Birthday recap: gifts and food!

Another wonderful birthday celebration. Last year I celebrated Christmas and my birthday with family at home, this year we went out for dinner. First, let me show you the gifts! 😆

My cousin spent a month to sew this “picture” for me. She knows I’m a big fan of coffee/tea/cakes 😉


Star gave me the new Sony VAIO netbook, pink, my favorite color 😀


cake #1




cake #2


cake #3


all together


my outfit for the occasion: all bought in Shanghai


now, the FOOD!

cold chicken in a chili sauce


smoked tofu wrapped chinese spinach


pork gel


lotus root stuffed with sticky rice


smoked squid


dry bamboo


black fungus


stir fry of pork with mushrooms in a spicy sauce


root of chinese broccoli in a garlic sauce


my favorite dish: sauteed shrimp


sliced tofu with shrimp cooked in sea food stock


smoked duck




fried gluten with mushroom, bamboo and veggies


grilled octopus


chicken feet and radish pot


pork ball stuffed in clams


rice porridge cooked in sea food stock


eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste


the cake



and the best gift that I’ve ever received from God 😉


It was a simple but sweet birthday celebration, with family and LOVE~~~

Q: What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received?



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31 responses to “Birthday recap: gifts and food!

  1. Glad you had a FANATSTIC birthday!! I can’t believe all of those cakes, I guess it’s pretty obvious you are a Foodie 🙂 The one cake you took a picture of looks amazing, I can’t believe it. Also, all the food looks so good. I love the shot of the salad dressing being poured, I need to learn how to take good pictures like that. The grilled octopus and the chicken feet look interesting….As gross as they sound, they actually look really tasty.

    I can’t believe Star got you a new laptop!! And PINK?! Very cool. Glad you had a wonderful day. Enjoy the end of your weekend!

  2. oh my gosh all that food looks so good and so fun! i LOVE your outfit..adorable. those cakes are amazing!

    best birthday gift..gah thats tough! probably a trip to Brazil!

  3. Awww i love everything about this post…I am feeling so much love and happiness, and of course, AMAZING food. CoCo happy happy birthday!!! I love your outfit!!! I see you’re also making use of a little make up ;0) love it!!!

    Lucky you and a new pink laptop!!! How are you going to switch between your mac and your sony?? so jealous!! Let me konw if you like your sony or if you like your Mac more!! I’m planning to buy a new computer before I start dental school in August, so i would be so grateful for any of your suggestions for me.

    Ps I had black fungus today at a dim sum retaurant. SOOOO YUMMY!! I miss chinese food so much…so happy we’re in Asia!!

  4. What a fabulous birthday!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit, and how neat about the new netbook. Have fun playing around with that thing!

    Wow, all that food looks amazing. And what a lovely cake. Happy Birthday dear!


  5. I’m glad you had such a good birthday! I love your new outfit, and all the food looks amazing! And I’m just a tiny bit jealous of your new netbook… 😉 I love anything pink… 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday, Coco! It looks like it was the perfect birthday celebration! I LOVE your gorgeous birthday outfit, and that tea “picture” is so beautiful!

  7. I love love love your outfit! And OMG. GOOD Chinese food… ahhhh everything looks freaking delicious! Pork jelly, lotus root, squid… man, I wish I could go back to China! Love the cake, too—fruit cake is my favorite. :] I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration!

  8. All that food looks AMAZING as do you! And what a thoughtful gift from your cousin! Homemade ones are the best because they’re filled with love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  9. happy birthday coco! looks like you got some perfect gifts. 🙂 i hope you enjoyed the time with your family and star and all of the wonderful food!

  10. Star keeps showering you with amazing (electronic) gifts!! You are such a lucky girl. Happy Birthday again, Coco! What a gorgeous celebration you had with the ones you love.

  11. wowwwwwww…what a great birthday with soooo much food!

  12. wow, Asian food at it’s best! I am vegetarian and I am jealous. Back when I was a meat eater, (and I can still say now), chicken feet are amazing. Have you ever tried duck tongue? Soo yum.

    I should not be talking about meat.

    Anyhow, I love reading your blog!

  13. What an amazing birthday celebration! Those are some interesting foods and lucky you! You got 3 cakes!!!!!
    Happy Birthday!

  14. Whoa, everything looks amazing! Totally loving the laptop too, you’ve got such a great boyfriend. 🙂

  15. sorry i am behind, sweetie! happy belated birthday and merry belated christmas! i LOVED your cake.. how cool was that?!?! and star is a keeper. for sure. what a guy!! LOVE YOU!

  16. look at you, birthday girl! you look absolutely stunning!!!! and what sweet gifts — I can’t believe Star got you a new laptop! What a guy!! Does he have any brothers?! 😉 joking!

    Sounds like a lovely day, sweetie. Hope it was a birthday to rememeber!!

  17. awww happy belated birthday!! wonderful company, food, and gifts!! yay 😀

  18. lesouefsbrouilles


  19. ooh! Love the looks of the tofu wrapped spinach!
    Happy birthday, girl!

  20. Looks like a great birthday with DELICIOUS food!

  21. Awesome birthday with a delicious spread! The food looks awesome, chinese food ftw!

  22. DiningAndDishing

    Happy Birthday!! The food looks gorgeous and Star is certainly a great gift giver!! :O)

    – Beth @

  23. Hi, umm, can I have some food please??? It all looks so delicious! Star is a sweetheart for all the gifts he gave you. Hope you had a happy birthday. It sure looks like it! You deserve it.

  24. Oh my goodness! I’m such a sheltered American. All that food looks crazy and awesome. haha

    Netbooks are really fun and you are going to love that! Enjoy the rest of your time with family!

    Happy Birthday!

  25. happy birthday girl!! wow fabulous looking eats! Do you know how the tofu is sliced so thin in order to be used as a wrapper? Id love to know how to do that. Looks amazing!! The new laptop is fantastic too. Great color.=)

  26. Happy birthday, Coco!!!! I’m glad to see that you had a fabulous time!

    Awww you and Star are adorable together! And you look gorgeous at the Shanghai outfit 🙂

  27. Happy belated birthday coco!! looks like you had a wonderful birthday party ;-D three cakes!!! you are such a lucky girl!

  28. Hello
    Wow those gifts look lovely and food look very delicious.I must say that you had your awesome birthday and its good.Thank you very much for this post.

  29. Your birthday looks fantastic!!! How awesome that you got to spend it with those you love most!

    That’s the real gift!! 

    Oh and my best birthday gift was this year! My puppy – Daisy!!!

  30. Awww Happy Belated Birthday! What a great guy you have there! 🙂 You look gorgeous!

  31. You and Star look so cute together.
    It looks like you had an amazing birthday.
    My boyfriend gave me a netbook for my 26th this year, too!
    Happy 29th!

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