How readers affect your blog & favorite salmon recipe

The other day I talked with a blog friend about how readers affect our blog and I want to open this topic to all of you. I believe most of us began our blog to be a place to say our thoughts and just to entertain ourselves. When we have just few readers, the topics we address are mostly just concern to us. If we keep a food dairy, it’s mostly because it served just like a food dairy, for US! But as we gain more readers and read more other blogs, we might feel inclined to do certain things, talk certain topics, show certain pictures that you know you might catch more attention. I know I do, I know others do. I’m not saying that it’s bad, I just state a fact that I’m sure all of us are aware of. It’s hard to not worry about what other think. When hits goes below a number, I get worried, anxious and wondering why some readers stop reading my blog. But at the same time, I want my blog to be unique and do not have to follow any trend. How to balance that? How to keep the blog mostly for us and at the same time feel rewarded?

I had another productive day of work at home (so much more comfortable than my office). 7 hours seems to be the KEY number for me to balance work and good sleep! 😛

To use up my “failed” greek soy yogurt, I made a chocolate soy yogurt for breakfast.

Ingredients: yogurt + chia gel + cocoa powder + stevia

DSC09036.JPG DSC09037.JPG


It looks just like my beloved dairy free chocolate mousse


topped with 1/2 apple and dragon fruit


It’s really delicious!!! Love dessert like breakkie! 😆

the other 1/2 apple + Almond butter


Lunch was leftovers: purple salad and asian noodles


Dinner featured baked salmon! My favorite fish and favorite way to eat it. Here’s how:


  • salmon
  • soy sauce
  • cooking wine
  • ginger powder
  • black pepper
  • brown sugar
  • add in: garlic, mushrooms, onion rings, shitake.


  • Mix all seasoning together and brush the salmon,
  • Fold it in aluminum paper
  • Bake at 375 F for 15 min folded
  • Open the folding and bake for another 5 min

DSC09050.JPG DSC09051.JPG

DSC09052.JPG DSC09054.JPG

DSC09056.JPG DSC09059.JPG

Side was sauteed spinach, mushroom and chinese cabbage





That could be called a Comfort Food for me 🙂

Q: How readers have affected or influenced your blog?


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16 responses to “How readers affect your blog & favorite salmon recipe

  1. That breakfast looks soooo good! What blender do you have?

    Having readers can be good and bad. Sometimes I end up trying new things so that I can blog about it; other times I feel like I have to post a certain thing to keep them happy and reading. In general I love having readers and I love being able to expose them to new things.

  2. I’m very fortunate and grateful that the majority of my readers are positive, lovely people; but as you know, some of my readers are hateful and mean-spirited. So, I’ve had to become more explicit about my “intentions” on my blog in order to combat this.

  3. Oh, wow just look at that breakfast! Yum! The salmon looks pretty darn tasty as well.

    Fortunately, all of my blog readers are very positive. My thought on it is that the blog is mostly for me. I write because I enjoy it and I love to share my thoughts on food, exercise and healthy living. If other people think that it’s interesting, that’s great and if not.. I try not to let it get to me because that is not the reason why I started the blog in the first place.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  4. The salmon looks great! I have some salmon I need to cook… I think I’ll make it your way! 🙂

    Because of my readers I try to be clearer and take more pictures. (However, lately, my pictures have been not very good – and yes, that’s when I think of my readers…). I also love getting suggestions/comments/advice from my readers. But my blog is still mainly for me. For example, I always post my weekly meals on Tuesdays and that’s usually my least popular post of the week. But that’s okay. There have been many people who have commented and emailed me that they like seeing my weekly meals, but if overall readership is down, that’s fine…

  5. Your breakfeast looks sooooo good! I really have to try DragonFruit–never had it and everytime I see it I swear I’m going to pick some up. Actually I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it in the store. Hmm!

    I know what you mean. I really just started my blog for me as motivation to stay healthy and keep on the right track after I quit smoking. As the readers came I do feel more compelled to entertain…even though I don’t think I do a very good job! lol But it’s still for me and I’m very happy that I have people that read and are interested–I know I love reading all of your blogs!

