Minor “depression” and carbs loading

What’s my vacation mode? Sleep 9 hours per day, go to hair salon, manicure, pedicure, spa, shopping, gym, rambling, MUNCHING CONSTANTLY during the day and play with Star at night. But not everything is perfect, yesterday I had a minor “depression”, but only momentarily. Where it came from? Well, first of all boredom I guess. I did everything I wanted to do in term of “glowing” and didn’t know what else to do. Star has to work so I was by myself. I went out for some walking and shopping.. but nothing attracted me, I didn’t even bother to enter to the stores. Shopping bores me. I don’t know how I became so uninterested on shopping? Isn’t the case that every girl loves shopping? Well… aparently I don’t. Two possible explanations:

1) when you can have everything you want, you just lose interested on them. Humans tend to want what they can not have. It’s not that there’s nothing else in the world that I want… but  I would say that I want most is not material anymore, material goods can not satisfy me anymore, they can not make me happier (note: happier, not happy).

2)  I already have everything I want in life, so I don’t crave anything else.

Both explanations sound good, right?  Am I exposing too much my happiness here???? I don’t mean to over-saying it to make you jealous…. I just think it’s good to write down our feelings when we’re happy. I used to write only when I’m sad or depressed and when I go back to my dairy, I can’t believe that there are only few happy moments in my life that were written down.

Back to my minor depression. As I was walking alone in the crowded street… I felt lonely. I didn’t feel that when I was traveling alone to NYC and Chicago. I know it’s because Buenos Aires is my home and Star is here, not having him close by even though he’s physically close made me miss him more. I went back home and watched TV alone and mad at myself (you’re supposed to be enjoying this, and instead, you’re feeling low!!! ) How to kick someone out of the low mode? Endorphin! That I did. I went to the gym for a Fight-Do class, which was sooooo fun and I was totally sweat after an hour! Revitalized and positive again! ^_^

What I’ve been munching??? Nothing exciting but what I love most about Buenos Aires: fresh baked bread!!! Yeah~~~ I think I’m eating 1-2 pounds of bread everyday!!! WAy too much!!! I know I know!!! It’s not good to have too much carbs, it’s fattening, it’s bad for the digestive sysmte, etc etc. You know what? WHATEVER!!! I don’t care!!! I just loveeeeee them!!! In <5 weeks, I won’t be able to eat them again! So, as long as I am here, I plan to keep munching on BREADS!!!

My favorite: Pan de mesa

My favorite: Pan de mesa

My favorite craker: WW with sesame and flax seeds

My favorite craker: WW with sesame and flax seeds

One package in one sitting! A No No but it was soooo good!!!

One package in one sitting! A No No but it was soooo good!!!

My favorite vegan meal: The Balanced Plate

My favorite vegan meal: The Balanced Plate

Making Green Monster: yogurt + steamed spinach and a revitalizing mix

Making Green Monster: yogurt + steamed spinach and a revitalizing mix

Revitalizing mix: sesame, flax, sunflower seeds and wheat germ

Revitalizing mix: sesame, flax, sunflower seeds and wheat germ

A healthy snack to balance my overdose of carbs

A healthy snack to balance my overdose of carbs

chocolates everywhere!

chocolates everywhere!

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

Few days more of this relaxing mode. I will go back to my working mode next week. My plan is to work during the day on research Monday to Friday and play with Star at night and weekends. Hope I can be as productive as my last visit in BA.

Question: When was the last time you throw all your healthy habits out of the window? And what’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?


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13 responses to “Minor “depression” and carbs loading

  1. Sorry you are feeling down. Enjoy your time there and I love your attitude about the bread. haha I threw my healthy habits out the window this past weekend but only for about 24 hrs. It was totally worth it too. My favorite thing to do on vaca is visits stores and restaurants that are unlike the ones back home. I love trying new healthy foods and browsing stores 🙂


  2. Good for you for analyzing your feelings, and then acting on them (exercising)! I know what you mean though, about having all that you want, and not really feeling the need/desire to work for/buy anything else. But that’s why we have goals, right? I guess it’s hard when you are on vacation, to come up with a goal, especially since you’d already done what you wanted to do, but exercising was a great solution. And it’s ok to go carb crazy on occasion, I have those days too. It’s normal, just get back to your normal routine tomorrow, or whenever your body is ready!

  3. sorry about the temporary depression, glad you worked your way out of it. i can see why you would get a little lonely with star at work~especially since you traveled so far to see him and he isnt able to hang with you 24/7. BUT those breads look fantastic as do the flowers, so pretty. last time i threw it all out the window was sunday at that food tasting event! yummm. xoxo

  4. keri410

    Just ran into your blog and wanted to say hi! I love carbs… and that is completely OK to eat up while in the midst of such amazing goodness! I do not look down on you in the least!

    I really admire the way you handled your “depressed” moment. You recognized it and then acted on it in a positive way to fix it. I hope that I can be like that more often.

    I can’t wait to get to know you better!

  5. I get what you’re saying about not being attracted to anything in the stores. I’m not a shopper, either. I figure new shoes or clothes are not going to keep me happy for long!

    I’m glad you found a way to release the sadness you were feeling. Maybe you just need a day or 2 to get into a routine.

    I probably wouldn’t have aten all the bread, but I know for sure that the pile of chocolate would be GONE!!!

  6. I think vacation is the perfect time to let loose.

    Enjoy your weeks there – they’re gonna go by quickly!

    I don’t really enjoy shopping either. But sometimes a new shirt will cheer me up a little 🙂

  7. I get minor depression too when I’m BORED with my life or I didn’t get to talk to anyone the whole day. It makes me super sad to feel like life is meaningless, so shopping doesn’t really fill that gap either. Maybe we’re the same! hehehe

    I love vacations, but I tend to eat fresher and more variety when I go on them…so it’s actually good for me! My favorite thing to do on vacation is to be with the people I love and explore new places!!

  8. love your thoughts behind material things and happiness. Hope the depression stays far far away!

    I wish I had chocolate nearby right now!! I guess I always throw my habits out the window- I mean I just live every moment and day with the intention of doing what I want the most. If I want cake, I have cake. I just usually want lots of healthy things so the not so healthy never really matter- I never feel like I need to throw caution to the wind so to say.

  9. I love your vacation mode! The bread all looks amazing, too!

    I don’t like shopping much either…

  10. Humans do tend to want what they can’t have. I am sure those beautiful flowers helped make your day!

  11. Coco, I know what you mean. Sometimes this melancholy hits with no reason at all.
    And I thought I was the only female in this world who finds shopping boring! We will get along very well 🙂
    My fav thing to do in vacation is eat. There are lots of interesting restaurants around! Too many good food, too little tummy space! Haha!

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