Chinese dish tutorial: Fish soup

As promised here, one chinese dish tutorial every week. I had this fish soup twice since I came back and really like it. It is easy to make, takes about 30-40 min and you get a super tasty and nutritious dish. 🙂



  • fish (any part of salmon, I used salmon head)
  • fresh ginger
  • green onions
  • tofu
  • bean sprouts (optional)
  • salt + pinch of sugar


  • cooking wine


  • spicy paste (optional)



1. Seal the fish with some oil and fresh ginger (2 min each side)



2. Add cooking wine and cook for 2-3 min until the wine is evaporated


3. Add water and green onions


4. Cook on high for about 20 min until the water gets a light white color


5. Add the spicy paste


6. Add tofu and sprouts, salt and pinch of sugar


7. Cook for another 10-15 min. Serve!


Sauteed cabbage and porridge 😉


Yesterday breakfast was black bean milk (made with the soy milk maker) and Tj’s 5 grains bread.


I haven’t had bread for over a month… to be honest… I didn’t like it much, but I did enjoy the “black” milk 🙂 It’s so interesting how our tastes change from time to time. I used to be a bread lover, eating 3 bread based meals was a pleasure, but now I barely could finish that slice. 😯

Q1: Is there anything that you used to like a lot but not anymore?

Q2: What do you do between 7-9 PM?

Stay tune for tomorrow’s TCM series #2. Look what’s in my wall



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14 responses to “Chinese dish tutorial: Fish soup

  1. Thanks for the recipe! Looks delish!

  2. Great soup! And great tutorial!

    Happy Weekend! 🙂

  3. mmmm thank you for the tutorial! i have had fish soup but never home made. i bet your version is so yummy~ how about you come cook for me!! 😀 something i used to love and now hate? fast food. it makes me ill to think of it. and between 7-9 i am usually having dinner/blogging. xoxoxo love ya honey!

  4. lesouefsbrouilles

    ooooo yummy soup!!!

  5. haha, I was totally taken off guard by the salmon head! I don’t even know where you would get one of those! Every time I come to your blog I learn so much. I feel so uncultured!

  6. Great tutorial, and your soup looks really delicious, especially with that spicy paste! I love all the different milks you’ve been making!

  7. Yum, this looks really good. nick would never eat it, but I would LOVE it! Are there any foods I used to like, but don’t anymore? hmmm…not really. I’m one of those people who really has grown to LOVE just about any food. If anything, I used to HATE many foods, that now I love.

    Between 7 and 9 Nick and I watching tv, play card games, and read our book. It’s our “relaxing” hours.

    HAve a great weekend! Can’t wait for your next post.

  8. If I can’t find Chinese cooking wine what do you recommend as an alternative? Sherry?

  9. I have actually never had fish soup, which is weird because I love fish. I will have to try it sometime. My tastes have definitely changed over the years but I think I have more expanded what I like rather than stopped liking anything…

  10. Cat

    Wow, definitely trying this recipe!

    I normally don’t finish work until 7-8pm so those hours are generally just cooking dinner, going for a run, catching up on house admin tasks.

  11. I don’t think I could ever not love bread. It’s my all time favorite food lol. I can’t think of anything I don’t like to eat anymore… I like everything. 😉

    Between 7-9PM? Hmm, sometimes I sleep, sometimes I cook, sometimes I work or play online. Hardly ever the same each day.


  12. That looks so….Korean! Haha, with the bean sprouts and the redness…

    I love fish head. Do you eat the eyes? 😉

  13. This recipe looks so wonderfully savory! I love fish soups.

  14. If I’m home between 7-9 I’m usually watching TV. 😉

    Thanks for the tutorial! You’re right…it’s very easy to make and the finished product looks like it’s from a restaurant.

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