On flight recap

As I write this post, I’m flying back to US. Five weeks on semi-vacation seemed long ex-ante, but was short ex-post. I’m glad that I write a blog to record all what I’ve done and felt during this time, and to have a group of great and supportive “friends” who I can share almost everything. A short recap of what I’ve done during these 5 weeks:

  • Teach a mini-course
  • Tried several new workouts
  • Massage and manicure every friday
  • First two theater experiences in my life, which I didn’t like them at all, I’d rather watch a movie
  • Day SPA at hotel four seasons
  • Tango show
  • Foodie adventures: Bengal x 3, Agraz (Hotel Cesar Park) x 2, Hotel Four Seasons x2, Hotel Faena+Universe x 3, Rodizio, La Morena, Bice, Nucha x N.
  • Shopping: 2.5 workout clothes, 9 tees, 1 coffee set, 1 bowl/plate set, 8 mini glasses, 2 books, tons of chocolates, 3 shirts, jewelries (you’ll see them soon)
  • FABULOUS time with Star!!! This is by far the best part of this trip! 😛

I am a little sad, but not too much this time, because my parents are coming very soon and I have BIG plans for them! 🙂

Before I take the pill to try to sleep a little bit, I’ll post the last foodie adventure (today’s lunch) at BICE, one of the finest italian restaurant in Buenos Aires. It is also in New York and Milan. Their have great pasta and seafood.




Star captured my little sadness moment


But when I realized, I immediately changed to naughty face


We had as appetizer: grilled veggies



I had grilled fish with salad as entree


Star had a fish stew with seafood which was amazing!!! I had to steal several bites from his plate



For dessert we share the classic tiramisu



Tea with petit fours at the end



And the happy couple! 😀


Okay. 7 hours more! Wish me good luck to sleep a little. 🙂

Question: What do you feel when you travel back home from vacation?

Sleep attempt failed (edited at 2 am) 😦


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14 responses to “On flight recap

  1. Always love your travels 😀

  2. Great recap of your vacation! How exciting that your parents are coming soon, I bet you have great plans for them.
    When I leave vacation I have mixed emotions, like you. I am usually sad to have to get back to work or school, but at the same time I’m excited to be back on a normal schedule, which usually makes me feel better emotionally and physically.
    Your last meal looked amazing. I would have chosen what Star chose, fish stew! I love fish stew.

  3. your meals look amazing! welcome back to the U.S. Glad you had an amazing time, i loved reading about your travels!

  4. Have a safe trip back. Your recap really captures the fun you had on vacay (especially seeing Star!).

    I always feel a little sad coming back from vacation, but then I get super pumped to be back in a routine and am more motivated to work.

  5. SO glad you had a great time! love all the eats 🙂

  6. The grilled fish looks so good. I’ll miss all your Argentinian food, but can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for your parents!

    And….I’m eager to see the dishes you picked up!

    Hope the 7hrs went by quickly with you sound asleep! 😉

  7. Great little recap of your trip. Have a safe trip back.

  8. aw sorry you couldn’t sleep but I enjoyed your post!! That restaurant looks fantastic, especially the appetzier of veggies and dessert!

  9. awww, coco, so bittersweet coming back! trips like the one you just took are hard because you have enough time to really settle into a routine and actually have an amazing visit … and then you have to leave. makes me sad! i’m glad your parents are coming soon — that will be another fun visit and will help distract you. hope you got back safely!

  10. Awww I’m so glad to hear the trip went so well. You did so many cool things. Finishing up a trip is sad but at least you have something else to look forward to soon! And the awesome memories to look back on of course.

    Love the meal. The grilled veg and breadstick things there are calling out to me. Mmm!

  11. You’ve had a great 5 weeks! Post-vacation I feel sad it’s over and back to reality!

  12. Yummy grilled veggies! Hope you’ve made it home safe and sound by now.

  13. coco you are darling in those photos! you don’t look sad actually, more beautiful! love the tiramisu, that is my mom and my boyfriends fave dessert. yumm. sorry you had to leave your love 😦 xoxo

  14. What a great last vacation meal together- both the grilled veggies and the breads look awesome! I always feel overwhelmed coming back from vacation….too much to do! I hope you got some sleep

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