Greceries & a new product!

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I did nothing but relax, which is how it is supposed to be on Sunday right? 😉 I woke up early again (5AM), don’t know why I don’t sleep well during weekends. 👿 but I’m not affected by that anymore 😉 because I had some yummy breakfast planned since….. mmm…. since I saw this creation of Maggie. Coincidently, Krista also had pancakes, but hers are much prettier than mine. 🙂
I didn’t have all the ingredients, so here’s how I made mine

Ingredients for 3 big thick pancakes

  • 1/3 oat bran + 2 tbsp flaxmeal
  • dash of salt
  • 1 teaspoon stevia
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • wet: 2 egg whites, 1/3 almond milk, 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 frozen blueberries
  • toppings: butter, almond butter and preserve


Soooooo good!!! I definitely need to make these more often. 😆
AM: more leisure readings “enjoyed” with soy milk

I went to my favorite vinyasa 2&3 at the best yoga studio. Groceries trip was a MUST! I only needed food for 3 days because my parents are coming back on Wednesday and I like doing groceries with them. But as a good grocerieholic, I got more than I needed. 😳


yes! two packages of romaine heart and two cauliflowers because I need to try these BSI submissions.


Got some grains from the bulk section: millet, quinoa, barley. As you can see most of my purchases are clean food, no packaging, no processing. That’s how I like! 😀
Feeding the empty frige: Before & After
DSC09388.JPG DSC09391.JPG

Lunch was boring 😦, exactly the same as Friday. I was HUNGRY and it was almost 3PM 👿

DSC09397.JPG DSC09398.JPG
I told you, I was HUNGRY! 😆

Thanks to Michelle, I got to try this amazing soy pudding by ZenSoy



I tried their chocolate flavor once and didn’t like much…:( so I picked up this banana flavor one and I was in LOVE!!! 😆

Review: it has a great banana flavor (redundant :-?) but not too strong like a banana shake. You can still taste the soy but in a good way. Its texture is just perfect, not too thick, not too running, not like a gel but smooth like silk. It might not be sweet enough for others, but it’s PERFECT for me! I really really like it and strongly recommend you to try it if you want a healthy treat (look at its ingredients list and nutritional label). Coco’s rating: 5/5. 😀

I enjoyed it with Chocolate pudding with chia


When I finished lunch and dessert it was 4PM. So, not much planned ahead. watch a movie Two Lovers and read this
Obviously I wasn’t hungry for dinner…. but I must eat right? so I made some stir-fry noodles with veggies and tofu


Perfect ending 😉


Q1: Do you like romantic movies? Which is your favorite one? Mine is Before Sunset

Q2: What’s your favorite pudding flavor? Mine used to be just Chocolate, now it’s also banana 🙂

Want to win some POM tea? Cory @Zestycook is doing a giveaway

Want to try ZenSoy pudding? Michelle is offering some


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21 responses to “Greceries & a new product!

  1. I voted!!
    The pancakes sound really good, and the pudding sounds great too. I’ve never tried soy pudding, other than the one I made (your recipe)..but that wasn’t really oudding I guess. Pudding isn’t really my favorite food in the world, but I like vanilla and lemon on top of angel food cake 🙂

    I do like Romantic Movies, and I have to say my favorite is probably Romeo and Juliet or Titanic! I swear I am not obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio, I just really enjoy his movies.

  2. My favorite pudding is vanilla or pumpkin at the moment.

    I tend to make my own so I can add in extra protein. I’m a protein junky! 😉

  3. I am a grocerieaholic too! My roommate makes fun of me because all of my food is in the fridge (fruits and veggies) and hers is all in the cabinets (processed stuff). I basically live in the produce section – I would go grocery shopping everyday if I could!

  4. Look at that full fridge!!! And your pancakes do so look good!

    I loved “The Notebook”. Hands dwon. 😉

  5. Your eats look delicious!! And I love the flowery bowl!

    Sigh… I love romantic movies. I think my current favorite is The Notebook.

  6. yum those pancakes look amazing–i really need to make some soon! i loove romantic movies…moulin rouge would have to be my favorite 🙂

  7. Your pancakes look amazing!

    I do like romantic movies! My favorite would have to be The Notebook!

    My favorite pudding flavor is chocolate with whipped cream but banana sounds really good after seeing your post!

  8. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    I love romantic movies! I don’t get to watch them very often, though…my boyfriend is not a big fan of them 🙂

    Sounds like you had a nice relaxing Sunday…perfect!

  9. Before Sunset and Before Sunrise are such great flicks…

    Romeo and Juliet is my fave romantic movie (with Leo and Clair) to the point that one of my tattoos is the symbol from the movie lol

    my fave pudding is Rice Pudding but only the one my mom makes =)

  10. mmm pancakes, I think I’m making those for dinner this week 🙂 Great grocery trip! I need to make your chia pudding it looks so yummy and I love pudding. I’m mostly a banana pudding fan with nilla wafers.
    I also enjoy romantic movies, but my other half not so much! I really liked the Notebook.

  11. DiningAndDishing

    My fave romantic movie is Bridget Jones’s Diary – adorable and sooo funny!!

    – Beth @

  12. I voted! All the recipes look and sound great! I’m so sorry I didn’t enter. I had an idea but totally ran out of time…

    I like vanilla pudding.

  13. littlemissminny

    I like chocolate pudding. Vanilla isn’t really for me, not plain. But with some added goodies, like banana or chocolate or cookies, yummy.
    I like Fountain and What dreams may come. They are not really typical romantic movies, but are definitely movies about love and soul mates

  14. I’m glad you liked the pancakes!

    I like Love, Actually. And I’m a vanilla + peanut butter person.

  15. ohhhh…i love pudding! chocolate is def my favorite, but i love all the fudgy ones too!

    and love the pancakes! you are rock’n those things!

  16. Chocolate pudding with Chai??? Yum! : )

  17. Yay for a restocked fridge!
    I’ve always had a thing for pistachio pudding–not sure why!

  18. I like some romantic movies. I don’t like watching movies that allow me to predict the ending accurately. That cuts out most romantic comedies 😉

  19. i love the before and after pictures! it feels so good when your fridge/cabinets are full doesn’t it? also do you get your almond butter at trader joes? i have been hearing alot about it on blogs but cant seem to find it!

  20. oh wow homemade that’s even better! how is it made if you dont mind me asking? i see that people use it on sandwiches and in oatmeal and stuff. id love to try just can not find anywhere. is it easy to make?

  21. awe thank you! I will def stay tuned!

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