New Year Resolutions & Packing pounds! :)

I wasn’t going to write new year resolutions but after reading Maggie’s post, I am writing one down since this format is easy, fun and doable! 😀

To help us pursue our better life, I’ve devised the following resolutions form. It’s based on the premise that the most successful resolutions are specific. Each entry asks for one, and only one, answer. If you accomplish all of these you will be entitled forevermore to let yourself be.”

One thing I will learn: I want to learn more about chinese medicine, its origin, its theory and how to practice in a daily basis. (I’m buying tons of books about it)

One place I will go: I want to visit a new country or city, anywhere!

One habit I will break: abuse my closed family (Star, my parents). Because I know they’d love me no matter what I do, I abuse their love by loosing temper easily.

One habit I will cultivate: Be present.

One work habit I will change: Not try to be productive all the time.

One thing I’ll eat more often: porridge. I like it and it’s really good for my digestive system.

One thing I’ll eat less: Kabocha. Although I love it, I will try to eat it as snack, not as meal substitute.

One thing I’ll drink more: Tea with red dates.

One thing I’ll drink less: coffee

One thing I’ll spend less time doing: Worrying about what might happen.

And a thing I’ll spend more time doing: Relaxing and health related self treatment with chinese medicine methods.

What are YOURS?


Next thing. I’m proudly to announce that I’ve packed some pounds lately (maybe 5 pounds?) :D! I think this is a combination of relaxing mind, good sleep (9-10 hours every day), good food ( A LOT!!!), treating with chinese medicine and being with my loved family. Do I want to get rid of them? NO!!! Because these pounds are sign of being HAPPY!!! 😆

I have tons of food pictures but these are my favorites these last couple of days.


dry raddish


salty duck egg. It looks like a normal egg from outside


but inside is different. The yolk is orange instead of yellow and it’s oily.


marinated ginger, MY FAVORITE, made my Star’s mom. She travelled 30 hours to get this special ginger just to make this for me! 😀



all served with porridge.


Another meal made by Star’s mom who’s a great cooker!

Sauteed lotus root


sauteed cabbage


steamed chicken with shitake


steamed pork


sauteed greens


steamed fish


pork liver soup with bok choy



I think I haven’t had such a big homemade meal for a year!!! Such a FEAST!!! I stuffed my belly “badly” 😉

And lastly, my favorite snack: Star’s mom’s rice cookies. These are made with rice, sesame seeds and sugar, crunchy and tasty. My mom and I finished this big pot in just 1 day! 😆


wooo!!!! By reviewing these food, I can definitely see where my pounds came from, but I’m so glad that I didn’t miss any of them, they were all SUPER tasty! 😀

Next post will be more Star’s mom’s food and some chinese medicine treatment updates!

Q: Have you packed some HAPPY pounds lately?


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24 responses to “New Year Resolutions & Packing pounds! :)

  1. Happy pounds are great!!!

    Funny thing is over Christmas break I lost some weight – but it was also due to happiness! You see this fall I was perpetually exhausted and drained. So exhausted the Doctor was extremely worried about me. I stopped working out regularly and had a hard time doing everything I needed to do in my busy life.

    In the end I was told that I needed to relax more and work less. While in Toronto my mom took care of me. I got to chill and play tourist with the Fiance. But most of all I got to be happy.

    And although I was eating VERY well (even eating meat!) I still lost weight. 🙂

  2. How neat!! A salty duck egg?! I want one. Those rice cookies also look really interesting. Like you, I’ve been packing on the pounds wiht lots of new foods over the past several weeks. Nick’s mom and my family have been cooking away and giving us ALL The leftovers (after we ate the originals of course…). Lots of carbohydrates in the form of sugar!

    I like your resolution to not be productive all the time. I actually made the same resolution. I need to relax more and not freak out when I’m not “doing something”. I also can’t wait for you to learn more about Chinese Traditional Medicine. Hopefully you’ll teach us what you learn!

  3. *Andrea*

    i love your term ‘happy pounds’!!! i’ve never heard that before but it’s great 🙂 i’ve DEFINITELY gained a couple over the holidays – too many cookies and dinners out! but you’re right – they’re all from being happy!

