More foodie adventures! ^_^

This weekend we were busy visiting our favorites restaurants. This one is called Rodizio and it has special meaning for me and Star. This is where we first met 8 years ago!!! It has a huge buffet with all kinds of food and one of the best steak in Buenos Aires.



Bread selection isn’t big but each one of these are delicious~~~

Cheese and ham selection!

Seafood section.

A classic appetizer: Empanadas

Filling: meat, onions and boiled eggs

warm bread with cream cheese spread

My plate: squid

Endivie with salmon ceviche

smoked salmon

All together and some veggies

Second plate: greens topped with more of my favorites

Pork: Super tender!!!

Post-“masacre” . Shame on me! 😉

One of Star’s friend’s dessert: apple tart with ice cream

Another friend’s: almendrado (almond ice cream)

Star’s: tiramisu

Mine: chocolate mousse

Can you see the waiter carrying the steak? Yeah~ that’s how it works. Waiters carry around different cut of steaks and you can have as much as you want.

Look the view that I had while I enjoy the meal~

Okay. That’s all for today, you foodies!! 😛 Tomorrow, I’ll have more for you!!! It’s Sunday night, enjoy last few hours of the weekend with your family or significant other! 😀 I’ll do my part!


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14 responses to “More foodie adventures! ^_^

  1. WOWZA so much great fare!

  2. Oh my gosh! That buffet looks aamazing! Especially all the cheese, yum!

    So interesting that the waiters carry the steak around. Sounds like a very unique and delish dining experience!

  3. oh man, I am drooling right now!! That looks like a food experience to me 🙂 Thanks for the blog re-design tips, I’ll be trying a few things to see if I should stay with blogspot or go to wordpress 🙂 Can’t believe it’s already sunday night

  4. Oooh….that empanada looks kick A. Actually, everything looks pretty good!

  5. Wow!
    I had no idea you met in Argentina!!! Were you studying there? Are you fluent in Spanish?

  6. Oh wow, yet another amazingly tantalizing restaurant! So that is where you met Star? That’s so neat. What a great place to meet someone, especially since it’s fun to be with someone who loves food (and healthy, good food) as much as you. That’s what I love about Nick. He loves food, but he loves eating healthy, wholesome food, but also fun treats too 🙂 The mousse looks like a dessert I would love!

  7. such a great looking restaurant!!! have a good night w/ star!!!

  8. how romantic 🙂 it is always fun to go back to places with significance. we have a place here called rodizio grill but it is nothing close to this!! amazing eats!

  9. I had those empanadas when I visited my Argentinean friend in Boston last week! Aren’t they amazing?? You are making me drool every day.

  10. You always find the best bread!

  11. OMG! Ok, usually I NEVER go to buffets (HATE them!) because the food quality sucks, but this one I will RUN to! The food actually looks really really gooood!

  12. enjoy the rest of your weekend too 🙂 love the eats. you and star have good taste.

  13. what amazing picture quality!?!?! fantastic photos as well, i truly need some tiramisu or mouse for lunch now.

  14. Cheese and warm bread – nothing better! I’ll update my blogroll with your new link! 😀

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