Fun Packages & Food

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I got the Big G Whole Grain Awareness Challenge and a “Grains of Goodness” gift pack through MyBlogSpark


Look how fun are these: a big mug (which I’m planning to recreate some of Sarah‘s oatmeal combo); a cute tote; two coupons; a fiber intake check pad and an amazing fit & fresh container for yogurt, fruit and cereals.





isn’t it cool? pretty and functional. 😉

The second package was from Kaia foods




Stay tune for the review (I already tried some and like them a lot) 😉

Into food!

For lunch I had leftover spinach&black bean& tofu pudding. Few of you asked me how I made it. Really simple, I just combined frozen spinach, frozen corns, firm tofu, black bean, flax meal, nutritional yeast, eggs and S+P. Bake for 40 min at 350 F and ready to serve! It’s a nutritious, tasty and easy to make meal! 🙂


paired with some sauteed cauliflower


Dinner was random but yummy~ Yam & black sesame cake


curry baked tail fish


steamed broccoli with ketchup





It took me 20 min to eat this because there were so many small fishbones 😦 Not fun and dangerous.

Q1: What’s your favorite kind of fish? Mine is salmon.

Q2: Is there any food that you enjoy more when you eat alone?


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12 responses to “Fun Packages & Food

  1. Those fit & fresh containers seem so handy!! I want one!
    I haven’t had fruit leather in YEARS! Enjoy!

  2. My favorite fish is salmon, too!

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  3. Big mugs are perfect for oatmeal! That yogurt container looks awesome too. I’ve never liked fish, even when I did eat meat!

  4. thedelicateplace

    i love fish! it’s so hard to choose just one! i love the firmness of sea bass, the buttery goodness of salmon, the portability of sardines. really i think the only fish i dislike is catfish…just tastes like mud haha.

  5. so jealous of your fit & fresh container. those look so awesome for packing lunches for school! mmm ketchup on broccoli! my favorite fish is salmon too, but tilapia is a close second as a white, flaky type fish.

  6. My fave fish is SALMON all the way too!!!

    I love sashimi salmon and cooked of course!!!!

    Great goodies you got in the mail!!

    Guess What Beautiful girl???

    U WON MY GIVEAWAY!!!! Send me your mailing info and full name so I can send it to Sahale Snacks, they will be mailing you the prize!

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  7. That fit n’ fresh bowl is great! Can’t wait to hear your reviews….

    Fave fish = mahi mahi

    I don’t think there’s any food I enjoy eating alone.

  8. Yum! Love the broc with ketchup!

  9. I love salmon, croaker, mackerel, and the fresh fish that the Cantonese use for steamed fish…what kind of fish is that?

  10. So many goodies that you’ve received and made! I get hungry by looking at your photos! 😉

  11. I like to eat bowls of noodle soup by myself, mainly because I slurp and eat like a little piglet! ha!
    Those fruit leathers and sprouted sunflower seeds look great.

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