Productive stay-in Sunday!

My original plan for Sunday was to work half day and go out to see AVATAR in the afternoon. But… well…. life is unpredictable… I had to work more so we stayed in! Me: Sorry hubby… i know it’s your last weekend here with me, but I have to work to not over-stress later. Hubby: sure babe! whatever we do, if we’re together, stay-in is equally good to anything else because I just LOVE being with you no matter what we do! Any one gives my hubby the BEST Husband award? 😉 I think he deserves it.  (sorry if you think I’m over-expressing my newlywed happiness here… bare with me… just one more day 😉 Star leaves tonight :()

Okay. First let me show you our purchases from Saturday


I spent $60 on hand creams!!!! 😯





Who needs soooo many tubes of hand creams?? Me me!!! I’ve tried many brands of hand creams and these are the best in the market in my opinion! Since they had the deal of buy 2 get one free plus 20% for signing up (for free) membership card… I saved $60 on this purchase! 😆

Star insisted to get me a new iPod nano, he knows I’m a big fan of Apple’s product. I have ALL previous versions of nanos… so the logical thing is to get the new one too! I couldn’t decline the offer 😉


and he got me the matching skin band too 🙂 pretty!


oh… I got this running kit too, just because 🙂

While I worked Star worked too! 😉

IMG_3980.JPG IMG_3981.JPG

New porridge combo: barley, quinoa, peanut and lotus seed


Coco’s combo: beef & veggie soup + leftover shrimp + porridge


the beef in the soup wasn’t tender enough so I only had veggies at lunch.

Star’s combo: bok choy + pork ribs soup + rice


He doesn’t get sick of eating pork ribs everyday as I don’t get sick of kabocha! 😀

Afternoon assignment for Star: organize magazine recipes! 😉




while I worked and snacked this beautiful black corn! 😀


During 7-9PM, the unwind time… I got my last at home Gua Sha treatment, practiced by Star!


Q1: How was your Sunday?

Q2: Where did you go for honeymoon? No… we’re not going anywhere (unfortunately) but we are considering the place now.



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8 responses to “Productive stay-in Sunday!

  1. Aww Star is an awesome and understanding hubby! Lucky you!! And that’s so cute that he organized the magazine recipies. 🙂 Sorry he has to leave soon, but I hope you enjoy this last day together!

  2. I love your porridge combo! Looks so hearty, healthy, and filling!

  3. SO sad that Star is leaving. 😦

    We went to Cancun for our honeymoon. That was long ago! LOL!

  4. What a nice husband! Sad to hear that he’s leaving tomorrow! When will you two be together forever?

  5. So Star is 4 years older than you too!? Neat! Yeah, that’s a perfect age difference

    Glad you got him looking through magazine recipes, that’s a great idea. That way you can make recipes that you both like!

    I love Apple products too. I’m obsessed. My boss just told me he wants me on a PC now though 😦 He uses one, and sometimes files aren’t shared correctly, bummer!

    Good luck with the honeymoon search!

  6. WOO! what a great weekend and fun new purchases 🙂

  7. Aww, your husband is so sweet. Your recipes are even nice and organized now! 😉 I get my hand creams at Bath & Body Works—yeah, real high class stuff. I hope you get to see Avatar soon! 🙂

  8. Aww, your hubby is so incredibly sweet…he definitely deserves the best husband award! 🙂 I love all your handcreams…I’ll have to check out Crabtree & Evelyn!

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