Coffee culture in Buenos Aires :-)

One thing that I like about BA is that Buenos Aires is a city of cafes. People likes to spend a good amount of time drinking coffee, chatting with friends, relaxing alone, business meetings, a continental breakfast with newspaper/magazine reading on weekends or just to get that caffeine fix. Here when you want to meet with a friend, the invitation would be: Do you want to have a coffee? Due to the importance of cafes in Buenos Aires,Β there are literally hundreds of great cafes all across the city. We don’t have starbucks style of coffee shop that you purchase the coffee and leave, everyone spend at least 30-60 min at the cafes. This is an european life style, but even in Europe, cafes are not as popular as in Argentina. I guess, Argentineans like to meet and chat with friends more than anywhere else. πŸ˜‰

As argentinian by choice, I’ve been meeting with friends and drinking coffee. Litardo was my classmates 7 years ago and we haven’t met each other during these years. I’m glad we finally arranged a coffee and had a good chat.


Breakfast at cafes are my favorite things to do in Buenos Aires. I love fresh toasted breads with cream cheese and jams, fresh brewed cafe con leche, and a good company of course! πŸ˜‰


Look these menus…. I’m glad I have 5 weeks 4 weeks more to try all these combos.


Besides breakfast, I’ve been visiting new restaurants with friends too. This place is called Marcelo, in puerto madero, Β has GIGANTIC entrees. Presentation and service were very good, but as I have a very exquisite taste for restaurant food, I’ll only give 7.5/10 for the food.

pizza bread

pizza bread

Bread basket

Bread basket

Appetizer: baked malfati

Appetizer: baked malfati

My entree: look the size of this meal

My entree: look the size of this meal

a closer look: spinach style of baked fish with veggies and potato

a closer look: spinach style of baked fish with veggies and potato

Few more days until I begin to work on my research! I think a week off is enough for me to “crave” back to work! ^_^ Of course, working in here is much easier having a lady who comes everyday to do house work, plenty of restaurants and cafes to feed me (so no cooking at all), and Star to play with me at night and weekends! πŸ™‚

Question: Do you crave to work and back to your routine when you’re on vacation?



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21 responses to “Coffee culture in Buenos Aires :-)

  1. oooh coco, i think i really really really like the argentinian lifestyle!!! i would not mind having leisurely cafe breakfasts every day. your little cream cheesed and jammed bread looks delicious. keep enjoying all of that fresh bread while you can πŸ™‚
    (p.s. i get super bored shopping, too — it’s always more of a chore than anything else.)

  2. WOW! I love cafes… I’m moving to Argentina πŸ™‚
    I’ve been on vacation for a long time… I really like a routine so when my vacation is longer than a few days I do want to go back to work

  3. ahhah YESSS coco yes!! I DO miss work when I’m on vacation…at the very end though, not at the beginning. Don’t worry I think that’s normal!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of the menu. i totally see how why you would want to try all the latte’s and drinks. How do they get all the layers in to the glass??? It looks both crazy AND fantastic at the same time. πŸ™‚

  4. dang i could just eat that menu. and that last app and entree both look sooo delectable! makes me want to take a trip. i love seeing food from other parts of the world! have a great weekend xo

  5. keri410

    Yea, I can’t be stagnant for too long, or I definitely get bored!

    That cafe and food looks incredible… but like you said, looks can be deceiving. I LOVE the european lifestyle! They just know how to take it easy! I think the US can learn a lot from the S. American and European way of life. You’ll definitely have to let us know what more you try before you leave!

    p.s where are you from? Are you originally from a s. american country? where all have you lived?

    I could probably find that somehwere in an about me page, but I’m too rushed to look right now!

  6. Looks and sounds like you had such a nice time at the cafe! what a nice culture lesson, too πŸ™‚ I really don’t ever crave going back to work when I’m on vacation, though πŸ˜›

  7. When I took Spanish for five years we would often talk about the South American culture and their cafes/food. All of your pictures remind me of my textbooks, because they talked about all of those foods! Your pictures look much better though, and I can’t believe all of those coffee choices! They all look so fresh and delicious.

    I always miss home when I’m away, and miss my normal routine. I try not to think about it when I’m gone, but when I return I’m usually pretty happy to get back to my daily routine πŸ™‚

  8. Polly

    Just stumbled across your blog a few days ago and love it! Your making me want to travel!!!
    Your very lucky πŸ™‚

  9. Yay for wordpress! πŸ™‚

    I love cafes. Nothing beats a great coffee, some sweets, and hours of conversation with a close pal. The food looks delish btw.

    As for whether or not I crave routines, I don’t necessarily crave the commitments and pressure but I do crave how productive I am when I’m in a routine!


  10. your blog is simply amazing. all of your food pics are great. i just discovered your blog and i am going to continue following it! check out my new blog i just made.

  11. Wow. I will fit VERY WELL there. I love hanging out in cafes with a cup of coffee!
    and yes, I do crave a bit of work and busy-ness in my life when I am in vacation.

  12. I love that extended coffee meet ups are the norm- I would LOVE that. How awesome is that pizza bread (YUM!). I do crave routine when I’m on vacation but I know its so good to get off of it and just RELAX

  13. I agree with everyone else … that sounds very relaxing!! : )

  14. lookingforserenity

    that food looks really really good πŸ™‚

  15. sol

    hI,love u blog!recently found it…where r u from?where do u live live right now?Im from Buenos Aires!

  16. I love the sounds of that lifestyle. I think coffee and a chat is a lovely way to interact.
    I also must say, I LOVE that menu. Everything looks mouthwatering.

    I don’t know about craving going back to work persay but I know sometimes I crave going back to school after a long summer holiday. I guess it really depends how the holiday is going though.

  17. WOW! Those coffees look fabulous! Hope you get to try most of them.

    I usually look forward to the routine that work brings when I’m off, but this year I don’t want my vacation to end!

  18. broccolihut

    Yes, I am most definitely a creature of habit, so I usually look forward to my routines!
    I am drooling over all those delicious breads!

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  20. Buenos Aires looks fantastic. I’d love to vacation there someday! I’m finally catching up on all your blog entries. For some reason, my Google reader hasn’t been picking up your new site. 😦

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