A complete day of eats for a foodie. ^_^

Last Sunday was another day filled by food adventures. Star suggested to go to theater, to watch a movie, to do shoppings. I wasn’t interested on any of them. Instead I asked him to just visit our favorites places to EAT, do our favorite activity WALK and CHAT! Yeah~~ Star obviously accepted my offer pleasantly.

Breakfast began at this very cute place called NUCHA. It has a big selection of cakes and chocolates. My favorite place to have breakfast.


Look Star’s capucchino


The complete view


This is my basket of toasts, coffee with milk, cream cheese and two kinds of homemade jams. And Star’s croissants with butter for spread.


A closer view of these amazing jams: raspberries jam and peach jam.


These chocolates filled with chocolates are courtesy of the place.


I had to “rape” one if them.


Then we went to walk on a park. Look what Star found!!!


yeah~~~ There were thousands of cardboard made figure of this famous woman in the park
Look how jealous was Coco


Everywhere… Such a stunning view.. isn’t it?


Then, we went to another of our favorite restaurant called La Morena… located in the middle of the river, literally, very romantic!


The bread basket with cream cheese spread: the key attraction for Coco. πŸ˜›


Look I happy I was


We order two appetizers and shared an entree
Star had sauteed shrimp with a cream sauce


I had the obvious: octopus marinated in olive oil and parsley


Our shared pasta entree: Triple Morena (three kinds of pasta in one dish). Each one of us got this:


Finally, the shared dessert: Triple mousse (chocolate, coffee and orange mouse)


view of the restaurant


More WALKING around the neighbor called Palermo Soho. Didn’t find anything interesting… but it was a nice walk for the digestion.
After a long nap for Star and a long talk for me and my friend Mara, we went for dinner. I wasn’t hungry at all, but none of us wanted to cook. So we went to a place near home for a quick dinner.



Star had morcillas (spinach blood sausage) and chorizos.


It’s gross, I know. I don’t like them at all, but most Argentineans like them a lot.
I instead had a steamed veggie plate, it’s called Panache de verduras.


That was all I crave after a day of too much food. Why restaurants food always look better? I should learn to display them this way at home too.
Such a great Sunday, isn’t it? I hope you guys also had a wonderful weekend. πŸ˜€


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10 responses to “A complete day of eats for a foodie. ^_^

  1. I can’t get over the cardboard cutouts. Hilarious!

    All of the food looks incredible. Restaurants really do do such a good job at displaying. Oh so fancy. Love the pastas, love all the CHOCOLATE. Wow!

  2. Wow! That restaurant on the river is such a fabulous idea! Food presentation is a big priority for me–it motivates me to eat those occasional boring foods:)

  3. wow that is so cool they have their name stamped into those discs. haha, uh oh, that lady might give you a run for your money, better watch out!! star looks like he is attracted to her!! i love the location of that restaurant, how amazing, i def want to visit argentina after all these cool spots you eat! that shrimp looks so succulent. mm. loves!

  4. Walking, chatting and eating are my 3 favorite activities! I wish you could see my mouth water every time I read your blog–seriously…I need to MOVE to Argentina!

  5. That cardboard cut out is too funny!

  6. I still can’t get over that capucchino! I would have been full from milk and chocolate just after that πŸ™‚ All of your foods look so tasty, and the restaurant on the water is very unique.
    I love the field of cardboard famous women, that’s too funny! I bet that was an interesting site to see.
    I hope the teaching is going well!

  7. That coffee of Star’s looks positively amazing! All the bread looks so soft and fresh. I bet cream cheese and jam are the perfect toppings for them.

    Why were all those carboard cutouts in the park? Were they promoting a film?

    Mmmm…LOVE octopus and the triple mousse looks heavenly. The veggies at the end look pretty darn good, too! πŸ˜‰

  8. My God! I am VERY jealous right now (did you read my post on comparing, seriously, I can’t help it! I had some Dr. Kracker Apple Crisps yesterday, and YOU PUT ME TO SHAME! WOW!) Seriously, check out my Share Yourself Challenge when you can…send me your address soon!

  9. Looks so wonderful! wow, that cappuccino is loaded! your dinner on the water looks so nice. I love all your eating adventures πŸ™‚ thanks for taking us along

  10. Oh my gosh…all of your food looks so amazingly delicious!!! Those little chocolates look like they are to-die-for.

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