Talk less, show more ^_^

Today I’ll talk less, show more. 🙂 I was in the mood of taking pics to the making-process of breakfast and dinner (those eaten at home).

No juice yesterday because we were out of produce 😦 So I made a GM using

DSC08793.JPG DSC08794.JPG

DSC08795.JPG DSC08797.JPG

Rest of the breakfast
DSC08798.JPG DSC08802.JPG

All together! A yummy combo! 😛

Work went WELL, actually GREAT. Why? Because I finally caught Carmen to discuss the progress of our paper that will be published in one of the top journal in our field! Isn’t it exciting? YEAH~~ I’m super EXCITED and HAPPY! All the effort and stress finally paid off! 😛

After we finished, it was 2PM and I haven’t had lunch yet. I was FAMISHED!!! If she hold me 5 min longer, I’d have to bite my arm! 😯

I didn’t bring lunch so I went to univ. Co-Op to get a sandwich which DELICIOUS. (maybe due to my extreme hunger;))


Oat bread, mustard, tofu spread and varieties of veggies.


The messy desk where I work and eat. 🙄


Dessert: decaf with soy milk and dark chocolate.

DSC08809.JPG DSC08810.JPG

I didn’t read the small prints, so it caught me by surprise how SPICY was! Unfortunately I didn’t like it at all. So, instead I munchied on my rescue snacks.

DSC08811.JPG DSC08812.JPG

Worked until 6PM and went home to have a quick snack (toasts with avocado and jam + Almond Milk) before going to the gym.

DSC08814.JPG DSC08815.JPG

Dinner time!!! Guess what I had? Obviously something related with “noodles” since I just got the spiralizer.

Ingredients: shrimp, steamed broccoli

DSC08816.JPG DSC08818.JPG

fresh blended tomato, zucchini noodles
DSC08820.JPG DSC08821.JPG

Preparation: cook tomato sauce with 1 tbsp olive oil, blanch zucchini (1 min on the boiling water)

DSC08824.JPG DSC08826.JPG

Add shrimp and broccoli, seasoned with salt, sugar, pepper and basil
DSC08827.JPG DSC08828.JPG





It was AMAZING!!! Seriously, I haven’t had such a great homemade meal for a long time! Top Chef Coco is back! 😆

Dessert was the expected KABOCHA, a very ripped one! 🙂


Question: When was your last Top-Chef meal?


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16 responses to “Talk less, show more ^_^

  1. Fabulous sandwich you picked up there!

    I’m still jealous of your spiralizer….that meal looks SO darn good!

    It’s been WAY too long since I pulled a Top Chef moment. I’ll have to get on the one real soon.

  2. Dinner look so delicious–all of your food does! Nice green smoothie, at least you were able to come up with something even though you were out of produce…looks like a good one!

  3. I love all the food pics! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing…

    Wow. The paper sounds very exciting!!! Congrats!!!

    I’m still jealous of your spiralizer… 😉

  4. YEAH good kabocha! My sister got me a spiralizer for my bday so I can’t wait to make this recipe.

    I’ve made some really good things this week – seafood salad, quinoa tabbouleh, roasted squash, and some other random things. Bobby has been very happy 🙂

  5. DiningAndDishing

    It has been too long since a Top Chef like meal for me! Yours looks really yummy! Perhaps this is just the inspiration I need!

    – Beth @

  6. I love all the pictures! everything looks delish!

    You cook the Shrimp in the sauce??? do they taste bland…that is one of my problems when I cook Shrimp, they barely absorb the taste of the flavoring I am using….

  7. Your dinner looks fab! I will be bookmarking this for when I start using my spiralizer!! Love your lunch sammy too. So many fun veggies!

  8. Dinner looks amazing 🙂 And, congrats on the paper being published!! That’s very exciting.

    My last “top chef” meal was in April (wow, long time ago, yikes). I posted about it and it was scallops with duck confit and dried cherries…SO DELICIOUS! Since then we have not had any “great” meals, is that pathetic or what?!

  9. ahhh you put my cooking to shame! Yay for top chef coco. 🙂 My favorite are your asian creations. hehehe You’re my inspiration girl! My last top chef meal was far too long ago. BOO.

    HEY! I never see you eat sandwiches! hahaha finally the first time, and it looks DELICIOUS. I’m curious as to whether your honey and avocado sandwich tastes sweet or savory…so interesting!

  10. Congrats on the published paper, that’s awesome! Call for celebration I’d say.

    Oat bread and tofu spread? Sounds like a mad delicious sammy to me! Mmmm! So does that dinner, zucchini pasta with shrimpies! I want it!

    My favourite part of all though? The KABOCHA! 🙂

  11. Your meals look amazing. Thanks for the step by step tutorial on your shrimp dish.

  12. seriously congrats on the article! that is huge!!!! 🙂

    last top chef would have to have been either last nights dinner or today in my food lab- we cooked crazy good stuff!

  13. Those zucchini noodles look so slick! I wish I were your parents so you could cook for me 🙂 Congrats on the paper being published!

  14. Dinner looks great. I love seafood, anything with shrimp is nice.

  15. I applaud you on that Green Monster. I really mean it. I have not yet elevated to your status. (still trying)

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