Happily stuffed Robot!

Robot Coco‘s routine this week: Wake up, check google reader, blog, breakfast, work (5 hrs), lunch break, work (3-4 hrs), gym/yoga, dinner, TV/movie, go to bed! Everyday is the repetition of the previous one. Sounds boring or perhaps miserable, but I kind of like the routine sometimes, well, not for too long. In ❤ weeks I am flying to Germany to meet my best friend Mara who I haven’t seen for almost 4 years!!!

She’s my female soul mate in life. For few years, we had almost identical life path in term of school, friends, not corresponding love life and family. We could look each other without saying a word and still know what’s the other one thinking. She’s my first real life friend. Although we don’t live close anymore (not even in the same continent), we don’t talk often (maybe once a month?), we can still communicate in the same channel, we still care about each other, we’d still do whatever the other one needs without have to think about it. I’m so thankful to have her in my life. 🙂 Actually this trip came spontaneously. One day she wrote me an email saying: I need to see you before I get married, have a kid and change the world (literally she said that ;)). Inmmediately I replied saying: Okay! I’m going! Let’s figure things out! 😀

Q1: Do you have a life friend? How did you meet her/him?

Q2: What’s the key ingredient for a lasting friendship?


Robot’s fuel 🙂

Breakfast: grilled sandwich with egg, mushrooms, cheese, peppers and ketchup




Lunch: I used the other portion of this soup, add veggies and aduki beans to make it more like a chili.


served with rice


Dinner: Stuffed acorn squash with veggie bean curry.


It was DELICIOUS!!!!! 😀 I thought half middle size acorn was enough for a meal Nops! I HAD to have the other half with more stuffing!!! 😉


Happily stuffed Coco Robot! 😀

Oh…. I had another sweating yoga session focusing on the middle body. 20 min Yoga Core and 30 min Yoga for Buns. Try them if you haven’t! I give you the guarantee to feel sore next day! 😀

Happy Weekend Everyone! 🙂 I know I’ll be happily following the robot routine.

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11 responses to “Happily stuffed Robot!

  1. I think it’s so interesting how there are some people who you won’t see in years but when you do it’s like nothing has changed. I think that’s the mark of a true friend.
    Have fun with your friend in Germany!

  2. Oh how fun! A best friend is forever, and it just so happens to that I meeting my life friend for coffee in about 15 minutes! We have known each other since the first grade and have been friends ever since. Like you and your friend, however, we only talk about once a month. She and I are always so busy with work, and she’s been dating a guy that I don’t really like for about 8 years!! They are engaged now, ugh. But the key to our relationship is that we are SURE to get together at least once every month or every two months. We get together for coffee and a long walk and it’s all we need to do to catch up and stay in on another’s lives. I love it.

    Have a great weekend Coco!

  3. Wow ! so you go to Germany to see your best friend! that’s very nice – I bet you two will enjoy the time together very much!!

    I think the most ingredients in friendship is understanding and trust. yesterday I opened a futune cookie said : “you continue to give, and you will continue to have”. I think that’s how friendship works 😀

    Great breakfast sandwich! I love grilled things!

  4. That’s so exciting that you get to see your best friend!

    I think it can be tough to stay in touch with friends when they are far away or when life takes you in different directions. Over the years I have learned that the key is to make time for meaningful interactions and to realize that it’s normal that relationships and people change.

    Happy weekend! 🙂

  5. I met my BF 33yrs ago…when we were 2! We have always been super close. She’s lived 3hrs from me for the past 10yrs, and we don’t talk enough, but we are ALWAYS there for each other, no matter what. Her brother just passed away last week and I think it hurt me more to see so much pain on her face. That’s a life long bond for sure. That’s great that you are travelling to see your bestie!

  6. How great that you get to visit your friend in Germany! It’s so important to keep in touch with our loved ones, no matter how far apart we might become. 🙂

    Your stuffed squash looks amazing! I know I couldn’t resist that other half either!


  7. All of your meals look so delicious! I love azuki beans and rice 🙂

    Hurray for meeting with your friend! I haven’t made any friends for life yet, I don’t think. Maybe someday, though 🙂

  8. it’s always so difficult leaving my closest friends when we go away to school an such — but I find whenever we get back together everything is so natural and it’s always as though nothings changed 🙂 It’s amazing having such close friends!

  9. Your dinner looks delish!

  10. Sometimes I feel a bit like a robot too–I love my routines though!
    I am lucky enough to have TWO soulmates, I think. One I met through my sorority (and is now my roomie) and one is a fellow blogger who happens to go to my university too!
    A good friendship is always judgment free, in my opinion.

  11. that stuffed acorn squash looks fantastic!!! have a great time in germany with mara 🙂

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