It’s getting cold! :(

I know most of you are enjoying Fall because of the halloween, thanksgiving, holidays, pumpkin and other winter yummies. But as much as I like holidays (=vacation) and orange food (pumpkin/squash), I hate cold weather. My feet freeze, my skin dries, I dress like a bear when I go out and I get colder whenever I drink something not warn. 😦 So much negativity, I know… I’m sorry. But yesterday the weather was gray and rainy. The insurance company informed me at 9AM that I still have to wait until they get the police report. 😦 I had all the intention to be positive… but I failed.

Q1: What do you like about winter? help me to like it a little bit.

Pre-9AM I enjoyed breakfast which was pretty and yummy. I need to post this combo because it’s soooo good

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • pinch of salt
  • vanilla/cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup chia gel
  • topping: raspberries + ABU



the little seeds make this combo extra creamy but at the same time chewy! 😆

AM in the office drinking green juice: romaine, celery, cucumber, lemon, 1/2 apple, ginger

Photo 2.jpg

as you can see….I still don’t care about my appearance when I go to work 😦

Photo 4.jpg

it was delicious but I got sooo COLD afterwards :shock:!!! I think I need to cut it back on juicing for now. 😦

So glad that I have my parents here. After a blah day I had a home to go, to think anything else but concerns. We watched Argentina- Uruguay soccer game when we had dinner.

chinese mustard sauteed with garlic

yellow fish with chinese pickles


in China, people fry fish before adding condiments and other ingredients, which is unhealthy. I taught my Mom to seal the fish with PAM and it turned out just like fried. My parents were amazed how healthy way to prepare the same dish can taste so good! 😀

green bean noodles with fish balls

Another fabulous dinner~~~ Mom. what am I going to do when you go back to China? 😥

Q2: Which healthified meal you’re most proud of making?



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18 responses to “It’s getting cold! :(

  1. Hey chica! I do not like winter either! A major reason I moved to SC. Those raspberries look so bright! yum. Favorite healthier meal- my sloppy janes

  2. haha can’t say that I can help much — I hate 99% of winter (the other 1% being christmas of course 🙂 ) stay warm hun!

  3. Yeah, good for you for teaching your parents that healthy cooking is also tasty! That’s a big step.

    I agree with you about winter. Currently I am wearing socks AND slippers because my feet get so cold in this apartment. And I have been putting lotion on my hands and face religiously. I think for me I like fall because of all the pretty colors and the decrease in humidity (I can actually do something with my hair!!). As for winter, well, I’m not really a fan of winter, so I can’t help you there! I try to focus on the fun parts of winter; holidays, my birthday, winter healthy foods!

  4. littlemissminny

    Mexican tortillas! I make them as healthy as possible 😀
    I like fall, but I am too freezing all the time. My nails even turned blue these past few days

  5. I LOVE winter! It really doesn’t get toooo cold here in San Diego so I’m sure I’d feel different if I lived somewhere else but I love when it’s chilly here!

  6. Yeah I can’t think of too much I like about winter! Maybe just the holidays and that’s about it! I hate the cold!

    I’ve heard that about the juice! Everyone says it makes them very cold. I guess I chose a bad time to start juicing!

    I am most proud of my healthified Mexican! I use brown rice, salad, corn, avocado, mushrooms, squash, and salsa!

  7. Hun, I’m sorry but in my opinion there is NOTHING to like about the winter. And I live in Canada. Talk about being born in the wrong climate! 😉 Seriously, who wants dry skin, static cling hair, layer upon layer of clothes, slippery, ice covered roads, snow banks taller than you, SLUSH. Ugh…I’m giving myself hives!!! 🙂

    PS…you’re breakfast looks AMAZING!!!

  8. I love your breakfast! What a great way to start the day!

    It doesn’t get very cold where I live, but I love to go skiing (but haven’t been in many, many years). So skiing would be one good thing about winter for me…

    My mom used to make many apple pies and apple cakes when I was little, so they remind me of my childhood. Now I make healthy apple crisps that taste great, are much healthier, and let me relive my childhood… 🙂

  9. Menden (Skinny Menny)

    I love seeing all the delicious chinese dishes you and your parents eat!

    I detest cold weather, too! I’m such a total wimp with cold weather…I’m trying to have a good attitude about it, but I just keep thinking that it’s going to be months until the weather warms again 😦

  10. Aww i think it’s so cute that people in China don’t know about PAM. Neither does my mom!! And even though she tries to lessen the oil in the pan, you can’t help it when you’re pouring out of a giant bottle!! The fish looks yummy!! I actually love the mungbean and fishball soup dish. 🙂 We have it with pork balls in Taiwan, and the meat ball is meatier, chewier, denser, and Oh sooo delicious!

    It’s getting so cold in Chicago too! And it’s raining every day. It’s agood thing you aren’t taking you darling parents here! 😛

  11. Ahh yes, I am always cold in the winter too! My bf goes crazy because I crank the heat. My favorite thing about winter is how pretty the snow is and the mountains here. I like the healthify Mexican food because it’s so easy and soooo good. 🙂

  12. omg, i hate cold too. every part of my body usually goes numb from horrible circulation. and the other things i hate about cold weather: it means i have to wear jeans. I HATE JEANS. haha!

  13. Pretty and delicious breakfast, indeed!
    I like all the warm soups associated with winter:)

  14. I hate winter too but I do like the warm drinks you get to enjoy when its cold and snowy out – chai tea, hot chocolate, any kind of tea really! yum! they taste yummy and always are calming to me. 🙂

  15. I don’t like to be cold either! This is my first winter in over 2 years and at 70 degrees I am freezing. A good trick to “warm” up your juice is to add ginger!

    Our very dear friends are Chinese as well, and I love when they come to visit…your pics remind me (and make my mouth water!) Love the broccoli and black fungus…yum.

    Great blog!

  16. traynharder23

    chicken tenders! breading in yogurt and breadcrumbs and oven baking them!

    yummy asian food!

  17. i love winter the most! send your cold my way! i love to snowboard. and i love my healthy pancakes 🙂

  18. voila une info utile merci !

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