Last day in SF & more goodies

I just realized that I have one more meal to recap before moving into normal post. This meal was after I reunite with my Mom on Sunday noon (she stayed with her friend while I was on the Foodbuzz Festival). SF has a big asian community, so asian food is everywhere. I’m a big fan of asian restaurants except for chinese food. Since I tried vietnamese food with Maggie on Friday, I suggested to go for korean and it was the BEST korean food I’ve ever had.

Small appetizers are my favorite part of the korean meal











and I always order hot pot rice with veggies. This time with kimchi. I’m obsessed with Kimchi now, just bought a 3 lbs tint. 😯


After lunch we went to visit Stanford. Such a beautiful university.



I got tons of goodies from the festival but when I got home, more packages of goodies were waiting for me 😉

More teas… remember I spent $80 at Lupicia the other day? Well…. more teas for a tea lover! 😉


care package from POM people, as Wonderful as their products! 😀


some raw goodies from Ulimana


One lucky duck sample pack


the infamous popchips


and finally my beloved morning oats in Day 1 after normal life after catching up on sleep.


I’ve became a sleep beauty lately (8,9,10 hours a day), my body feels so exhausted from the trip (seriously, I’m getting old :().

Q1: Have you noticed any sign of aging? 😕

Q2: What’s the last new product you tried?


Now, time to wake up Star, my angel! 😉



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17 responses to “Last day in SF & more goodies

  1. Small apps are my favorite part of ANY meal! I just love eating apps for a meal, but several of them of course 🙂 Sophia says I need to try kimchi for my IBS, so I should go looking for some. You say you really like it? I know I’ve heard you talk about it before, but I’ve never thought to try it myself.

    As far as signs of aging, oh man, I have many! First, I forget things really easily. Also, even if I just have one or two drinks I have a hangover! That’s the worst. And, my once thick hair is getting more thin by the day 😦 So sad!

  2. All of that food looks great! As far as aging goes, I feel like I am younger now than I was as a teenager. I think the more healthy I become, the younger I feel.

  3. What’s “kimchi”?

    LOVE all those samples! You are SO lucky. I can’t wait to see all the teas you’ve got.

    I’ve started to notice aging around my eyes although I haven’t done anything about it yet. I use a night time moisturizer every night and a day time one each morning. I hope that helps!!

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      Kimchee is spicy fermented cabbage. it’s good for intestinal health, it lowers cholesterol and has tons of vitamins and antioxidants. It was ranked as one of the healthiest food by Health magazine.

  4. DiningAndDishing

    Back from the conference only to be greeted by all those goodies! What a nice welcome home :O)

    – Beth @

  5. Oh MY!! Lemon Fig Pecan Bars?!?!?! Where do I find those!??!!

  6. So many treats awaiting you when you got home?!?! That’s SO awesome CoCo! I can’t wait to read your reviews. 🙂

    The last new fave food product i tried is still the TJ’s multi-grain waffle mix! Yummmm. And I DO see signs of ageing. I like to blame my slower metabolism on ageing.

  7. Love all the small dishes! I tried my roommates kimchee once and didn’t like it 😦 Oh well! Awesome packages waiting for you!

  8. Yaaay for tasty Korean food 😉 I’m a bit biased though, of course. I love those little dishes! I’ve never seen the rice cake as a side dish, and absolutely adore the stuff! Hot pot with veggies is definitely one of my faves as well!

    I’m starting to feel old this year for some reason (22?). Everyone else seems like they’re 19 years old and able to stay up late. I need 9 hours of sleep, but it’s always been that way, haha!

    Hmmm, I just tried some Nature’s Path cereal that they sent me. Yum!

  9. I think I’m getting old too! lol

    I’ve noticed that when I get really burnt out I develop bags under my eyes. And they take forever to go away!!!!

    BTW I totally have to compliment you on your pictures. They are looking AMAZING with the new camera!!! 😉

  10. I LOVE all the Korean side dishes. It’s my favorite part of Korean food! And I love kimchi! 🙂

    Signs of aging: many… 🙂 But it’s okay as I’m telling myself that I’m getting older and wiser! 😉

  11. you are rolling in goodies, hun! you deserve them…enjoy!! 🙂

  12. last new product was the new POM juice flavors! yum!

  13. Menden

    Mmm, look at all those fun goodies!!

    Yes, I’ve noticed signs of aging – arrrgh. I don’t like it! I’ve noticed a couple of WHITE (not gray, white!!!) hairs here and there…my paternal grandmother has snow white hair, so maybe I’ve inherited that trait. Yikes.

    But, at the same time, I feel younger than ever since I’ve been eating better and taking better care of myself!

  14. looks like your last day was a success! still sad we didnt chat more. next time for sure ❤

  15. That Korean place has soooo many appetizer! did u order them separately or they just go with the meal??? much better than those korean eat place here!

  16. Coco,
    Fue un gusto conocerte en el FB Festival, es siempre lindo conocer otra china-latina =)
    Espero que nos podamos encontrar en otro FB event !

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