Over-excitement, yummy combo and teaser for Argentinian food.

Too much of anything is bad as we all know. And this time is over-excitement of going to Argentina tonight and the craziness before leaving. I just finished packing at 5 AM!!! Insane!

3 suitcases!
3 suitcases!

What heck I was thinking last night??? Okay. Rewind a little bit. Yesterday I had a lot of things to do at work (wrapping up everything basically) and had to meet with my advisor afterwork. I was exhausted when I arrived home and didn’t want to begin to pack (I’m going for 5 weeks so it wouldn’t be a 10 min packing). Over-excitement, work exhaustion translates to waking up at 3AM!!! Never mind! It’s not the first time and won’t be the last time, you, loyal reader know me already.  But the good news that adds to my trip excitement is that my advisor told me that the paper that I’m working with her will be submitted to one of the top journal of our field!!! Her words: “more exposure than that, you can’t get anywhere!” Yeah~~~~ Good effort eventually results in good reward!!! ^_^

I only have pics of my breakkie which are both yummy~~~

white light
yellow light

Which light do you prefer?

And this next combo is a REAL YUM~~ I am aware of its not so appetizing appeal, but it’s really good!!!

Key ingredient? Amazing Grass chocoate super food!

Oat bran, steamed broccoli and Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood
Oat bran, steamed broccoli and Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood

Finally, let me TEASE you with some pics the food that I’ll be having in Argentina.



Question: Are you last minute packer? What are the three items that you always pack?


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9 responses to “Over-excitement, yummy combo and teaser for Argentinian food.

  1. omg the food looks so epic! cant wait to see your adventure. and YES i am a last SECOND packer. i work well under pressure. HAVE FUN!!

  2. I’m obsessed with Amazing Grass! Great recipe idea!

  3. I prefer the yellow light, and I am NOT a packing procrastinator (in fact, I am never a procrastinator) but I always pack too much!

    Three things I always pack: Food, wallet, lipgloss, haha! Others, underwear, jeans, tennis shoes.

    HAVE FUN!!!

  4. 5 weeks! You must be SO very excited to go and see Star. I can’t wait to see all the food (and scenery) photos again.

    And I much prefer the white light!

    Happy travels…

  5. broccolihut

    I am so NOT a last-minute packer. I start a list of everything I need a week in advance. I always bring at least 3 pairs of shoes, emergency breakfast pack (instant oatmeal with nut butter packets and dried fruit), and a toothbrush!

  6. Oh my freaking Lord…is that GNOCCHI I seee?!!!! I hope you give that a try! I’ll be living vicariously through you!
    And I am a last-minute packer…I HATE packing!

  7. – White Light
    – I pack a week in advance
    – I always pack workout clothes, running shoes, and ear plugs- just in case 🙂

    Enjoy the trip!

  8. I used to be a last minute packer but ever since this whole mom/married thing I have become much more responsible and pack early. 3 must pack item?? Shaver, makeup, undies!!! Wouldn’t I look great if those were the only things I packed? hahah!! The food looks great so far!! What a great presentation they have.


  9. coco, i’ve just been catching up on your posts (can you tell i’m procrastinating writing my final paper??!), and now i’m soooooo jealous of your argentinian trip. i hope you’re having a wonderful time and getting all your important visits in (esp with your Star)!

    (also, i prefer the white light. and i always pack my contact lenses, emergency snacks/meals, and underwear … and usually too many shoes … at the last minute!)

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