POM tour day 2. Fabulous dinner & open mind talk!

After writing my last post, I went out for a short walk to get to know Visalia: a small, old fashion town!




before dinner, Janel gave us a great presentation about anti-aging and the importance of antioxidants on the aging process. check out Catlin’s blog for highlights of the talk.


and then we head over to the finest restaurant in the area called The Vintage Press. It has about 40 years old, family owned, with antique decorations and fabulous meal.



our menu with POM as a key ingredient


the owner and the chef of this place explaining the menu to us


we start with some appetizers and this amazing bread that Gina and I couldn’t resist to get back to it along the whole meal~~~ :mrgreen:


a green salad


our appetizer: wild mushroom with puff pastry


Jeff @POM gave us a talk about why we’re here and how they pick us! The BIG question that everyone seems to have in mind.


I would say, it was the most touching moment of this trip! I am impressed by the philosophy of this company, their willingness to help people to get healthier by investing $32 millions on research, on organizing/attending events about wellness, on getting a group of bloggers who might not be the most popular ones in the blog world (like me) but has something to say, to show others how a healthy lifestyle is POSSIBLE to everyone! I love their way of seeing this: the best way to teach, help and affect someone else’s life is by showing them our own lifestyle! Do not jeopardize and criticize others “unhealthy” lifestyle, show them what’s a healthy lifestyle looks like and how easy is to achieve! It was a mind opening moment for my “blog career”! I was blogging for me and for fun and wasn’t aware that by doing what I could help others. Thanks Jeff and Andrea for letting me know a “gift” that blog gave me, to help people!!! 😆 (seriously, I was really touched!)

Okay. continuing with the yummy food. Everything on the menu sound really good, it was a hard decision. After debating, I opted salmon and it did not disappoint me.


this is the quinoa plate. look this mini baked squash… so cute! I had few bites of it


Dessert was the BEST sorbet I’ve ever had!!!


made with POM obviously


finally, some shots of us all dressed up for the occasion 😉

Heather and I


Gina and I


more pics to come lateR! 🙂

Today we’re going to POM’s plant to see how juice is made. From what I heard so far… it is really impressive! Really? I’m already very IMPRESSED by them. I can’t imagine how much more I can get impressed. 😕 but I totally believe Andrea and Jeff. 😀

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10 responses to “POM tour day 2. Fabulous dinner & open mind talk!

  1. Sounds like you’re having an amazing trip–I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. That restaurant looks so fancy! Eheh And that sorbet oh yum! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re having a good experience! Have fun today!

  3. CoCo you give the BEST re-caps! I have to say i would have a hard time deciding what to eat on that menu too!! I might have gone with the couscous just because I don’t have any idea how to cook it, but your salmon looks YUMMY!! You should definitely be PROUD of your blog girl, it really is incredible and interesting. I love that you’re not necessarily a blog trend follower and have a ton of great unique ideas and recipes to share. I love you!!!! 🙂

  4. I’m ALL ABOUT that mushroom puff pastry! Holy yummy goodness!!

  5. Yes, your blog is awesome! You better believe it!

    The dinner sounds wonderful. Thanks for a great recap. I’m sure you guys are having fun right now! Looking forward to reading all about it! 😉

  6. That meal has left me speechless….and drooling!

  7. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    Looks like you’re having a blast…that meal looks so delicious (I’m hungry now, lol!)

    And yes – your blog is awesome! I’m so glad you got to go on this trip 🙂

  8. What an amazing trip! That is so sweet of POM and they are right! Your blog is an inspiration to me and many others! The salmon looks delicious!! Have a good rest of the trip!

  9. Cutest mini baked squash ever!
    Fresno seems like paradise:)

  10. POM is SUCH an incredible company. I love their dedication to health and that they really understand and embrace the blogger community. The dinner looks fabulous. Glad to hear you’re having fun. Cute cute pictures

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