Family reunited & Stopping cravings!~

Hey lovely people! thanks for all your comments about my parents arrival and it was nice to know about relationships that you have with your parents. They’re really happy here, although with jet lag. My mom slept almost all day long yesterday and my Dad is sleeping now too. I guess they’ll need couples of days to adjust yet.

Today I want to talk about cravings. Everyone has cravings, to chocolates, to sugar, to fatty food. Mine particularly is to carbs…. especially whole wheat breads. During my 5 weeks stay in Argentina, I ate a pound or so of fresh baked bread everyday. They were delicious but I think it was just too much. Many times I wanted to cut it down but failed. My body craved it badly, like an addiction that can be relieved only feeding it more. I didn’t worry too much about it because I knew I had to take advantage of fresh bread while I was there, but I was afraid of continuing this addiction to carbs when I come back. Fortunately that didn’t happen. After just 2 days without it, my craving to carbs is “cured“. I don’t think about it anymore, when I’m hungry I don’t feel like having breads as I used to be. So, I wonder, why? What happened? And then I found this post. The main idea is the following:

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances of all. It’s not just “sweet stuff” sugar, but food that convert to sugar soon after you eat them like bread, pasta and starch vegetables. The reason that sugar has the extra additive is because it has to do with your beneficial intestinal flora versus the possibility of yeast developing. Yeast doesn’t just show up in the form of feminine yeast infections, it also shows up as a mucus in colds and other “side effects” such as poor digestion. The more sugar you eat, the more yo feed this yeast. If you suddenly stopping feeding the yeast by reducing your sugar intake, you can bet that the yeast is going to let you know it wants to you fed. That come in the form of cravings.”

It makes sense to me. Although it might sound too easy, but the way to cut cravings is just stop eating it! Just like a drug addict, the first few attempts will be hard. But then, the suffering will fade eventually. 😛

Do you have cravings? How do you deal with it?

Okay. Let’s do a quick recap of random eats (because my Mom slept all day!)

9AM juice
DSC08613.JPG DSC08615.JPG

11AM: coffee + green superfood



Although it was okay (tasty and crunchy) I still prefer much more the chocolate flavor one. If I had to rate this, I’ll give 3/5.

Morning munches also included this: spiced dry lemon (Mom brought it)

DSC08622.JPG DSC08624.JPG

Me trying to do some work while waiting my Mom to wake up for lunch
DSC08626.JPG DSC08628.JPG

oh… and I had this frozen strawberries too

2PM: late lunch. Salad made with celery, tomatoes and yellow peppers with Liquid Gold Exilir

Main dish: sauteed broccoli with black fungus and tofu, seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, brown sugar and sesame seeds.

served with brown rice

It was a great combo: raw and cooked, perfect way to incorporate more veggies for Mommy. 🙂I served twice
DSC08638.JPG DSC08640.JPG

After lunch, Mom went back to bed for a 3 hours nap. 😦 So I munched on these alone! 😉
DSC08643.JPG DSC08644.JPG

Grapes were too sweet for me, I didn’t finish it. After mom got up, we went to the airport to pick up my Dad. Dad looks great!!! He lost weight, looks younger and healthier. 😀 I’m so happy for him!Back home, I offered to cook again. Mom requested more japanese noodles so I obeyed 🙂

but I wanted something different, so I made a salad with steamed kale and seaweed

and scrambled egg made with 2 wholes eggs and 1/2 cup of shredded zucchini

Let me introduce the family! Sorry that they’re not properly dressed for the shot

Dessert 1: fake ice cream a la Erin, made with ice, chia gel, frozen banana, frozen strawberries and stevia. My parents were amazed!!! 😀

Later on, as we chat watching TV, I had a bowl of kabocha and some dark chocolate.
Day Night 1 of reunited family was fabulous and more to come! 😛


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13 responses to “Family reunited & Stopping cravings!~

  1. Aww cute pic of the parents! Your mom’s shirt is cute hehe.

    Cravings? Oh gosh, I get cravings for all KINDS of things. Different things at different times, but usually it’s for either carbs or sweets. I pretty much always end up indulging in the sweet craving. My willpower isn’t the greatest right now haha. You’re right though, it does get easier after the first few times of resistance!

  2. Love your parents! 😀

  3. Your parents are adorable!

  4. So glad you are enjoying the time with your parents!!! They are adorable, by the way. How do you make those japanese noodles? They look amazing!!! All of your food does – I want you to come cook for me!

    I always have cravings…sometimes it’s worse than others, but yeah, usually I crave something, be it bread, or sweets, or chicken, etc. They can be annoying, for sure!

  5. I love the picture of your parents!! I can’t decide if you look like your mom…I’ll have to check out some more pics.

    I’m not sure if I agree with the idea about sugar and yeast. In reality, the reason we crave carbs is because when we eat carbs, or sugar, our insulin goes up, which makes us hungry. Not to mention carbs make our body produce serotonin, which makes you feel all nice and good. So, the more carbs you eat, the hungrier you get, and the “Better” you feel (because of those serotonin). That’s my view.

    I crave ice cream, always. And chocolate. I also crave cheese and salty chips sometimes!

  6. oh, those japanese noodles looks great!

  7. YOUR PARENTS ARE SO CUTE! awe. woah, stellar info on the carb cravings. that is what i crave. BREAD and CEREAL are my two vices! thanks for posting that excerpt. something to think about! haha you are so cute when trying to work! hop you guys have a really fun weekend together 😀

  8. Your parents look GREAT!!! Don’t apologize for how they are dressed…they are comfortable and that’s all the matters!

    I wonder if the fact that the bread over on this side of the sea isn’t nearly as good, so you don’t want it as bad? Plus, you are not out to eat as much back home. Hmmm….

  9. I must make that ice cream 🙂

    Your parents are so cute! And quite thin, compared to most Americans 😛

  10. kim

    i also crave carbs in the late afternoon, so I try to mix it up with some protein to fill me up as well. I love sweet potatoes, so that might be an option in place of bread. Sometimes when there’s no whole grain bread around and just the white bread, I don’t fret too much about it and still eat it. It’s ok to include some not so healthy food in your diet.

    I still crave diet soda, but I limit myself as a treat.

  11. hmmm i definitely do have cravings…but i actually think that i have to have carbs at a meal in order to feel full both mentally and physically. If i only eat veggies and protein, I feel something is missing! When I get cravings, it’s usually that time of the month when i get my period. hahaha And when i’m BORED. 🙂 I also have cravings for Chinese food, but that happens all the time. hahahaha

  12. I do have cravings, but most of the time they’re for things that aren’t awful for me…like pretzels or a grilled cheese sandwich. Accordingly, I give in:)

  13. YAY! A glimpse of your parents…They are lovely, and look so adorable!
    Have you tried DAve’s Killer Bread? They motto is: Say no to Bread on Drugs!

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