Germany day 7 & 8: fair market and saying goodbye

Last two days in Germany with Mara and Gunther were quite relaxing. We went to Munich for some walking and an international fair market with food, music and handicrafts. Although it was very cold, Mara and I were freezed, I enjoyed everything! 😀

This 8 days 7 nights trip in Germany was AMAZING! It was great visiting Munich, Erding, Italy and Austria, but what I enjoyed most was reuniting with Mara and meeting her husband Gunther. Spending time with my BFF was NECESSARY for me, for Mara and for our relationship. I am lucky to have my family and Star to be my support group, but being with Mara gave me another shot of energy and positivism! I don’t know how to describe exactly how I feel, it’s like there’s part of me that was missing, a true friend, a female soul mate, a person who I can trust 100%, who I can count whenever I need for whatever I need. It’s just soooo wonderful!!! 😀 I promise myself to do whatever it takes to maintain this friendship which is so precious, it might involve more emailing, more calling and more trips! Wooo….. such a sacrifice! 😉

Enjoy last few pictures of Germany 🙂

International fair market


First food to try was a pizza type bread topped with bacon



#2 bavarian sausage


I’ve never had white sausage, so we had white sausage with krauts


#3 the best italian pizza I’ve had in many years



I devoured this little thing in <10 min! 😉 Its crust is thin and crunchy, not greasy at all and the topping incredible tasty! I wish I had more of it!


#4 potato cakes (a traditional bavarian food)


served with apple mousse


real delish too! 🙂



#6 Another typical bread topped with bacon



This is a cafe that we went and I like its decor a lot

IMG_2836.JPG IMG_2837.JPG

I ordered a ham sandwich! 😯 I don’t know how I converted to a meat eater in just a week. It was an unconscious conversion and I happily accepted the fact! 😉


And then we had to say goodbye. It was not a sad goodbye because we (Mara and I) feel closer to each other with this trip and it made us value even more our friendship! 😀

Q1: How do you keep up with you BFF? How often do you see each other?

Q2: What did you buy as Christmas gifts to your family?


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22 responses to “Germany day 7 & 8: fair market and saying goodbye

  1. I’m glad you had fun on your “cross-country” trip to Europe! You seem to have enjoyed a ton of good food and company. 🙂 I think I need to try some REAL Italian pizza (and gelato!). They really seem to love their bread!

    Haha, Coco the carnivore?! 😉 That ham looks pretty delicious…

    I bought my mom a couple of scented candles. Haven’t quite figured out the rest yet. 😯

  2. I’m so glad you got to reunite with your bff. My bff is non-existent, really. I mean, I have a lot of GREAT friends, but I don’t really have a bff. I used to, but we’re not incredibly close anymore. I do see her about once a month, and when I do, it’s always a blast and just like old times.

    All the pizzas in your photos look soo good. I guess the German “pizza” isn’t true pizza? I dunno, you seemed to be called it flatbread with bacon, or something….it looked really good. I gotta say, if I went to Germany I Would live off of sausage and kraut!! I love it.

  3. It’s so exciting that you got to hang out with your BFF, visit so many places and try so many delicious things! You are seriously a lucky duck!
    I see my BFF a few times a year 😦 I think I’m seeing her in about a week! Woo!

  4. awww what a fantastic trip to catch up with your BFF and eat so much great food. It’s funny that when I go back to Hong Kong, I immediately eat more meat/seafood too! In the US, I tend to be more vegetarian because it’s cheaper and easier to make. 😛

    I hope you have a safe trip back to the US!! Don’t miss those fantastic pizza’s too much…but my gosh i’d love to try some of that!! 😛

  5. wow. you have had such a great trip; i wouldn’t want to leave! haha!

  6. aw, it sounds like your time spend with Mara was incredibly therapeutic and calming!!!! Thank you for sharing your yummy adventures with us, gorgeous 🙂

  7. Sadly, I don’t see my BFF that often because we have been busy at school! I’d say 2x per year!! It feels like no time has passed when we see each other though!

  8. I loved all the pictures!!! And I’m so glad you got to spend time with Mara. And I’m so glad that you’ll do whatever it takes to maintain the relationship… It’s so important! 🙂

  9. Incredible trip, my friend!

  10. Katharina

    OH MY GOD!!!! I bet you’re having the time of your life. Don’t you love all the wonderful food smells in the air? I’m so jealous of the potato cakes with applesauce. I’ve been craving some latkes! And isn’t the fresh bread the best?! I remember when I lived there we would go to the bakery and get fresh broetchen every morning. YUM! And the desserts! You can actually TASTE what the dessert is suppose to be – it’s not just cups of sugar. Gosh I miss Germany. Not just for the food, but I love that people enjoy things there. And it’s so beautiful there.. the architecture, the nature, the history. I’m proud to say that’s where I’m from 🙂

    p.s. you better buy some of their chocolates to bring back home with you!!

  11. I bet you’re going to miss all the great food from your trip. *Almost* as much as Mara! 🙂

  12. The market looks absolutely amazing. So glad you got to spend time with Mara. I agree…even though significant others can be important parts of our lives, sometimes being with your girls is much more meaningful!

  13. you’re making me hungry 🙂 so glad you had a fabulous time!! i usually see my bff from home at holidays… my other one from college a little less often

  14. The pictures are great and the food looks so yummy! Stopping in from SITS to welcome you to the group, it’s nice to meet you 🙂

  15. I like that bread with bacons…looks really yummy!! what a wonderful trip you had!!! you are really a lucky girl!

  16. Looks like quite a trip – with lots of good eats (the important stuff 😀

    Welcome to SITS! I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers!

  17. How fun! Munich during the holidays sounds incredible. You are lucky!
    BODA weight loss

  18. DiningAndDishing

    awww, BFF’s are the best!! keeping up a long distance friendship takes work, but i think it’s totally worth it. glad you guys had so much fun together :O).

    – Beth @

  19. What a wonderful trip! I’m so glad you had such a fantastic time with your BFF! Keeping in touch with friends who live far away is definitely worth the effort.

  20. wonderful trips! LOVE your pictures…it is so nice you are with your bff sharing these special memories together!

  21. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your friend. What a great way to start your holiday!
    I was just thinking today how much I miss having some of my best girlfriends nearby… it is so important to have people that you feel that close with in your life.
    I got a great letter from my friend Kate yesterday, and it made my day to hear her news. I need to make an effort to keep in touch better!
    Happy Holidays, Coco!

  22. I’m so glad to hear that you and Mara got even closer during this trip!

    Honestly, I don’t have a BFF because I’m really close to my family, so my sister and mom are basically like my BFF. Although sometimes I do wish I had a really close girlfriend outside the family.

    I just finished Christmas shopping for most of the family today, hurray! I bought my sister a sweater she wanted for the longest time + hat. My dad, grandparents, and mom got a bunch of school spirit sweaters and sweats (UW gear).

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