Changing perspective

Waking up at 4 or 5AM every morning for the past two weeks was the side effect of work overload. Although my body tells me to get more rest, my mind refuses. I’m in the middle of the battle trying to stay positive. How? Well…. with 2 extra hours in the morning I split half in work and the other half in doing what I enjoy (i.e. surfing in the blogland and discovering more new blogs that I like). That way I don’t feel so miserable 😉

People with  a lot of troubles in life tend to have more positive attitude. And those who are lucky, with everything they apparently need, are those who complain the most (I was one of them in that day). Is this an irony? I think it’s because our animal survivor instinct emerges only in extremely hostile situations. In order to survive (physically or mentally), we adjust to the environment. The only to do that is to have a positive mind and look the good side of everything. When we’re too comfortable… we become more human, asking for more and more. hahah…. This is my little theory! 😀

Q: How do you stay positive?


Okay. I need to say this: I’m addicted to my latest creation: aduki coconut mousse! I want to add it to everything!!! Try it, I’m serious! 😉

look this plastic wrapping thing that I got in SF, it’s pretty and reusable! 🙂


For the base I made french toast with 1 egg + 2 tbsp of flaxmeal with blueberries



A mate and dark chocolate being my work company


Lunch: another rainbow stir-fry with eggplant, broccoli, cabbage and smoked tofu



Dinner: tofu-broccoli burger made with this mix


tofu in a tofu-container

IMG_1880.JPG IMG_1877.JPG

add some flaxmeal instead of flour. Da da….. look these burgers!!! They are pretty and delicious!


paired with kale chips!


Sunday to-do list:

  • work until lunch
  • laundry (a must! :?)
  • cleaning
  • hot yoga
  • groceries

Q: What’s on your list?



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15 responses to “Changing perspective

  1. How I stay positive = remember how thankful I am about my life and just breathe.

  2. Ohh, the tofu broccoli burgers sounds REALLY good!! Yum. I Also like that re-usable plastic wrap. I need to get that because I go through way too much plastic wrap, it’s not good.

    I like your theory at the beginning of your post. I think about that a lot. I am, in most senses, super lucky. I try to stay positive as much as I can, but it’s hard sometimes. I appreciated your theory because it really got me thinking. I sometimes feel like the holidays bring out the worst in me, when in reality they should bring out the BEST!! Come on Gina, snap out of it!

  3. Hey that mousse does look awesome! the color and texture, I am addicted too!! I gotta try it later:-D

  4. I stay positive by thinking about God. I just feel so much more reassured that way. 🙂 I’ll try your azuki bean coconut mousse if I ever get azuki beans… and coconut oil 😛 I saw those tofu burgers before, but I never actually bought them! I’ll have to think about that now! 😉

    On my list: put out a draft of my chemistry paper. -_-

  5. I’m impressed by how productive you are! I stayed up til 4:30am last night because I was finally on a role with paper writing and didn’t want to stop.

    Staying positive is hard, but I usually just try to remember that whatever is stressing me out is only a small portion of my entire life and probably shouldn’t stress me out THAT much… like this paper that I need to finish for Friday!

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. Your to-do list looks ideal! Minus the laundry 🙂 Get some rest if you can m’dear–it’ll make everything less stressful. I stay positive by looking at the big picture and realizing what’s going on in the present moment is minor in the grand scheme of things.

  7. how I stay positive is just thinking about my life, my amazing family, friends and BF and just how lucky I am. if I think about these things each and everyday, that really helps me stay postitive!

    that french toast looks fantastic!

  8. what is that tofu container you have!? is it to drain the water out!? omg it’s genius. i want one. i hate wasting paper towels to de-water mine!

    and to stay positive…it’s hard for me, but i look at the things i’ve achieved and want to achieve, and convince myself i can do it, because i’ve done so many other things in the past i never thought i could do.

  9. the burgers and stir fry both look good, plus i am hungry so they really caught my eye 😉 you are a happy person and you shine with positive vibes, so i know you will do well at staying positive!!

    my to do list today is almost done, i went to the gym and snowboarding and now i just have to blog and make dinner.


  10. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    You seem to have such a balanced perspective about things! Good job for keeping such a positive attitude. I can relate though – when my mind is caught up with work, my body might be tired, but my mind keeps racing!

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday 🙂

  11. Whoa, I love that tofu container. I’m always using half a block or so, and try to fit the other half in a deep enough container. On my list of things to get 🙂

    I have to try that adzuki mousse! Did you melt the coconut oil first? What ratio of adzuki:tofu:coconut oil do you use?

    I pray to God and remind myself how much I have to be thankful for to be positive. It really is amazing to see how much I have instead of looking at what I don’t have!

  12. I think patience is a key in me staying positive. If I let myself get worked up, things tend to get out of hand….in my mind, anyways!!

    Those burgers look really dense and delish!

  13. Sorry you have so much work to do! Just keep your fabulous vacation in mind (sounds like you are already doing a great job with this). It’s really hard to stay positive when I’m stressed. I like to find balance by running or doing something else and just asking God to help me get through whatever it is!

  14. Your adzuki coconut mousse seriously sounds awesome. I would dig in with a spoon and finish off a gallon of it! Wow!

    Staying positive…it’s really really tough, but you’ve just got to actively FIND REASONS to why you should be positive. Remember all the permanent good things in life.

  15. Star

    very beautiful food.

    But you don’t have good sleep recently, I suppose because you are in stress. You put too much pressure on youself about your tight plan.
    I hope you can manage it well.
    Try to relax and enjoy, find a good balance point…..

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