The Ring: arrived and left

9AM: the package arrived!!!


we opened it slowly… layer by layer





first reaction: the diamond isn’t that big!


a closer look: okay. at least it’s pretty!


Opss…. it’s TOO SMALL!!! 😮pss:


Very disappointed and angry because of my stupid mistake 👿

But…. let’s take a better look


It’s PRETTY and BIG!!!! I’m in LOVE!!! 😆


sorry for my ugly nails… I know… they don’t match to the BEAUTY!

At 10AM, the RING is sealed and sent back to bluenile. It will arrive next week hopefully and I won’t take it off from my finger from then! 😉

This is the MAN, soon-to-be husband, who made me HAPPY during the last 8 years that we’re together and so many more to come! 😀


salmon and tofu soup


chili with pork


the role model husband waiting for a blogger wife to take the shot 😉



Today is 2010.01.20. A day to REMEMBER! 😀

Q: What do you remember the most from your ceremony?



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15 responses to “The Ring: arrived and left

  1. BEAUTIFUL ring!! congratulations to the two of you!

  2. it’s SO beautiful! 🙂

    Hmmm..the things I remember the most:
    The music I walked down the “aisle” to – not the traditional song; it was something he picked out.

    The kiss 🙂

    My dad giving me away, and my grandfather marrying us.

  3. CONGRATS! It’s gorgeous!!!

  4. It’s GOOORGEOUS!! I’m so happy for the two of you. I can’t wait to get a ring of my own 🙂

  5. The ring is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to both of you! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  6. your ring is gorg and congrats!!!!!!!! Ive been married 9 yrs and I still remember opening up my ring. It was a mail order ring too 🙂 It didnt work the 1st time either, and I had to wait 2 long weeks for it…but was worth it 🙂

  7. Your ring is beautiful!
    I hope it comes back home quickly 🙂

  8. Cocooo my dear, that ring is beautiful…and the diamond is BIIGGGGG. Most people’s engagement rings are WAY smaller, so be happy with what you got!! Not only is it big, but it’s gorgeous and shiny…seriously one of the nicest ones I have seen. My mom is queen and lover of all diamonds and I bet she will tell you it’s fantastic. 🙂

    The suspense of you opening the ring box layer by layer was awesome and really fun! heheheh I’m so happy for you love!!

  9. DiningAndDishing

    The ring is beautiful!! CONGRATS Coco!

    – Beth @

  10. The ring is gorgeous! Do you have a wedding date set?

    My wedding day was HOT and I remember up at the alter my hubby whispering about how hot he was forgetting that he had a small mic clipped to his collar so everybody heard him!! LOL! We still tease him almost 12 years later….

  11. When I was walking down the isle I first saw my Mom crying and then I saw my husband-to-be and HE started crying at the sight of me!

    We both had trouble with our vows because of the tears of joy. It was an incredible day.

  12. It’s beautiful Coco!!! And it has GREAT fire!!!

    And is it just me but it sounds like you’re getting married in the next few days! Are you?

    As for my ceremony – most of all I hope to remember the feeling of being loved!

  13. A HUGE congratulations to both of you, Coco! I absolutely love your ring! 🙂

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🙂 The ring is very beautiful…

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