There’s no thing as Mindless behavior!

I “mindlessly” woke up at 3AM :shock:, didn’t know what to do 🙄 Then “mindlessly” continued reading Mindless Eating . This is a fascinating book. Contrary to the title, nothing that we do is truly mindless! If you think you do, think again! I haven’t finished it yet, so just pointing out some fun/interesting things that I found so far:

  • The forgotten food: our stomach doesn’t record well what we put in there because outside signals are plenty and we tend to forget to listen to inner signals to stop eating.
  • Allie just mentioned this: the Costco effect. If you go to Costco, you’ll be forced to buy more (with the excuse to save $$). If you buy more, you tend eat more.
  • Size illusion: if you serve the same portion of food in a 12-inch plate or 8-inch plate, your satisfaction level will be completely different.
  • The “see-food” trap: if food is more visible to you (in a glass bowl instead of white bowl for example) you’ll eat more. Don’t tease your willpower. 👿
  • Family, friends and Fat: On average, if you eat with one other person, you’ll eat about 35% more than you otherwise would. If you eat with a group of seven or more, you’ll let 96% more. Eat alone or eat in group? If you tend to be a heavy eater, eat with a group. if you’re a lighter eater, eat alone.
  • We taste what we expect (told) to taste. If someone describes you the menu with detail and fancy names, you’ll savor it more than if you read in a plain menu.
  • Myths about comfort food. 1. Most comfort foods are indulgently unhealthy; 2. People tend to eat comfort foods when they’re sad, stressed or bored; 3. comfort food preferences become fixed when we are children.

Q1: Do you save the best for last or do you eat your favorite foods first?

Give me your answer and I tell you why. 😉

Productivity came back yesterday 😀 I hope it continues through the weekend! Yes, I’m becoming workaholic! 😆

Breakfast looks nasty but was yummy~ Green oatbran topped with the new secret chocolate pudding (recipe at the end)



No AM juice. I didn’t get hungry all morning and as Gina suggested, don’t force yourself to eat. 😉

Lunch came late (2PM) and was prepared in 25 min.

sauteed chinese mustard with garlic


stir-fry broccoli, tofu, dry shrimp and black fungus



New chocolate!


it was good, but not as good as Vivani Dark Chocolate with Espresso.

Dinner at 8PM. With a 90% empty fridge, lunch leftover and being late, I made this: Green tea soba noodle + lunch leftover + mushrooms + tons of sesame seeds




I got new Surprise in the mail

DSC09326.JPG DSC09328.JPG

Okay. The secret ingredient for the chocolate pudding was CHIA!!! Yey~~ did you guess it?


  • 1/3 chia gel
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 2 tbsp almond breeze
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder (you can use less if you don’t want it to be too bitter)
  • stevia
  • Blend all together and enjoy~ 🙂

Q2: Which “mindless” thing do you do?

Send me your BSI entry PLEASE!!! 😥


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15 responses to “There’s no thing as Mindless behavior!

  1. I think I need to read that book!!
    I mindlessly spend money… and I realllllly need to stop that!

  2. I used to frequently mindlessly eat when I was stressed. Now I try to be mindful of why I’m stressed and deal with it.

    I have an idea for the BSI, and I’ll REALLY try to get it done today and submit it. Don’t get mad if I don’t; things are a bit crazy…

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. I’m confused about some of the mindless eating principles:

    If you are a “heavy eater,” shouldn’t you eat alone so you’ll eat less? and if you are a lighter eater, should you eat with a group so you eat more?

    Also, are the comfort food myths really myths? They sound right to me. 🙂

    Umm, I want that dark chocolate bar!

  4. If you like THAT chocolate, then I must highly recommend my favorite brand (which I consume everyday):

  5. I need to get that book! 🙂 I mindlessly grocery shop. It’s like… I buy what I think looks good and then no one ever eats it. And I eat my favorite foods first, because I’m always going to eat what I like, so there isn’t going to be anything else other than my favorites! Does that make sense? ^^

  6. Oh, yeah, I’m confused about the eating with a group thing too… I agree with Emily.

  7. Glad you took my advice 🙂 But then you eventually got hungry, and everything was fine, no? I think there are times when I assume I should be hungry, so when I’m not hungry I think I should eat just because I SHOULD be hungry. That’s not the best way to approach the situation.

    I love your recap of the book! Why would heavier eaters want to eat in a group if people eat 96% more when they are with a group? I don’t understand that.

    I do save the best for last usually. Or I eat the hot food first, and leave the cold food for last. I like my hot food to stay hot, so I need to eat it faster!

  8. I have that book on my To Read List. It sounds very interesting. I am definitely a ‘save the best for last’ type of person. I wonder what that means?

  9. I definitely save the best for last, and sometimes I will skip everything and only eat what I’m craving (kabocha). I have always saved the best for last, even when I was little. What does it mean? I need to read this book; the professor is from Cornell 🙂

    You got my BSI entry right?

  10. i totally need to read that book! i think it would do me some good!

    and i eat my favs last…best for last they say!

  11. I like the little recap on Mindless behavior. I learned a lot from it. I really should get that book to learn more.

  12. Definitely a save the best for last kind of girl. I’m like that with everything though–I save my best reading material for last on my vacations, etc.

  13. I find it so interesting that we taste what we expect to taste. That adds a whole different dimension to trying something for the first time after I have seen it reviewed on a blog!

  14. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 I always eat my favorite foods first because I read somewhere that the first 3 bites are the most important…at least in terms of your taste buds being fresh!

    My mindless eating comes when I read blogs while eating. Sometimes I don’t even look down at my food. Oops. I’m working on not doing that but when I am at school and eating alone, it’s hard not to!

  15. That book sounds wonderful, I need to get my hands on it! Some of those interesting facts/ tid bits were truly quite interesting and I’d love to hear more. Usually they make so much sense, but it’s fun to read about them and be made fully aware, you know?

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