Old temple and traditional shanghai snacks

Eating continues (aka… more happy pounds ;)) during last few days in Shanghai. I’m flying back next Tuesday (only 2 days more in heaven 😦 )

We went to ChengHuang Miao temple




All traditional shanghai snacks can be found in this place. Like ιΎ™ι‘»η³– candies a la vermicelli


meat stuffed mooncake


egg tart, fried sticky rice






Fresh Fried Bun


mooncakes and spring rolls


green cakes are made with sticky rice and green peas


sticky rice and chicken wrapped in lotus leaves


Meat Dumplings in Soup


savory tofu pudding


stir fry noodles



we had lunch just an hour before, so we had an early snack

steamed dumpling filled with veggies


eight ingredients sweet porridge


an hour later, I had my beloved snack/meal during my stay in Shanghai: STEAMED CORNS (I’ve been having 1-2 corns everyday). This one is special, it’s black! So crunchy and tasty! πŸ˜€



We did some shopping too. This place sells traditional items like wood boxes


IMG_0272.JPG IMG_0273.JPG


and imperial swords


We spent an hour there choosing a box for me and a sword for a friend! πŸ™‚ It was fun!

Now, I have to start packing because I have soooo many things!!!! I’ll show them all to you when I get back to US (if I can take them all with me)! πŸ˜‰

Q1: What do you usually buy as souvenirs?

Q2: What would you buy in China?


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15 responses to “Old temple and traditional shanghai snacks

  1. All of that authentic food looks amazing! Souvenir wise, I always buy a tee shirt with the name of the place I go to on it.

  2. I would buy EVERYTHING edible in China. No joke. Your photos of all the delicious eats in the markets in China are making me want to go there tomorrow. May I come visit for your last few days ?? πŸ™‚ You look so beautiful in your picture, eating that steamed corn. I can tell you’re loving it! And, I want to try a meat stuffed mooncake. I just like that name…meat stuffed mooncake, haha! Love it.

  3. Wow, all of the food looks amazing! I would eat everything in sight. I have never actually bought a souvenir. I have traveled a lot and visited a bunch of countries but I never buy anything. I just take a lot of pics πŸ™‚

  4. It’s so great to hear that you’re vacation is going so well! Enjoy every second you have left in China!


    Safe travels!

  5. Beautiful photos! All the food looks soooo good! I love sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves…

    Have a save trip!

  6. Once again, Shanghai is so beautiful. I wish I could travel more…I feel like I haven’t been anywhere! I love experiencing and learning from different cultures.

    Hope you enjoy your last couple of days!

  7. OMG, everything looks delicious! The straw sticking out of the meat dumplings are so cute. And black corn! Ahh, I wish we could get cool food like that back in the States…

  8. WOW that tofu pudding looks delish! so many creative eats.. love it!

  9. Coco! Can you take me to China? I wanna devour everything up!! yummm!
    That corn looks amazing…is it the glutinous kind? That is the only corn I would eat.

  10. WOW. i am speechless at all that beautiful food. it looks almost too fancy to eat! i always buy christmas ornaments as souvenirs. LOVE YOU!

  11. I love Shanghai!!! It’s so nice to see all the familiar but yet so hard to get foods of Asia. πŸ™‚ I’ll make sure I come back to read these posts when I am homesick in Chicago. hehehe My mom also loves that black corn…we get itall the time in Taiwan!!!! I, on the other hand love your porridge. YUM!!! I would buy lots of Asian snacks to bring home…I also bought a ton of clothes from Hong Kong. No tax is SO awesome!!

  12. Wow everything looks soooo amazing! I want to go to China!!

  13. Shangai looks so beautiful, Coco! It looks like you’re having so much fun. The food all looks incredible, I wish I could reach into the picture and have a moon cake! πŸ™‚

  14. Oh, the food! I can’t take it, it looks so good!!!

    Safe travels home, Coco!

  15. If I went to China I would eat lots of soup dumplings. I’ve never had them, but have heard good things. I would buy tea & tea ware (teapots and cups) to bring home. I love tea, and China is the birthplace of tea culture. Maybe a piece of jade or some jewelery as a souvenir?

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