Two Es and a floral dinner~~

Hi everyone. How was your Monday? tough? Mine too! 😦 I’m seeing new “faces” so I want to WELCOME all new readers! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, hope you like it and come back soon! And don’t be shy, leave comments or email me if you want to know more about me or anything that I didn’t say it clearly (sorry by my poor gramma and spelling).

Today I want to present you two programs that I’ve been using lately! 🙂

Disclaimer: I present these programs to you because I find them really helpful. As I love you so much, I want to share the best with you! 🙂 Nobody asked to me do it and I paid for my copy. (just in case if someone’s wondering why I’m doing this)

So many recipes to try but don’t know how to organize them? Here’s the solution that worked for me!


I was looking for an easy way to save the recipes that I find online, and then be able to find them later easily. Sometimes I bookmarked a web page, but it didn’t help when the internet was down, or it had been deleted. I tried saving them in Word files, but they were hard to search for, and I couldn’t always remember the recipe names. As result, I had recipes disorganized that I never go back to try them.

Evernote made it easy to organize them. When I find a recipe online, I just highlight what I wanted to save on the page (including the photo), click a button, and that was it! You can add tags to your notes, so it’s really easy to search if you want to look for a specific recipe or ingredient. If you don’t remember the name of the recipe, you can preview the recipes scrolling through them. The format is extremely simple, you need exactly 30 sec to save a recipe. And you know what’s the best part? it’s FREE!!! Seriously, it worth trying. Go try it.

ecto_128px Ecto

Are you a Mac user and blogger? Are you looking for an editor to blog offline? ECTO might be a good choice. I was spending like 90 min in every post because it takes a lot of time uploading pictures (one by one) which was very annoying. So I asked Tina and Zesty which program can I use since I have a Mac and Windows Live Writer doesn’t work for me. They both recommended Ecto to me, so I had to give it a try.

Ecto publish to almost any blog from you Mac, it’s easy to use, it has almost all the features as you blog directly online, uploading pics takes 2 sec ;), you can blog offline, publish later or save it as a draft.

I used the 21 days trial first, and after 10 days I already decided to buy it. I think it was <$20. I am so happy with it so I strongly recommend you to try it! 😀

Okay. Enough technology talk, lets get back to the food business. I’ll warn you, food wasn’t spectacular yesterday. Although I spend $50 on groceries on Sunday, I realized that mostly they were lettuce and cauliflower. 😦

Breakfast: gigantic navel orange + Nature’s pride 12 grains + 2 toppings: almond butter (homemade) and preserve

DSC09416.JPG DSC09417.JPG


look how yummy was this toast: AB was almost as thick as the bread :mrgreen:


I worked at office so brought lunch, which was the most exciting part of the 7 hours I spent there 😕 Krista’s cauliflower & barley pilaf


Dinner was floral themed! 😀 not because of the ingredients, but because of the container!


tofu stir fry with mini corns and black fungus

celery oat bran


All together: a pretty floral dinner~~ 😀 (did I trick you? ;))


I run out of kabocha so I had this lotus powder


it looks like this after pouring hot water


And Mint Dark Chocolate, recommended by Veggiegirl


I loveeeee it!!! Another great find! 😀 Can’t wait to try their other flavors!

Q1: How do you organize recipes that you find online?

Q2: How long do you spend on writing a post?



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22 responses to “Two Es and a floral dinner~~

  1. Thanks for the information about those two products! The note/recipe organizer sounds like something I’d be interested in, for sure. Currently I just copy and paste my recipe onto a Word document, which works pretty well for me, but as I accumulate more recipes I will need to find a better way to organize them.

    I usually take about 1-1/5 hours to write a blog post. Uploading the pictures takes the most time!

  2. oh my gosh! I am so excited to see your tip for saving online recipes…I will definitely try it out! Thanks! I am finally back (sort-of) in the blogging world, and am excited to see that you are still creating the most magnificent dishes! Looks wonderful 😀 And I am definitely jealous of your mint chocolate right now!

