Exciting NEWS & new yummies!

I’ve been holding this for almost a month until it was finally confirmed: My first blogger TRIP!!! I’m sure you guys remember when Kath was invited by Lipton Tea company to Kenya. I couldn’t believe that companies would do that. As Kath is such a celebrities in the blog world, if they want to invite someone, she would be the one (Coco? not a chance :(). But, I was so wrong!!! Because POM Wonderful invited me to their first Harvest Tour!!! I couldn’t believe it :shock:! It will be 3 days in their plant in CA. Isn’t it exciting??? I’m so excited!!!:mrgreen:

Jenny from POM sent me these goodies last week too. They kept surprising me!


I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. So review to come later!

And I got my Share Yourself package yesterday from Whole Body Love, hosted by Special K


She sent me some of her favorites! I’m sure I’ll like the chocolate and the tea. The others are new to me so I’ll review them later. πŸ˜€

Work was good yesterday despite of waking up at 4AM. 😯 yes, that’s what I’ve been trying to do all day long. Be alert and productive! I think I’ve accomplished them well. πŸ˜› And food was decent too!

Breakkie: English muffin with Smart Balance and preserve. (Gina, I’m liking this SM thing very much)

homemade greek yogurt + flax meal + preserve

DSC08868.JPG DSC08870.JPG

For lunch, since we were out of eatable foodΒ at home (empty fridge), I just made a quick warm salad with whatever I had and came up with a YUMMY concoction: steamed kale, broccoli, red cabbage, couscous, beets, olive, balsamic and brown sugar.


avocado has become a MUST ingredient for my salads

DSC08873.JPG DSC08874.JPG


Unexciting snacks

DSC08877.JPG DSC08880.JPG

Dinner was another creation using zucchini noodles. This time with tilapia.



Another BIG success!!! πŸ˜†


DSC08889.JPG DSC08891.JPG

and KABOCHA with cinnamon. Maggie has been experimenting with new toppings!


Q1: What’s your weekend plan? Our will be a lot of groceries shopping.

Q2: What do you think of companies sending samples or even sponsoring trips?

I’ll post Chocolate chips banana bread recipe tomorrow! πŸ™‚


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12 responses to “Exciting NEWS & new yummies!

  1. Wow, what an honor!! I am jealous, I wasn’t invited 😦 haha, no, I’m happy for you, that’s great! I think it’s smart of a company to sponsor a trip, and to send samples, it’s a great marketing strategy, really.

    I’m glad you are enjoying the Smart Balance. I am so in love with their margarines and other products.

    As for my weekend plans, I’ll be doing some grocery shopping like you, and then working on some “homework”, and maybe eating out and renting a movie tonight with Nick!

  2. I think your trip with POM is going to be fantastic! That is SO exciting!!!

    I personally love getting samples. I’ve tried some products that I normally wouldn’t have because of this. Too bad Canadian companies don’t offer up as much as the US ones. I hope we get there one day!

    My weekend plans are watching my daughter in her cross country meet and doing groceries.

  3. IM SO JEALOUS!!! I want to go on that trip SO BADLY! Have so much fun πŸ™‚ I love getting samples, though sometimes the pressure to like them is there… weekend plans? Not much!

  4. that is so exciting, i can’t wait to read all about it!! and your salad looks so colorful πŸ™‚ this weekend just plan to hang out and get work done for school (exciting i know!) i think sponsored trips are great–i want one! πŸ˜‰ enjoy your weekend!

  5. Exciting!! I’d love a sponsored trip.

    I think most blogger samples are good, but I don’t like it when companies try to promote something as healthy that isn’t. Like a lot of bars and stuff are packed full of chemicals, but they’re marketed as being healthy. I love real, whole food, honest samples.

  6. Congrats on your trip! So jealous but happy and excited for you.

    I like product sponsors, but I agree with the comment above mine about not promoting things that are chemical filled and not healthy.

  7. Wow! The trip sounds so exciting. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!

    Your salad looks wonderful; it makes me want to get some beets! The funny thing is that my mom used to make beets all the time (she grow tons of them in her garden) when I was growing up, and I really didn’t like them. Now I can’t get enough of them… πŸ˜‰

  8. Ohhh!! how exciting about the trip! that sounds really awesome!! I cant’ wait to read your review on it!

    and i think product reviews and such are good for both sides of the bargain..the blogger gets something new to try, while the company gets to get their name out there!

  9. WholeBodyLove

    The trip sounds like lots of fun! I’m glad you recieved the package! I hope you enjoy!

  10. Congrats on being invited on the tour!

  11. Ooooh that IS exciting news!! A trip to California is ALWAYS awesome, plus it’s perfect for someone liek you who loves to travel and see new things! Definitely try that POM juice and let us know if it tastes yummy. πŸ™‚

    I just read your post on The China Study. I started reading the book but never finished it because it got kind of long!! I do remember all the scary thigns about peanut butter though. Would you mind sharing some tips that you learned from the book?? πŸ˜€

  12. Menden (Skinny Menny)

    That is SO exciting! Awesome news!! πŸ˜€

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