I want to GLOW!

I want to GLOW!

I want to be VAIN!

I want to look FABULOUS!

What happened to me you might ask! Well.. it has been a long time that I want to feel that way but yesterday was the AHA moment. I went to a spa for a facial and the receptionist looked so BEAUTIFUL! Her spotless skin and perfect light makeup shocked me 😯 I want to look like that too! Not to be the prettiest girl in the world, not to pretend to be perfect, but to FEEL GOOD FOR ME! Β Why I don’t take care myself more? Why I have to look miserable all the time? Why I forgot the fun of being a girly girl? Okay. That stops HERE TODAY!

New resolution TOΒ GLOW

  • Incorporate beauty routines daily!
  • Learn how to do makeup other than just lipsticks!
  • Exfoliates once a week!

More to come when I figure out a routine that will work! πŸ˜€ I’m so excited!!!

Yesterday I didn’t work AGAIN!!! this is dangerous :evil:, I still have to wrap up some work before I leave. I went to the embassy to pick up my passport and then went to the spa HELA! I knew I was going to have a late lunch so a voluminous breakfast! πŸ˜€


3/4 cup oats + 3 toppings: Naturally More PB , Wildwoods soy yogurt (peach) and Crazy Richards PB

I got another shipment of nut butter!!! πŸ˜† Thanks to Naturally More people, I finally got to try these special PB. Why special? Because it’s fortified with flax seed, flax oil. While normal peanut butter is almost exclusively monounsaturated fat, Naturally More contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It has fewer calories, 25% more protein, and 50% more fiber than regular brands.Β As I’m a big fan of flax meal, this sounds perfect for me ;). They sent me 2 jars of PB and 2 jars of AB and convenient packets!



this is Crazy Richard’s PB. Ingredient: Just Peanuts!


this is Naturally More PB. Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, Wheat Germ, Flax seeds, Cane Sugar, Honey, Flax oil and egg whites.


Texture: It’s denser than Crazy Richard’s but still very smooth.

Taste: It’s slightly sweet, but just a touch of sweetness. I really like its taste. No addition is needed like it is in the case of Crazy Richard’s.

Coco’s rating: 4/5. Compared to Crazy Richard’s, I like this more in term of taste, but Crazy Richard’s simply ingredient list and texture.

This breakfast and a Heart Thrive suncake hold me until 4PM!

I had to face the reality that I can’t survive 3 days more with this empty fridge so I got some



Yes! I got NOW’s stevia after seeing Heather saying that’s her favorite. I also got some squash! I know I know I’m on a breakup with kabocha, but not with its cousins! πŸ˜€ And that big stash Green tea is for my friend. That’s the only thing she asked me to bring her.

I made a quick sandwich and soup for lunch



4PM lunch spoiled my appetite for dinner. So just a quick stir-fry and 1/2 baked acorn squash.


1/4 as meal


1/4 as dessert 1


dessert 2 was one of my old favorite combo: greek yogurt + frozen strawberries


I haven’t had greek yogurt for >3 months. I missed it. Let’s see how my belly and skin stand it this time. πŸ˜€

Q1: What’s your beauty routine if you have one?

Q2: What’s your weekend plan?



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16 responses to “I want to GLOW!

  1. haha, I think you look great now, don’t freak out! those people work in Spa, they have to make their face looks good to attract you!
    I think more sleep will definitely help ! my beauty routine….you know I don’t really put make ups….but I clean my face very carefully everyday πŸ˜€ plus, I try to get as much sleep as possible , and, don’t forget drink some zhuti soup, hehe πŸ˜€

  2. haha, you’re cheating on the Kabocha with it’s cousin?! Shame on you! πŸ™‚

    I don’t really like the Naturally More PB, I wasn’t a big fan at all. I want to try Richard’s though.

    I exfoliate once every other week, I think. It’s a great idea to do it more than that though, so I think it’s smart to make that a goal of yours. I put on bronser and blush (for color) and mascara and lipstick, everyday! It’s a routine that takes about 5 minutes, max, so it’s perfect for me.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You’re so cute now! Embrace what you have!

    My beauty routine: wash face in morning and at night (once with gentle soap free cleanser, the other time with Apricot Scrub), moisturize (I have different moisturizers for day and night), drink almost a gallon of water per day, eat lots of veggies, I also use Bare Minerals and lots of mascara (at least 50 strokes per eyes, yes I count).

    Obviously I’m my own worst critic but I’m starting to realize that my skin isn’t actually bad, I’m just expecting it to look flawless without make up and that’s not entirely realistic.

  4. That’s a lot of nut butter! 😯 So lucky~ and haha, cheating on kabocha with its cousins… πŸ˜‰

    My beauty routine is almost nonexistent. Eyeliner, chapstick, and concealer to hide the bags under my eyes. :\ I used to exfoliate with salt…

  5. FABULOUS resolution!!

    1.) Eyeliner & chapstick. That’s it.

    2.) Schoolwork 😦

  6. WOW drooling over those OATS! i didnt know Naturally More made almond butter-that makes me so excited. I do love the PB tho..and ive never tried Crazy Richards!

    My beauty routine: Bare Minerals Powder, Blush, (bronzer on the weekends), Mascara (eyeliner on the weekends!)

    This weekend : STUDY!

  7. I have a beauty routine – in fact I should post about it on my blog!

    But trust me I haven’t looked great in months. I’ve been pretty well exhausted since the beginning of September. I’ve felt largely sick and that hasn’t helped.

    I’m thinking of going to the Doctor to talk to him about it. I’m also desperately looking forward to Christmas vacation!

  8. you are ridiculous cute, girl.. and you deserve to glow! though your personality is always glowing and radiates through the screen πŸ™‚

    how did I not know naturally more made single serve packs?! that’s amazing!

    happy saturday gorgeous!

  9. Hi Coco,
    I don’t have a beauty routine because I cannot afford anything. Its terrible. I have to buy the cheapest soap and shampoo, and cheap shampoo is not great for my hair. Oh well, πŸ™‚
    Have a nice day.

  10. i always wash my face, use alcohol-free toner and oil-free moisturizer and exfoliate 1-2x a week!

    i lvoe naturally more pb!

    can’t wait to hear more about your GLOW routine! have a great weekend!

  11. i don’t have a beauty routine because i’m too lazy to do anything and it’s too expensive (or i’m just too cheap). but i think yours sounds great!

    and i’m glad you’re starting to feel better and turn around. you deserve all the happiness you could ever wish for!

  12. That PB sounds amazing!!!

    I make sure to moisturize morning and night. I also use a gentle scrub on my face in the shower every morning. I go light with the make up, but only because I’m not so great at applying it.

    Not much happening this weekend…

  13. I eat Naturally More PB everyday! Seriously. I have never seen their AB!

  14. We should all strive to glow πŸ™‚ That peanut butter should do the trick it looks so good!I came across your site from the foodieblogroll and I’d love to guide our readers to your site if you won’t mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it’s all set, Thanks!

  15. Peanut butter heaven!!

    I have been wearing pretty much the same makeup for years now. I should probably switch it up a bit for some variety!

  16. I really enjoy the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

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