Finding direction and product reviews

s I mentioned in my last post, I was feeling hopeless and frustrated with research, like a bug in dark box trying to get out and hitting the wall over and over again. I met with Carmen yesterday at her home, she with PJs and I with a sad face. As a good advisor and friend, she “rescued” me. We talked about how to proceed with my thesis and most importantly she taught me to “listen to our inner voice“. I am a lucky girl. Every time I feel lost between to do what my heart says and to follow the convention or the safest path, someone who I respect comes out to help to remind me to go to the right direction. 13 years ago was my best friend who contributed on my passion into Economics, 4 years ago was the director of my university to come to US for a Ph.D, and now it’s Carmen, probably the most important person in my professional career.

As I said it in recipe to success, the perfect mix for success is to do what you’re passion about and what you’re good at. I know what are these two ingredients in my case. So, why do I want to pretend what I’m not?

Q: Have you tried listen to others instead of your heart?

Grilled sammie as breakfast (not surprisingly). This time filled with onion jam, LC, cheddar and apple.

Featured meal of the day: zucchini noodles with curry mustard sauce topped with glazed mushrooms.
Few days ago I received a package from Dulcet Cuisine.


I was intriged by Mandras curry Mustard: This mustard is packed with exotic flavor, a hint of sweetness and finishes with a punch of spice.



The mix of mustard & curry results in a rich flavor, stronger in curry and slightly sweet. It’s handy to have a jar of this because it is tasty and convenient. It took me <10 min to make this meal. Just sauteed the “noodles” with some oil, add 2 tbsp of the sauce, salt and done!
Lastly, some products that I tried from the AMAZING package from Newman’s Own Organic.IMG_0250.JPG

Product: Hermits
Description: an old-fashioned soft cookie. It is a home recipe from Hermits family,  filled with organic raisins and sweetened with organic molasses.
Coco’s take: It has a incredible moisture for being a package cookie. It is soft, chewy, flavorful, all what you can ask for a nice home baked cookie. Personally I find it a little too sweet (which is the rule rather than exception for my taste) but my Mom loves it and has it as breakfast every morning. 4/5
IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0263.JPG

Product: Double chocolate mint chip

Description:  replacing the conventional butter with an organic ingredient, palm fruit oil results in a wonderful cookie with no hydrogenated oils.

Coco’s take: I was skeptical about this because I don’t usually eat cookies, but this little thing surprised me by far! It was crunchy and light, with a incredible mint flavor and melting chocolate chips in it, really irresistible. 5/5

Product: Ginger mints
Description:  it comes in four flavors (ginger, cinnamon, peppermints and wintergreen). They  are made from organic sugar, organic corn syrup, gum arabic and natural flavors. Three pieces (2.0g) contain ten calories with 2g of sugar and no total fat, sodium or protein.
Coco’s take: I tried both cinnamon and ginger flavors. I like more ginger because it’s strong in its flavor than cinnamon which was more like a candy with a touch of cinnamon. Ginger flavor: 5/5 Cinnamon: 3/5.
Q: What’s your favorite candy flavor?

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  1. I am so making that mustard and mushroom dish!! I just need to make some of the mustard. and get some zucchini…

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