A little girl with Mommy~~~

My mom is here with me!!! 😛 It’s sooooooo good to have her besides me. I’m not longer alone! 🙂 My dad is arriving tonight. The family will be reunited! :-P. I think people who can’t live with their parents close by tend to appreciate more the relationship. It’s in the human nature to what we don’t have instead of what we have. I used to be that way and still tend to be…… but I’m determinant to change that.

She didn’t arrive until 3.30PM so I spent my morning doing nothing, read a little, went to pedicure and final touches on organizing the apartment (first impression is so important :))

My appetite is still hiding with me. 😦

7AM: fiber one while checking blog. I have a confession (Maggie did yesterday): I have this habit of munching some fiber one first thing in the morning to get things moving if you know what I mean. 😉


10AM: peach + new book!


11 AM: toast + jam + tea in the mug that Michelle gave to me, isn’t it cute? I love it


12AM: my last chocolate superfood. Okay, it’s official, I think it’s one (if not the only) of my favorite bars! 🙂


And an unfortunate accident happened: my new coffee set plate is broken 😦


2.30PM: salad + avocado mixed with Liquid Gold Exilir = freshness + yumminess! 🙂


followed by this


After my mom arrived, we went directly to Bed & Beyond to get the juicer


Our first juice: kale + cucumber + 1/2 apple + ginger + lemon + celery + stevia



Mom’s review: mmmm…… It’s not that bad.. it’s drinkable! (I said inside of me: you’d better like it because you’ll going to drink it everyday ;))

Coco’s review: mmmmm….. Love it! So fresh! Love the fusion of ginger and lemon flavors.

And we load on veggies of course. My fridge was empty and now

DSC08609.JPG DSC08611.JPG

When we finish unpacking it’s about 8PM. So dinner had to be simple and quick. Japanese noodles was on the menu then

DSC08601.JPG DSC08603.JPG

It also has chinese pickles and bean sprouts

Simple and delicious~~~ Mom loved it! Mission complete! 🙂

She was having jet-lag so went to bed early (10PM) and I needed to have my bowl of kabocha


I don’t know what we’re going to do today, maybe more groceries shopping? 😉 And of course to pick up my Dad!

Question: How’s your relationship with your parents? Who are you more closed to? What do you do when you are together?

Don’t forget to enter Gina’s giveaway if you’re a nutrition nuts like me. 🙂


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25 responses to “A little girl with Mommy~~~

  1. Glad your mom is there and you two are enjoying your time so far together! Sounds like your parents will enjoy your delish and nutritious cooking.

    If you drink water first thing in the morning, that also helps. 🙂

    I’m close to both of my parents. I like talking with my dad and cooking and walking with my mom.

  2. Brandi

    yay, i’m so glad your mom got there safely! and how fun to make your first juice together 🙂

    that mug is super cute!

    i’m pretty close to both of my parents now, but it wasn’t always like that. I used to be a lot closer to my mom, but me and my dad have grown a lot closer in the past 10 years or so. I love them. We eat, talk, laugh, shop, watch football…anything and everything 🙂

  3. So sorry about the plate! 😦

    As you can see from my blog, I’m very close with my family/parents – love them!

  4. Sorry about the plate… 😦

    My parents live far, far away, but I try really hard to stay in touch and keep them updated on my life. And when they come to visit, I really appreciate them. However, when I was younger, there was a time when I didn’t appreciate them as much as I should have…

  5. i’m very close with both my parents– i definitely appreciate them more when i’m living further away. i love cooking and going for walks and just talking with them 🙂 have fun with your family!

  6. I’m close to both my parents! My mom is my closer friend, but my dad is my mentor and the person I respect the most in this entire world! 🙂

    Yay for mommies, and yay for using the cup i gave you. i’m sooo glad you like it. It’s very you!!

  7. I’m interested in your opinion of the book. While I thought it was good, it didn’t hold my attention very well. Maybe it was just the style of writing.