  3. YAAAAAY!! So glad that you found (and like) the Theo chocolate! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the ECTO recommendation! I also have a mac, so maybe I will give it a try. I usually spend about 20-30 minutes writing a post. It’s quite time consuming but luckily I have the time since I can’t start school yet. Hope you have a good day!

  5. I’ll have to try ECTO. Right now I copy and paste recipes into a word file.

    The time it takes me to write a blog post varies greatly. I sometimes do very short posts that take no time. But when I do longer step-by-step recipe posts it takes a lot of time and planning (including taking pictures along the way, etc.)

  6. lesouefsbrouilles

    hey is baby corn always canned? or can you find it fresh because i’ve been trying to find fresh ones!

  7. Those both sound like great programs. I usually bookmark recipes that sound good. Once I make them, if I like them I print the recipe and put it in a binder of my favorites.

    It takes me between 20 and 30 minutes to write a post. Sometimes it’s super quick because I know just what I want to say but other times it’s a bit tougher.

  8. I am going to check out Ecto tonight. I am a mac user too and have been wanting to find a Windows Live for Macs. Thanks for posting that!

  9. I usually just bookmark the site–no recipe keeper. I should look into using one though because I have too many bookmarks to keep track of! I use Ecto too! I’ve only had 1 problem which was my post one day totally disappeared after clicking ‘publish.’ I had spent about an hour on it!! Which is the answer to your second question. I usually spend about an hour–kind of a long time!!

  10. Recipes that I really want to try get printed out and put into a duotang that I keep in the kitchen.

    I’m tickled that you like the pilaf! 🙂

    A post will generally take me about an hour total to do…

  11. Thanks for the tech. tips! I rarely save recipes since I never cook anything too extravagent! I usually just google it if I decide last minute to make something! A post can take me anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hrs. Sometimes I do 20 things at once so it takes longer!

  12. Hi! New reader here! Found you on Live, Laugh, Eat.
    I don’t organize recipes I find online at. all. But I really wish that I did! I’m kind of bad at organizing tho 🙂
    As for posting, I would say between 30 minutes (if it’s a quickie) to two hours. Something my laptop is a drag and it takes forever to upload pics!

  13. Hmm I spend an insane amount of time writing posts on my lap top because I procrastinate like CRAZY. I’ll eat, jump tabs, talk on the phone…hahah

    Thank you for the tip on that recipe keeper! I’m actually going to use it now because i found a wonderful recipe i want to keep.

    I’ve never heard of the lotus root powder!! What does it taste like?

  14. sue

    my free trial to ecto just ran out, and i was debating whether to purchase it or not..but you convinced really does save a lot of time and being able to compose posts offline is convenient. evernote sounds cool too- thanks for the recommendations!

  15. ohhhhh…mint dark chocolate! always the best!

    and i spend about 20 minutes writing a post; and i use windows live writer, which is just like ecto, but it’s free; and it rocks!

  16. mmmm Krista’s cauli recipe sounds so good! That woman does wonderful things in the kitchen. I usually find my recipes via searches on my blogs 😉

  17. I havent started organizing all the recipes I want to make but I’ll check out the site you recommended! Kath also recommended Springpad in a recent post–so I want to look into that, too.

    Your AB looks amazingly fresh & thick!! Do you have your recipe/method posted?

  18. I find almost all my recipes (aside from those in my cookbooks) online, so I have a recipe file on my computer with subcategories: Entrees, Appetizers, Soups, etc.
    It usually takes me at least 45 minutes to write a post!

  19. hey lovely!!! sorry about the rough monday, hope your tuesday was better. i am glad to be back to reading your lovely writings 🙂 i love that the layer of nut butter was as thick as the bread, you know how to lay it on thick! yummo. i am a complete scatterbrain at organizing recipes.. and i take about 45 min to do a post!

  20. This is sad: I just add online recipes to my Favorites under either “recipes” of “unhealthy recipes”. I should do something different with them but I’m not sure what I want to do with them yet

  21. what a beautiful dinner!!!!

  22. Thanks for the recommendation on those useful programs. They really come in handy for us bloggers. Wonderful eats as always.

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