Dark sweat room!

Do you like hot yoga?

Do you like sweat while you hold static poses?

Do you want to challenge your balance seriously?

Do you want to save yoga studio fees?

Last night unexpectedly I found the WAY! 😀

I was sleep deprived the night before since I woke up at 4AM 😯 and last night by 9PM I was feeling asleep but didn’t want to go bed early again to wake up at 4 again. So, what to do to keep me awake? A yoga session to unwind. Dave Farmer had a new podcast 10/25, so this is what I did:

  • turn on the heat to 80F
  • turn off all lights
  • sweat for 75 min!

It caught me by total surprise that doing yoga in a dark room could be so challenging! You’d take your balance and strength to the edge. I kept falling down but happy at the same time because I can’t remember last time I did yoga and sweat that much! My body was sweating (even my legs)!!! I’m sure it wasn’t that specific podcast that was challenging, but the darkness. I was also more conscious about my breathing, alignment and how my body feels. By the end of 75 min, the final 3 min of savasana felt sooo good. And last night I slept 9 hours straight! 😀

If you’re a yogi, try it! You won’t be disappointed, I promise 😉

Okay. Continuing with grill breakfast. I made a quesadilla. First grill egg and mushrooms


add this new cheese


add onion jam and grill


final product



another big success!!! 😆

I worked at the office longer than I planned and was more productive than Monday. 😀 A little progress on the algebra derivation. 😯 yes, that’s Economics all about these days. MATH MATH MATH!!! 😦

Since I got home later than I planned, I apologize that no tutorial today. Mom’s cooking as usual


chinese mustard


tofu, dry mushrooms and chinese spinach soup


and leftover chicken soup


Q1: Have you found a good workout by accident?

Q2: What would you do if your boyfriend/husband and your Dad argue?



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18 responses to “Dark sweat room!

  1. Hot yoga? oh remind me of those smelly towers!!! 😀 but I feel it’s really good work out coz no other way can make me sweat so much! you are so genius to turn on the heat in the apt !! haha

    btw, u r really make full use of that griller! that looks awesome!

  2. Ooh Chinese spinach soup — I swoon. I found running by accident. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it and now I love it.

  3. Love your breakfast creation! My stomach is growwwwling.

    I have only done yoga a few times, I’m mainly a pilates girl. I like to read about your yoga experiences though, as I think when I start making more money I will join a yoga studio, similar to what you talk about. I think I would really like it.

    I wouldn’t like it if my bf and my dad argued. Did this happen between your father and Star? NEither Nick nor my father are very argumentative, so I would be surprised if that ever happened.

  4. Hmm I don’t know about the arguing. Bobby and my dad get along so well… I don’t get along with Bobby’s dad all the time though. He’s constantly criticizing me and it makes me upset 😦

    I will definitely have to try the hot yoga idea 🙂 Sounds fun.

  5. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    Glad you enjoyed the spontaneous yoga session! 🙂

    I discovered spin class by accident – one day all the cardio equipment was filled up at the gym, so I decided to give the class a try, and it was so much fun!

  6. CoCo! Did something happen between your boyfriend and your dad? OH NO if that’s true. I can’t give you any advice since I don’t know the whole situation, but I want to say that no matter what, my direct family will have to come first. Of course it will matter what the argument is about. I would talk to each person individually to help them understand each others view and then try to be a bridge to help them communicate better. I’m sure it will all turn out fine!! Don’t worry too much, but you’ll definitely need to do some work to help their relationship.

    On the other hand, what a fun idea to do yoga in the dark at home! It’s hard though, because you can’t see if your body is aligned or not…so what if you’re doing some posture that could injure your body?

    I discovered a pool/aqua abs class by accident! It was fantastic because I was sore the next day! hahaha

  7. yoga in the pure darkness is very difficult.. similar to holding poses with your eyes closed.. not easy, at all!

    I’ve actually never done hot yoga before, I have a history of passing out in high temps so i’ve always been a little apprehensive!

  8. I have actually never done hot yoga, but I used to take a lot of yoga classes. (It’s on my “do again” list). I can only imagine how challenging doing yoga in a dark room would be.

    I’m glad your yoga session made you sleep so well! 🙂

  9. I’ve always wanted to try that hot yoga, but I’ve never thought about trying it in the dark. I bet it’s very centering. mmm . . . I love your soups! It’s chilly here now and it looks so good.
    I’m not sure about the boyfriend/dad situation? I do know that communication is the best thing.

  10. Love your blog! Just stumbled upon it! These quesadillas look AMAZING!
    -Mini Baker

  11. Yoga is sooo great for relaxing and preparing for bed. I also love doing yoga post-running! Great post.

  12. ohhh…cabot has the best cheddar cheese! def try their seriously sharp cheddar cheese…it’s to die for!!

  13. I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga! I need to do more regular yoga first I think! What would I do if my boyfriend and dad argued? Hahah oh man. It’s happened way too much already. My dad hates my boyfriend. Now I don’t talk about him at all to my dad and even have to hide my blog. It is a horrible situation!

  14. BroccoliHut

    Holy fab breakfast!

  15. Hm. My friend tells me that the BEST possible workout ever is sex. Whatever. I don’t believe. lol

    OMG, you have to teach me yoga. I really really wanna learn…
    And that egg in the middle…wHOA! Total food porn!

  16. I love your meal spread! Your Q2 is really difficult, I would be really unhappy if that ever happened !!

  17. Another great grill creation!

    My hubby’s been around for so long that if him and my Dad argue it’s no different than me and my Dad arguing. I can’t say that it happens very often, though…

  18. Ignacio Litardo

    Rainy days for me are an excuse for trying not to go out at all, and do things I always want to but I think are not priority. From ordering and cleaning to listening to a good CD with exclusive attention.

    I like the appealing smell of home baking. Regardless of the results :).

    “algebra derivation”?

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