More juicing and juicer info!

As I kept reading about juicing and I think I did a proper “research” on it, I’d like to share with you (in case that you’re curious about it or wanted to try it, I hope it saves you sometimes)

Often, by cooking and processing foods, the sensitive micro-nutrients found in fresh foods are destroyed. By eating a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables and getting the essential micro-nutrients needed in your diet, you can live a healthier, happier, more productive life and reduce the chances of getting many diseases.

Ideally, the body requires one pound of vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight. The problem is that eating raw fruit and vegetables in such large doses can be very difficult. By eating a lot of the same fruits or vegetables, you are not getting enough of a mixture of the fruits and vegetables needed. Having too much of the same food too often can also increase the chance of becoming allergic to it.

Another benefit of juicing is that it makes foods easier for us to digest, so nutrients can be used by the body quicker than if they were just eaten.

Juicing not only allows our bodies to have many more fruits and vegetables that it normally would on any given day, but eating them raw may increase our overall energy as well. By adding dark leafy greens to your juice you are adding chlorophyll to your diet, which natural detoxifies and may help purify and rebuild our blood cells, which in turn, may help remove cancerous cells.

Raw veggies contain a naturally high level of alkaline, which balances out the body and ensures it does not become overly acidic. Most common ailments that take place in the body are the result of an overly acidic environment. Thus, people that juice get sick less often!

More information can be found in here

Okay. Next step is to choose a juicer to begin this fun journey! I found is one the best “candidate” because it has good reviews, easy to use and affordable.

The Breville JE95XL juicer: operates with an incredible 850 watts of power. This powerful juicer is capable of juicing an eight ounce glass in only five seconds.The Breville Juicer has a two-speed electric control, an extra large chute for juicing whole vegetables and fruits and all of the parts are dishwasher safe except for the motor. The quality of the juicer is backed by a one-year warranty. The only thing the user has to do is wash the fruits and vegetables and then put them into the chute. This saves countless time. The only negative feedback anyone said was that when using large vegetables or fruit the juicer needs a few minutes of rest in-between. A product that is affordable, easy to use, easy to assembly, easy to clean-up and very powerful is at the top of everyone’s wish list.

Retail price is 149.99. But I think amazon has a better deal and also you can sign up in Bed and Beyond and get the 20% coupon for first time customer.

Finally. Few pics of yesterday’s eats. I finally confirmed that I don’t have a sweet tooth. Let me explain: I’m leaving this Friday and  I bought one
gigantic watermelon and cantaloupe melon last weekend (what heck I was thinking???), it’s wednesday and I still had 1/2 watermelon and the cantaloupe
melon. So, my mission yesterday was to consume as much as I can.

Breakfast: GM and a bowl of raspberries and melon

Breakfast: GM and a bowl of raspberries and melon

Ingredients to my GM: Amazing Grass chocolate and chia seeds

Ingredients to my GM: Amazing Grass chocolate and chia seeds

I must say this chocolate flavor is my favorite !!! So chocolate!!!

I packed 1/2 watermelon and 1/2 cantaloupe melon as snack and they were SUPER for someone who has sweet tooth, but for me it was way too sweet!!!! I kept drinking water to keep eating. I ate them all, but certainly didn’t enjoy the process. How did I changed!!!  I used to love sweets!!!
It's a big melon!

It's a big melon!

Dinner was in the mission to “eliminate” veggies that I over-bought.

Warm salad: bed of greens beneath, sauteed mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes with sesame oil, topped with 2 boiled eggs.

Warm salad: bed of greens beneath, sauteed mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes with sesame oil, topped with 2 boiled eggs.

And kale chips

And kale chips

Desserts: KABOCHA and dark chocolate waited 2 hours after dinner and bloating free AGAIN!!!
Okay. that’s all for today! I’m going to do some yoga with Dave Farmer now! 🙂
Question: Do you always do research before you try something new? Where?


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6 responses to “More juicing and juicer info!

  1. I’m so glad to hear the bloating has subsided.

    As for the sweet tooth, I probably wouldn’t like a REALLY sweet watermelon either, however I have a REALLY BAD sweet tooth! I think I’d rather get my sugar from ice crema and candy, rather than fruit, ya know? When I eat fruit I like it to be somewhat sweet, but if it’s too sweet I feel like it’s more of a dessert, and unless I’m actually eating it for dessert, I’d rather not eat it if it’s gonna taste so incredibly sweet! Does that make sense? Haha, probably not.

    As for research before I buy things, yes, I do. I think it’s smart to do a little research before spending your money on something. Especially in these times when you need to make sure your spend your money extra wisely! Good luck with the juicer search 🙂

  2. I love any melon in the summertime! Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it.

    I will research a high cost purchase to be sure I know what I’m getting into, but generally I don’t worry too much abou it…

  3. lesouefsbrouilles

    a pound of veggies for every 50 lbs?! wow no wonder americans really don’t get enough veggies! that’s alot!

  4. I feel like I eat my weight in fruits and veggies every day 🙂 All these fresh summer melons are def helping me reach that goal too- yum! Good luck with the packing

  5. broccolihut

    I would gladly take some of that watermelon off your hands, if I could!
    I am a total researcher, especially when it involves making a purchase. For those cases when I am buying a product, I hit up Consumer Reports for unbiased reviews.

  6. Girl in my house those melons would have been polished off in about 2 days tops!!! Pretty cool you don’t have a sweet tooth though. I wish that was my case. I can give you some of mine. I am sure I have enough for both of us!! Thanks for the juicing info. Ya, I pretty much research any new of big thing I bring into my life. With Google around its almost impossible not to 🙂


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