Breaking up with my love

This is me breaking up with my LOVE!!!


Noooooo! It’s not STAR, my forever love! But this: my foodie love!

Why am I breaking up with my beloved kabocha that I enjoy every single night??? Well…. It has been a while that I want to break this habit because I’m turning orange and because I find myself careless about what to eat at dinner knowing that I always have kabocha afterwards. But yesterday when I went to the chinese embassy for the visa, they took a picture of me… and holy crap!!! I look ORANGE!!! I dunno if it was the light or what… but I look BAD!!!! And that is it, the final moment kick that I need to finish this sick relationship!

Obviously as any long term relationship, it’s hard to break up. It took me over a year to break up with my ex boyfriend which was definitely a sick relationship. My mind knew I hate to break up ASAP, but my heart kept reminding me how wonderful he it was.. how sweet he it (I mean, kabocha) was. Nervous, anxiety, tears were all over the place! Bottom line: I’m really BAD breaking up ANY long term relationship!!! Pray for me to break this one.


Breakfast: french toast with this fabulous mousse!



Lunch: turnip cabbage soup adding stir fry shrimp and tofu to make it more meal like soup.


and then I got snacking because of work stress and this breaking up thing 😦






That’s my work station! 😯


Look what I got yesterday? Musselman’s applesauce!!!




Dinner: wonton! (I promise, this is the last time you’ll going to see this)


To kill the bad love, you need to build a new love, right? So, I baked an apple pie and topped it with Blue Pom Apple Sauce


Neither the apple pie nor the apple sauce did the trick! Both were bland 😦

I ended going to bed really sad 😥

Q1: Have you ever had to break up with someone/something that you loved?

Q2: What’s your favorite way to eat applesauce?


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24 responses to “Breaking up with my love

  1. I haven’t had apple sauce in years! Raspberry Acai sounds fantastic!

    I think we need to see an orange picture of you because I’m a bit skeptical…

    Either way, Diversity in your diet is always a good thing. Breaking up is hard to do… but you can do it!

  2. Oh NO! Turning orange?! Yikes. I think that’s a good idea to break up from Kabocha, we don’t want orange Coco walking around scaring people, haha, jk.

    I have had to give up tons of foods (IBS!!) Giving up my many fruits and vegetables is hard, especially the apples and the brussel sprouts 😦 But I’m really finding a lot of great Fruits and veggies that my body CAN handle, and I love them just as much, so it all works out in the end!

  3. Hi, your post is funny. What kind of work do you do Coco? Applesauce is something I need to try in oats.

  4. Be strong through the break up. It sounds like the best thing to do to avoid becoming an Oompa Lumpa — yikes! I lived in Rome for 4 months and when I left it felt like a break up. I was in love with Italy and when I had to leave I was utterly devastated.

  5. LOVE your work station, mine right now is filled with empty bowls, just finished mybreakfast and I am oh so sad 😦

    yikes! is it true that you can turn orange from eating too much of that squash?? just take some time apart, you know what they same, distance makes the heart grow fonder!! 🙂

  6. Ahhhh!!! That is my biggest fear – turning orange from eating my favorite foods!! Before you jump to conclusions about your skin color changing though, take a few more pictures with your own camera under bright lighting. There could be many reasons why the photo from the embassy turned out orange!!! I also do what you do…i have some dessert/food after dinner I look forward to so much dinner is just a mess because it’s not the highlight anymore. That’s a good reason to cut back on kabocha, or simply just eat it at a different time of the day! 🙂

    OOOOH that’s fabulous apple sauce! Too bad I don’t eat it at all…it’s not as tasty to me as a real apple.

    P.s. Just curious, do you happen to know if the Dr. Krackers from your giveaway have been mailed? I actually never received them so I was wondering! 😦 Thanks dear!!

  7. Oh! I’m so sorry about the kabocha! Maybe just stepping it down a notch and limiting yourself to once a week would be enough to get your normal coloring back. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though… at least it’s a HEALTHY food!

    Haha, your work station cracks me up. Love all the goods! 🙂


  8. haha, is it that bad????? the photographing skill in the embassy is pretty bad, and they probably didn’t use the right white balance!

  9. Sorry about the color!I hope it clears out soon so you can eat your kabocha again 😀

  10. Breaking up is hard…but time will heal all wounds! 😉 I remember a couple years ago when my niece was a baby…my sis fed her a lot of pureed carrots and she started to turn a little orange too so my sis had to cut back on the carrots. Don’t worry, you’ll find a new love!

  11. Oh no sorry about the kabocha! I’ve heard that happening from sweet potatoes! So sad! I love putting applesauce in the freezer and eating it like water ice!

  12. Bummer about the Kabocha! We don’t need to turn orange 😉

  13. Totally hear ya on the turning orange thing–my hands are still a bit yellow! I had to curtail my intake of sweet potatoes and carrots to lessen the hue…

  14. Ohhh….look at those truffles!!!

    I usually only bake with applesauce unless it’s homemade, then I like it straight up.

    Good luck leaving the kabocha behind….

  15. breaking up is hard to do 😦 hopefully the excessive amount of PB I eat won’t turn be brown.. actually, that’d be nice if it did.. sunless tan!

    those truffles look incredible!

  16. Aww, sorry that you and kabocha have to part ways! I’m sure you can see it occasionally though, no? Moderation is the key 🙂 Maybe that precious azuki coconut mousse will help you get over Mr. Kabocha 😉 Those raw truffles look amazing! 😯

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t really like applesauce that much. I prefer real apples. I guess if I had to eat it, I would sprinkle with cinnamon, stir, and munch. Sorry that apple pie didn’t make things better… it looks really pretty 😕

  17. Good luck! I know it’s hard 😦

    Sorry for the lack of commenting recently… I’m reading. Work is crazy busy (but I love it).

    Happy Wednesday!

  18. Haha, I experienced the same thing. I had to stop eating pumpkin oatmeal for a few days. One day, I went through a whole 29 oz can. Ooopps 🙂

  19. Awww, sorry you have to break up with your food love!! : ( Maybe just have it once in awhile? (That way you don’t have to say forever good bye ; )

  20. i’m sorry, but i have to laugh that you’ve turned orange…hehehe!

    and i had to break up with my pure protein bars…the sugar sub did horrible horrible things to my tummy and head.

  21. Oh, no we don’t want you looking like a carrot! Sorry you have to give the kobocha up for now.

  22. Lynn @ The Actors Diet

    wow you really turned orange?!? that’s kinda amazing! i warmed up some applesauce tonight and shoved it in some puff pastry. t’was gooood.

  23. I’m sorry you miss kabocha so much… Maybe the breakup doesn’t have to permanent? Could you possible just see less of each other?

    I haven’t had applesauce in a looooong time. Now I want some! 🙂

  24. i think it is so wild that certain foods will actually turn you orange! i kind of secretly wish i could turn orange. or purple. maybe i should start eating a lot of purple food and see? 😉 love the french toast and the soup. my favorite way to eat applesauce is mixed into vanilla bean ice cream~i discovered this when i got my tonsils out and all i could eat was soft foods! xoxo

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