Oatmeal is back!

“The pain is inevitable, but the suffering part is optional!”

That was what I got from Dave’s podcast last night, other than the pain in my butt. We were holding an awkward post (standing left(right) leg bend, folding forward, the other leg flying and the right(left) hand touching the left (right) feet), it was very challenging! So he said: “You can’t do much about the pain, it’s a fact, but you can decide your reactions to the pain. For example, you can breath!” Isn’t it inspiring? How many times we face an unpleasant/painful situation and we feel stuck there, and feel that we can’t do nothing but suffering? well, only if you choose to! What about learning from the situation? What about challenge yourself to be positive in the hostile situation? What if we take it as a life lesson? What if ….? There are so many ways to deal with it other than suffering. 🙂

NEWS: oatmeal is back after almost 2 months!!! 😯

I made an asian blend oatmeal: oatmeal cooked with homemade soy & red dates milk,  goji berries, longan and red dates


this is a paste made only with toasted black sesame seeds and sugar


served as topping


mmmmmmm……. YUM YUM~~~~ 😀


continuing with asian flavors…. I made a stir-fry of purple cabbage, seaweed and black fungus in a miso sauce


as side to baked salmon.


Q: Any inspiring quote to share?



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14 responses to “Oatmeal is back!

  1. haha seems like Dave does talk a lot!!!!

    We had a very similar dish yesterday 😀 I had black fungus and sesame too ! thanks for the flax seed suggestion !

  2. I had oatmeal today too! I hadn’t had it for about a week I think. Delicious! When I’m eating oatmeal I’m not full as soon as I’m done but 10 minutes later, I’m really full. Strange, right?

  3. I love that quote and used to have it written in the back of my journal. So inspiring!
    Have a good weekend & happy lunar new year!

  4. Wow! how did you grind up your black sesame seeds? IT looks like the work of a coffee grinder!! My bf is buying a coffee grinder so i might just make him grind some of my white sesame seeds! hahahah I love your idea of putting it in oatmeal. 🙂 So creative and i can imagine that it’s SO delicious too!

  5. I love the asian-inspired oatmeal breakfast!! Never thought to put longan in oatmeal, but I’m liking the idea. 🙂

  6. That’s a great way of thinking. I’ll have to store that in the back of my mind for future use.

    You oatmeal looks amazing. I love how you use really unique flavours all the time.

  7. I love that! Those Asian inspired oats look AWESOME! I have to try adding longan.

  8. Great quote! I’m such a sucker for quotes.

    ” The journey is the destination”

    ” Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”

    2 of my favorites!

  9. Your oats look great! I like the idea of sesame seeds in oats!

  10. Love the idea of adding black sesame seeds to oatmeal! Yum!

  11. my favorite quotes are:

    “never think you can’t”

    I have it on my road id for inspiration.

  12. Oh yum asian inspired oatmeal!

  13. I love everything about this post…from the lovely, inspiring quote, to the amazing black sesame “paste”…to the red cabbage, one of my favorite vegetables!

  14. I think that Dave talks way too much in his class but I really like this quote!
    The black sesame paste looks amazing and so does your oatmeal.
    I had purple cabbage too the other day and I still have 1/2 head in my fridge.. Will probably have that for lunch today ;).

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