  4. What a great way to make your New Year’s Resolutions! 🙂

    Love your attitude about a few extra pounds. You’re happy, enjoying every minute of your time, doing what you want, and eating what you want. I can’t see any reason to stress about a couple pounds! 🙂

    Such a neat spread of food. Love all the unique dishes. And those rice cookies sound FABULOUS!


  5. I love your resolutions! Ours are similar 🙂

    I have also packed on about 5 pounds recently and while my clothes are a bit tight, I’m a lot happier. Guess I need some new clothes 😀

  6. “the pounds are signs of me being happy” <- that is so incredibly beautiful, sweetie. Thank you for your positivity!

  7. I’m sooo glad you’re happy! It’s cute that you’re happy to pack on the pounds.

    I’m the opposite, not necessarily because that means I’m bigger but I’m a stress eater so overeating usually means I’m unhappy (but not always of course).

    Star’s mom is so sweet she drove so far to get you special ginger!

  8. I like how all the food is served in big bowls where people can just help themselves. Star’s Mom looks like a great cook!

  9. great GOALS!!
    oo what an interesting breakfast! i love hearing about different traditional breakfasts!

  10. The traditional Chinese breakfast looks so yummy… such savory and delicious accompaniments! That’s something I must try at least once and my life. Hopefully more. 😉 Steamed chicken + shiitakes is heavenly! Is there a recipe for the rice cookies? That’s something I’d like to try making 😀

    I love how you call them “happy pounds”! You’re right—a few extra pounds are nothing to be ashamed of. If they go away once the feasting stops, that’s great. If not… that’s okay too! 🙂 Your outlook makes me happy!

  11. Yaaay for happy, healthy pounds 🙂 I love your positive attitude. Most girls would be unhappy with the added weight, but if you are healthy and happy about it, that’s just awesome!

    Great resolutions as well, Coco!

  12. I’m so happy for you, Coco…to find that you are contented with where you are, and eager to progress more. I’m sure you look even more svelte with your happy pounds!
    I don’t know if I have added any happy pounds (haven’t weighed for awhile) but I hope so!

  13. Getting to see all your foods from over there are making me remember my time in China.

    So different and so totally awesome!

    I think I had a turtle egg, but not the salty duck egg. Love!

  14. i love the goals you have for this year! i’m sure you’ll do great with all of them!

    and yay for the gain! i’m glad you’re happy with it

  15. Great goals, and great post!
    Happy New Year 😀

  16. Your resolutions are great, I love how they focus on so many aspects of life. (And tea with red dates sounds so good, I would LOVE to try that!) All your holiday foods look so yummy, especially those rice cookies!

  17. I am literally fascinated out of my mind by your meals! They looks incredible and like nothing I’ve ever had before.

  18. you are awesome! I love the idea of happy pounds! what a fabulous attitude! what is tea with red dates!? I am intrugued!

    I worry about what might happen too! I need to take the time to be more present and just let things happen the way they happen!

  19. Great goals and resolutions! I love how you made a few extra pounds a very positive thing! That is something I need to work on!

  20. i think those are great goals and resolutions! and happy pounds are good to have around 🙂

  21. SW

    Thank you for putting the pictures of the food you’ve had! I definitely think all the pounds are worth it. The only problem I have is I overeat, and then feel sick toward the end of my trip. But I can’t help it, there are too many good options in China. I think this meal you posted is the best to date, because the dishes see more “qin dan” and less oily. It’s great for when you have a “taste” for food but not exactly enough room in the stomach. I’ve never had the marinated ginger dish before– I definitely need to try it next time.

  22. So glad to see you are having a nice, relaxing time! I myself had a nice holiday and just gave myself a break 🙂 mmm all your eats look so interesting and delish!

  23. Love your resolutions layout!! I should do that for myself just for fun. I just got 4 kabochas from the grocery store 🙂 I’ll eat them for you. I’m not addicted to it though so hopefully I won’t turn orange!

    Oh yes, happy pounds have been packed on!

  24. Hello
    Those food look delicious and fantastic.Its very interesting to now about your new year resolutions.One resolution is similar that I also want to visit a new place or country.Thanks for such nice post.

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