Argentinean party in Chinese New Year Eve

Happy New Year!!!

Happy  Valentine’s!!!

Last night was chinese new year eve when it is supposed to be celebrated with family. For obvious reasons it didn’t happen for me this year, it was last year which was great! But I was lucky to not spend it alone because I went to an argentinean friend’s birthday party! It was fun! I stayed up until 2PM! 😯

This is what I made: almond & chocolate & dulce de leche cake! It’s super sweet and cloying, just how argentineans like. 😉



my friend was quite a chef. He made pizza from scratch



Beef and chicken empanadas (from scratch too)



roasted beef



chimichurri, an argentinean typical sauce for meat


you can have it with broiled peppers and sauce (like I did)


making an sandwich


devour it in a proper way 😉


and there was the cake



this was even more cloying. I had to drink a big glass of water after this small piece


someone was enjoying it more than me 😉



It was a fun night. I had good time catching up with friends. The funniest part was that everyone posed a shock face when one of the friends told them that I was married! 😀

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day, with and without your love with you. I plan to do some work and catch up with sleep! 🙂

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10 responses to “Argentinean party in Chinese New Year Eve

  1. I really want to try making dulce de leche from scratch. It DOES look really cloying though, haha. Water = essential after heavily frosted cakes!

    Happy Chinese New Year + Valentine’s Day to you too! 🙂

  2. Que Rico!
    Ahh I’m dying to make my own empanadas!
    I want to live in Buenos Aires!

  3. All that food looks delish! The cake looks so good and chocolatey. Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy New Year! What a fab party!

  5. Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    Wow, your food looks SO good! The pizza and cake look fantastic. Sweets make me very thirsty, so I would have had the water, too. 🙂


  6. Sounds like you had a great night, Coco! Glad you didn’t spend it alone. 🙂

  7. Happy valentines day to you!!

  8. Empanadas? Chimichurri? Dulce de leche? lol Me muero de las ganas!!! lol You’re killing me Coco!

  9. Hi CoCo! For some reason, I couldn’t comment on your Valentine’s day post, but I’m commenting here!!

    I’m sorry your V-day was lonely. 😦 I actually had a really bad day too because my bf and I got into a cold war/disagreement. He didn’t plan anything for valentines day and we just went grocery shopping and he got a hair cut for the whole day. I was so sad…but I guess I can’t blame him because I didn’t plan anything special for him either. Sorry to be all down on you here!! I hope you and Star can reunite soon and celebrate your valentines day together again!! 🙂 SOON!!

    P.s. I LOVE your waffles!! Smart thinking about freezing them!! I want to do that too!

  10. oldrope

    I want your empanada recipe!!!!!! I nearly cried when I saw the photos! Yum yum!!

    Props to you guys for making all this from scratch. You put me to shame. The cooking starts here!

    Desayuno de reyes! Comida de campiones! Empanada!

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