    Glad to hear you Mom made it safe and sound….and that she like the juice! 😉

    How did your plate break??? Oh, no! ;(

  8. I still live with my parents, but do still get on with them both. I’m slightly closer to my Mum main as we’re both female and do a lot of girly stuff together, but I am a Daddy’s girl too being an only child.

    I’m glad your enjoying your family time 🙂

  9. I am happy that you get to spend time with your mommy!! And I believe your right, when your parents don’t live close by.. you never take anything for granted. I only saw my family twice in two years. Now, that I live in the states again I get to see them more often but they still live on the other side of the country. Have fun with the fam girl! 🙂 xoxo

  10. hahaha “you better like it!” you crack me up girl! sad about the plate, it does look like something that can easily be glued, no? i hope so. so glad you get to hang with your parents! that is great. my mom is my very best friend!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway shout out!

    I’m so glad you are with your mom and she made it their safe. Great idea getting the juicer, as that will be an easier way for her (and you) to get in all of your fruits and vegetables for the day. Hopefully she enjoyed the drink 🙂 I need to get one of those.

    My relationship with my parents is really great. There was a point in my life when I wanted to move far far far away from them and talk with them maybe once a month…..but now that I am older and more mature, I can appreciate how lucky I am to have them in my life.

  12. Menden @ Skinny Menny

    Have fun with your mom! Yay for the new juicer! 🙂

  13. HAHA I need some of that Fiber one!
    Aww yay for hanging out with mom! 🙂 That’s awesome..I’ glad she kinda like the green drink!
    Aww and I’m sorry about your plate, it was so cute! 😦

  14. You should try the juice with a whole apple and a whole lemon – it’s a bit sweeter. Or you could make it the way you did, pour out a glass for you, and then add the rest of the apple and lemon for your mom. I usually add a little extra fruit to Bobby’s juice 🙂 That way she might enjoy it more!

    I never tried kale in a juice. Did it make it bitter?

  15. Hooray for the rents! That is a serious juicer – still can’t wrap my brain around the green monster!

    My dad passed away 10 years ago, but I think I was most like him, so tended to be closer to him.

    My mom lives an hour away from me, so we see each other all the time – grateful for that!

  16. Yay getting your mom to try all your healthy foods. Have a blast bonding with her. I made my mom a green monster once, she did not touch it. T_T

    I like to eat high fiber cereal in my Greek Yogurt too, not necessarily fiber one, just high fiber in general.

  17. crossbordercravings

    I’m super close with my parents – love them!! I’m actually headed home for a visit tomorrow and I can’t wait!! Have fun with yours!!

    – Beth @ http://www.CrossBorderCravings.com

  18. ooo your juice glasses look so adorable! looks like a fantastic mom day, it reminded me of how much I love my mom!

    What is kabocha?? is it like kombucha?

  19. hoooooray for your mama being there! Enjoy it! I am not sure where my friend Rachel got the plate??

  20. Have fun with your Mom!!! I love it when my mom comes to visit.

    I broke a plate today too…boo to that…

    So jealous of your juicer! I want one SO BADLY!

  21. yay for mama being there! wish mine were here too!

    and sorry about the plate…so pretty!

  22. Haha, I laughed out loud at the Fiber One comment!
    I am closer with my mom, as we are practically the same person, physically and emotionally!

  23. Awww, how nice that you get some mommy and me time 🙂 I would love that right now!
    Yay for your juicer!

  24. Aww yay for having the parentals around! It’s such a comforting feeling having family arrive and be around. I live with mine but I’d probably go a bit crazy without em!

    You have so much fresh produce in your fridge, that’s nuts! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a fully produce-stuffed fridge! No wonder you eat so healthy 🙂

  25. So glad your parents arrived safely!!! I know what you mean, it’s soo nice to see them when you live far away from them. You live extra far! You’ll have to let me know about that book, I really wanted to read that one too in all my spare time hehe
    Thanks for your kind words!

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