Week 50: Blogger Secret Ingredient is …….. cauliflower!

Thanks to Dawn @Healthy San Diago Living to pick me to host BSI contest this week. It was hard to pick up the ingredient because it’s week 50, most of common ingredients have already been picked up. But I’m glad that one of my favorite veggie cauliflower is still available to choose. ๐Ÿ˜†

To Participate: Everyone is welcome to participate! To participate, please submit recipes either: (1) by commenting on this post and leaving a link to your blog post (your post should link back to this post or to my blog), or (2) by emailing it to me at littlegirl1225@gmail.com

Deadline: 9PM EST on Sunday, October 4th. There will be a round-up of everyoneโ€™s posts on Monday, October 5th. The winner and next weekโ€™s host site will be announced along with the round-up. If you would like a chance to host, feel free to email me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are the hosts of the Blogger Secret Ingredient Challengeโ€ฆbe sure to check them out!

Week 49: Healthy San Diago Living โ€“ Chickpeas

Week 48: Thought 4 Food โ€“ Yogurt

Week 47: London Foodie In New York โ€“ Chocolate

Week 46: Johnstoneโ€™s Vin Blanc โ€“ Oats

Week 45: Guilty Kitchen โ€“ Figs

Week 44: Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet โ€“ Peanut Butter

Week 43: The Sophisticated Gourmet โ€“ Brown Sugar

Week 42: My Kitchen Addiction โ€“ Lime

Week 41: Nutmeg Nanny โ€“ Coffee

Week 40: Chayaโ€™s Comfy Cook โ€“ Broccoli

Week 39: Healthy Delicious โ€“ Plums

Week 38: Zoe โ€“ Feta
Week 37:
ChezWhat โ€“ Potatoes

Week 36: Cinnamon, Spice & Everything Nice โ€“ Blueberries
Week 35:
Girlichef โ€“ Greens
Week 34:
The Ungourmet โ€“ Watermelon
Week 33:
Bread + Butter โ€“ Bell Pepper
Week 32:
Burp and Slurp โ€“ Corn

Week 31: Say Yes to Salad โ€“ Kabocha

Week 30: Thinspired โ€“ Bananas

Week 29: To Be The Whole Package โ€“ Almonds

Week 28: Kristas Kravings โ€“ Lemon

Week 27: From French Fries To Flax Seeds โ€“ Coconut

Week 26: Plentiful Plants โ€“ Avocado

Week 25: Training Fuel โ€“ Eggs

Week 24: Dinner at Christinaโ€™s โ€“ Cabbage

Week 23: Hey Whatโ€™s for Dinner, Mom? โ€“ Strawberries
Week 22:
One Bite at a Time โ€“ Basil

Week 21: Just Sweet Enough โ€“ Black Beans

Week 20: What I Ate Yesterday โ€“ Kale
Week 19:
Whatโ€™s for Dinner โ€“ Orange

Week 18: BranAppetit! โ€“ Spinach

Week 17: Tales of Expansion โ€“ Dates

Week 16: Biggest Diabetic Loser โ€“ Zucchini

Week 15: Sweet & Natural โ€“ Peppermint

Week 14: bella eats [and runs] โ€“ Ginger
Week 13:
Coffee Talk โ€“ Walnuts

Week 12: For the Love of Oats โ€“ Pumpkin

Week 11: Trying to Heal โ€“ Sweet Potatoes

Week 10: The Inner Workings of a College Graduate โ€“ Eggplant

Week 9: Itzyโ€™s Kitchen โ€“ Pears

Week 8: The Fitnessista โ€“ Cranberries

Week 7: Tri to Cook โ€“ Lentils

Week 6: Rhodey Girl Tests โ€“ Polenta

Week 5: Eating Bender โ€“ Butternut Squash

Week 4: Care to Eat โ€“ Apples
Week 3:
On a Lobster Placemat โ€“ Mushrooms

Week 2: Hangry Pants โ€“ Tomatoes
Week 1:
sportsnutritionliving โ€“ Quinoa


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9 responses to “Week 50: Blogger Secret Ingredient is …….. cauliflower!

  1. CAULIFLOWER!!!?!? YES!! I might actually participate again… thanks for your kind comment my dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Okay, I have some ideas. I’ll definitely (finally) participate… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. WOW! Can’t believe the BSI is at week 50! Gotta go get my thinking cap on!

  4. Cauliflower is a great choice – I updated my BSI Rules page and added you to the list – thanks for hosting this week!

  5. YAY! I loooove cauliflower! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I just updated my post to link back! I had totally forgotten about the BSI ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Mmm! I love cauliflower, it’s one of my favorites. I contemplated it for my week, but ended up going w/ cabbage. Can’t wait to see all these recipes and try them out, too!

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