  6. Great, creative way to use up the yogurt! And dragon fruit…must buy that again soon. The salmon looks pretty darn tasty.

    Although I do try to keep my blog interesting for others, it’s mostly an online journal for me and family members who live away and don’t see us often. To be honest, I don’t have a clue to check and see how many hits my site gets! Although I know that blogging is a part time (paying) job for some, it’s a fun hobby for me so I take it lightly!

  7. dragon fruit is so beautiful! i forgot about it. dude, that photo with the salmon and mushrooms made me salivate here at my desk. no lie. interesting subject on how readers affect us.. i did start my blog to stay accountable but now that i have friends and readers i will often link back to other blogs and stuff, which is fun to do, it is like one big hang out session! i am pretty shocked i have as many readers as i do because i don’t think my blog is anything more than just rambling and eating.. i don’t ever say anything very intellectual of though provoking and i don’t write up good advice.. i just type my day out and people come back to read it. i am still baffled about it!

    love you coco, cannot wait for foodbuzz fest!!!!!!!

  8. DiningAndDishing

    Interesting question! I feel like I’m always writing to the food blog world when I write and I’m always surprised when someone I know in “real life” is like, “oh yeah, I already know, I read your blog”. I forget about those readers!! Makes me a little more weary of the topics I choose to discuss. Sometimes it feels “safer” to write to people I don’t know!

    – Beth @

  9. Coco, I think your blog is so unique, I really do. You use so many ingredients that are new to me, and to many readers. You also create so many interesting dishes that I never wold have thought to create. I do know what you are saying, reading other blogs sometimes makes me feel intimidated because they are SO GOOD! But then I just remember that I’m not out to prove anything, I just want to share my knowledge and my experiences of life. I try not to get too caught up in it, and keep it as a hobby, rather than more of a “job”. KEep up the good work!

  10. I definitely agree with you that readers effect the content you post about sometimes. I think it challenges me to make my posts to include not just new food ideas, but also somehow share knowledge on food to benefit others – no matter if it’s restaurant reviews or products reviews, because sometimes i find myself looking for them before I buy a product or go to a restaurant.

    Ahhhh that breakfast chocolate mousse looks fantastic!! I always eat dragon fruit when i’m in Asia because its so cheap and so EVERYWHERE! Sadly…it’s expensive and hard to find in America! *sigh*

  11. Hi there, I found you b/c you found me-all talking about a similar topic- how funny!

    As you read in my post, I need to remind myself that it’s not a popularity contest and that I blog to feel helpful to myself and others. Ironically, the only people in “real life” who know about the blog are my family and my college roommate and one other guy. That’s it. My “real” friends have no idea. I’l keep it that way for now anyway.

    Thanks for the post.


  12. Yum! Chocolate for breakfast!

  13. I cannot believe that chocolate mousse was so easy to make!! What a great way to use chia seeds. I’m definitely trying that soon.

    The more I get into blogging the more I love it for the people I get to meet and interact with everyday. I love being able to write about my day and share all my food finds and thoughts with people that are actually interested! What I’ve learned from people’s past posts is that if you only blog for a certain number of hits, it can start to feel like work instead of fun and that would be tragic!

  14. For me, the effects have been mostly positive. They lift up my spirits, they make me excited to post a new post, they keep my creative juices going, they just are….WONDERFUL!!!
    The only bad thing is that I sometimes have no time to comment back and I feel really guilty…:-(

  15. My about me page kinda covers the answer to your question:

    I see nutrition as an ever-changing and incredibly exciting field filled with opportunities to make a difference and change the lives of others for the better.

    I blog because I’m fortunate to have learned so much about nutrition, and I hope that someone, somewhere will be able to benefit from the information I share.

  16. traveleatlove

    That salmon looks only gorgeous! I love my readers! I actually set out blogging to share my food and travel experiences so that others might benefit. . . in a lot of ways its a future career goal of mine. So while I will keep writing about my experiences, I am open to suggestions that my readers would like to read about.

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