!

  8. LEM

    I love goat cheese!!! I will usually use it anywhere I would use any other cheese…or make a salad with goat cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts and spinach! YUMMMMM

  9. STAR

    it is not so eay to manage how to communicate.
    communicate can solve problem also can cause problem. I agree that try to not hurt others but also make yourself open and without pressure inside.

  10. I love goat cheese, especially in salads.

  11. I agree–sometimes it is best to either not say anything or tell a small lie. It is best to have the other person’s interest at heart.

  12. Your stir fry looks so tasty, Coco! I love goat cheese! I have eaten it in both sweet and savory dishes (such as pizza, omelets, salads, drizzled with honey on crackers, etc.).

  13. I do love goat cheese! Love it in omelettes and on pizza.

    I’ve had to deal with a lot of truth lately, and unfortunately I’ve had to share it even though it’s ugly. In this case, it’s a relationship at stake, and I don’t want my boyfriend and I to be living lies, pretending everything’s ok! Truth is definitely better in this case, and the sooner the better.

  14. I was always taught that if you have nothing nice to say, it won’t kill you to keep your mouth shut. I think it has served me really well and it helps me NOT have negative thoughts or be judgemental either. I totally agree with your points!!

    I actually hate goat cheese, so I can’t be of any help here. 😛 Sorry dear!

  15. I LOVE goat cheese. I spread it on melba toast crackers or toast.

    I’m a pretty honest person. I think it’s always best to tell the truth unless it will do more harm than good.

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