Germany day 2: NAKED

Yesterday we went to Munich but the weather was really bad… raining and cold! 😦 So we just did an overview of the old center which is pretty nice even under the bad weather. Because it’s Christmas season, there are markets everywhere. They all look similar and sell traditional snacks and ornaments.









There is an important culture of expresso coffee. Everywhere you go there’s expresso coffee and many people have also expresso machine at home. I probably have 2-3 expresso per day. Cappuccino is my favorite! love the foam! 😀


Then we went to the biggest Sauna Thermal in Europe: Therme Erding. Mara told me that it’s a great place, it makes wonder to the skin and hair, it’s big, it’s luxurious, it’s fun, but she didn’t tell me the most important part: EVERYONE GOES NAKED so I HAD TO BE NAKED TOO!!! No underwear, no biki, nothing at all!!!! 😯 WOOOOO!!!!! I didn’t have much time to react and mentally prepare myself (which helped a lot). We just got in and I saw naked man and woman everywhere! 😯 shock again but finally accepted the fact that I had no scape!

As you can imagine I was not allowed to take pictures, so here are some from their website.




There are 18 saunas with different themes and temperatures, from the cool 95°F to 212°F. A rose sauna and a citrus sauna provide aroma therapy, the meditation sauna offers a place to retreat. The Finnish log cabin sauna has impressive kelo wood walls and a fireplace. Many themed showers and cold tubs help to cool down after all the heat and steam.

We spent four hours there and went to like 6-7 different thematic saunas, the big thermal pool, the water park that has 12 thrilling high-speed rides, including Europe’s longest water lide (320 m). At first I tried to hide myself and avoided eye contact with others, but after an hour or so, all inhibitions were gone and I was totally enjoying myself. 😉

Being naked is a NO-NO for many people, but actually it’s nothing wrong with it, everything is in our mind and what others tell us is normal. If everyone gets naked, that’s the normal then! 😀 It was really a fun experience, transitioning from being ashamed to feeling liberated! 😀

Q: Have you ever been naked in public place? If not, would you?


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25 responses to “Germany day 2: NAKED

  1. What a fabulous post! Gotta love the coffee culture – and I agree, the foam on cappucino’s make them the best!

    I laughed out loud at the naked bit… I know what you’re going through! When I visited Japan, I had to go naked into the communal baths they have there. Because everyone does it, it wasn’t so weird. But yeah… it didn’t feel natural!

    Enjoy your trip. Love the photos!

  2. Haha, I love being naked! I don’t feel weird at all as long as everyone else is too.

  3. Oh goodness, haha! 😀

  4. Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine!! This is like my dream, cappuccinos, naked saunas, what more could you ask for?! As uncomfortable as I would feel at first, I think I would be just fine getting naked in front of people. I have never been one to cover my body, as I’ve always had friends who were open with their body and ok to be naked in front of me, therefore I am the same way. I think it was be such a fantastic experience, and so relaxing!!

  5. I love all the pictures! They are beautiful!

    The sauna sounds amazing. I have been to several saunas in Europe where everyone is naked. It’s definitely strange at first, but I agree, you get used to it…

    I’m glad you are having such an adventurous time! 🙂

  6. Ahh! I would have freaked out! It’s great that you were comfortable enough with yourself to go naked! I don’t think I would have but more power to you!

    Everything looks so beautiful! I’m glad you’re having a good time!

  7. Its all beautiful Coco!! Hope you are having wonderful fun!
    No, I would never be able to do the naked-thing. Not my thing 🙂

  8. oh wow….That’s seems like an awesome place ! now I bet your face must be glowing 😀 what a wonderful trip!

  9. The saunas look awesome! I think I’d feel a little weird at first being naked but would eventually enjoy it!

  10. that is so crazy!!! i don’t know if i could do that!

    but that place looks amazing!

  11. Wow, those buildings are amazing! Even with the rain!

    OMG, that sauna sounds fabulous. Yes, it would probably be a little awkward for me, but I’d totally do it!

    Glad you’re enjoying your time!


  12. Okay so first those hot springs look AMAZING! Canadian hot springs are nowhere near as cool!

    Second of all – naked!?!? Oh my! I’m too shy for that! 😛

  13. I love all your pics! Everything sounds like so much fun…all the festive Christmas markets, the espresso culture (which I could totally get in on!), and the breathtaking saunas!

  14. cappuccinos are so much better in europe!

    i joined a gym while i was studying in austria and everyone was naked in the saunas….including fat austrian men! there was only one big shower room in the women’s locker room (no stalls) and a outdoor nude tanning deck. i found that eventually, i didn’t mind being naked in front of other people unless there were americans around!

  15. everything looks straight out of a story book! i love it!! i am glad you are sharing your adventures with us so i can live vicariously through you 🙂 hey coco i want to send you a holiday card! can you please email me your address? thanks! xoxo

  16. I walked through so many ‘German’ markets throughout Europe last year but they weren’t REAL since I never made it to Germany!! SO jealous of you right now!! Looks like you are having a blast!

  17. OMG you are B-R-A-V-E!!! I think I would have a fit if I had to spend 4 hours naked around other people!! I’m definitely not that secure. I’m so proud of you!!!

  18. oh I would give anything to be in one of those saunas right now — it is freezing over here in the states!!

    beautiful pictures, girl. I am so jealous of your German adventures!

  19. Beautiful photos Coco! Thanks for commenting 🙂 -add me to your Roll!! Naked…um, not so much…in my apartment lol…and I may totally do that Cameron Diaz dance from “Charlie’s Angels” in my undies too ;)…if anyone knows what I’m talking about!(otherwise that may sound really weird…hmmm)

  20. First of all, your post title made me giggle. Yeah, I’m immature like that 😉 Second, that’s some gorgeous architecture! And third… I’m glad you had the experience of being naked!? Unfortunately (?!), I’ve never had the experience of being naked in public…

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your time! Drink up (on espresso!), eat up, and spend lots of time getting pampered with your friend 😉

  21. I went to a Korean sauna once where all the ladies were naked (men and women were separated). I couldn’t part with my clothes, so everyone just stared >.<

    I love all the gorgeous things they're selling on the streets! Beautiful buildings too 🙂

  22. dorophy

    就是泡温泉,对吧.很赞的.不过泡的时间不能太长,空腹也是忌讳的.原来你这两天去德国了呀.HAVE A GOOD TIME

  23. Wow, Coco, it looks/sounds like you’re having an amazing trip!
    On being nude in public: I have never been publicly nude in Canada, but while living in Korea I got used to it and it became a normal thing! I went to Korean saunas often (though men and women are in separate places, as another person commented) and I also used the communal shower room/sauna at my gym frequently. It was a bit strange at first, but I think it was good for my body image!

  24. I went to Torino, Italy 3 years ago. I learned of the amazing coffee culture at that time. The norm was single shot espresso with one packet of sugar stirred in. Yikes! (un caffe’) 🙂
    As for the nude in public, ah, I would be way shy. I did go hiking by myself once @ Tahoe and stumbled upon a nude beach. I felt that I was “not welcome” if I was going to stay clothed. So I kept hiking.

  25. hahahaha you are brave girl!… I felt the same way at a Onsen in Japan, with me and a friend of mine, even with all girls I felt really odd… I can’t imagine with man too… brave…you are very brave… =) unforgettable experience huh?

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