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How was yout hump day? Mine was moody~~

Yeah~~~ I celebrated the hump day with 7 hrs of work, began my day with 45min power vinyasa #1, went to spin class at 5pm and was on bed at 9pm. I think taking a break in the middle of the week is really useful to recharge energy, since my weekend won’t begin until Saturday night!
But I had mood swing yesterday (I invented a new word “moody” for it ^_^) First, I woke up at 5am with a terrible nightmare (a annoying guy chasing me around). Then, the day went through well with good work. After then spin class I felt wonderful. And finally after dinner…I felt very very low! I don’t know how someone can have such big emotional swing in a day??????
Anyway, let’s recap on eats. Breakfast was AGAIN 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, vanilla/cinnamon, GYG and 1/2 cup strawberries yogurt.It was a huge, cute, yummy bowl~~~
AM snack was two of these goji chocolate muffinsLunch came late again (I should cut back on munching on muffins) at 1.30pm. I had leftover chili, 1/2 baked red peppers and snake fish.Not a big deal but I got my belly happy and all nutrients for the day.
After lunch, my digestion time came with 3 minis and blog readings! Love Maggie‘s new template! ^_^
This is how I sit when I’m tired of work 🙂
PM snack before the spin class: Tj’s pop seeds bread with BB. (I was hungry at all at 4.30pm, but as I know I’d burn some extra cal, I’d better add some in).
Back home before dinner I could help to munchies on this gigantic orange!It was so sweet and juicy! I devoured it in Dinner: my new fav veggie: lotus, stir-fried with broccoli and some chicken flavored textured soy protein sauteed bok choy with mushrooms black rice porridge and some kabocha. STUFFED!!! Dessert was two bowls of Fage 2% with cinnamon. BLOATED!!! Does anyone have this problem too? I get really bloated after having fage. It does not happen with other kind of yogurt though.
Okay. Michelle @luckytastebuds has awarded me a creative blogger award! So, I’ll pass it to these lovely ladies
Gina @The fitnessita
Megan @Megan’s Munchies
Kristie @lighterportions
Julz @Simple and Divine
Tiffie @Miss Tiffie MUNCHES

I began to watch Lipstic Jungle series. Has anyone watched it? I’m a big fan of Sex and the City, so I guess I’ll like it too.

Question: What’s your favorite girly TV series and why?



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Crazy day~~ work overload and cake overload! And award!

Thanks for all the touching words and supports you gave me yesterday! They made me feel cared and loved by all you guys. I thing I’ve noticed from your answer to my question about how do you know he’s The one is that You Just Know! There’s not any countable reason, but You just know it, everything just feel right, everything from him is just perfect for you (although he might not be perfect, but perfect to match you). But thanks thanks thanks, I really appreciate it!!

Yesterday was a crazy day of work… 11 hours!!! grrrrrrr………. and overload of cake because yesterday was my fav girlfriend Qiao’s birthday!~ It was a intimated birthday party: just she and me! ^_^ I feel so honored to be the only guest! She’s soooo funny and adorable! I like her! 😀Woke up early again at 5 am, but it was good because I had time to do 60 min power vinyasa #1 and read blogs before heading to office and start work at 8.30am.
Before going to AM snack let me know you my breakfast made with 1/2 cup mix of oat bran and oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 tiny pear chopped, GYG and Peanut & Co. Smooth operator. Looks how cute is this pear, it adds the perfect sweetness!Delicioso!!!
okay. Now, AM snack: the so unexpected goji berries choc muffin!I had second right after this one.More work and another late meh lunch (1.30pm): sauteed green with mushrooms, baked salmon (it exploded in the microwave) and rice.Dessert was Mundies! ^_^ (love these)
Working working!!! PM snack came to give me a break: apple!It didn’t full me but I didn’t want to ruin my appetite again for dinner.
Okay. left office at 6.30pm to go to Qiao’s home. She made us noodles (a chinese tradition to have noodles on birthdays, because it means longevity), steamed glutinous rice filled with chicken, sauteed sprouts (my leftovers).She was so nice to omit the spicy chili for me because last year I mouth was on Fire! It was delicious everything. And finally, the cake!A huge one!!! Obviously we didn’t eat the entire cake, but many many large bites!
More dessert: ice cream filled in a real pineapple!!! have u guys ever seen this before? I haven’t and it was sooo cute!
After dinner, I had to work for two more hours and that summed up to 11 hours of work!!! oh…man…. my head almost exploded!!!

Michelle @luckytastebuds, a beautiful, funny and adorable girl, has awarded me a creative blogger award! Thank you so much!!!I’ll pick up 5 people later to pass the award.

oh.. lastly, don’t forget to participate Mara’s giveaway!

Question: do you like a girlfriend that you like a lot? What do you like about her?


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Missing my Star~~

Yesterday afternoon I began to terribly miss my Star (bf’s name)… all days we spent together during my last trip in China came to my mind… although we didn’t do anything special, well, yes, we spent few days in one of the best hotel in Shanghai (Hyatt). But what I most enjoyed were days that we stayed at home together doing Nothing. They were warm, calm and happy moments. Things that you married people are having everyday with your hubby is what I miss most: doing groceries together, watching TV together, cook together, dinner together. They’re the most normal things in daily life, but I crave it terribly!!! oh…. God!!! How much happiness am I giving up doing this Ph.D?
Sorry, I know I’m not being myself…. I just need to take out what’s inside me and there’s no better place to do than here. Okay. let me end up this talk with a lovely photo of me and my hubby!!!now, back to yesterday’ eats. Breakfast was another bowl of oat bran, 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/2 cup almond milk, 2 tbsp egg white, vanilla/cinnamon and 1/2 cup frozen blueberries.It was delicious!
Started working at 9am and had a break to have snack. Guess what I had? Mundies and goji chocolate muffins.They taste even better today!!!
Lunch came late (1.30pm): eel cooked with green onions, ginger and soy sauce. (I had to look on the dictionary to find its name).Sauteed bok choy and soy bean sprouts.Together with rice.Eel is a snake fish that is daily eats in China, I had it during my last trip and liked it. And as it’s a very good source of nutrients and iron, I will have it more often.
Worked more and had snack late (6pm): a small fuji apple, AB and TrueDelight bar.Obviously the big and late snack ruined my appetite for dinner, so something simple: sauteed chinese mustard, sauteed sprouts, 1/2 steamed corn and small bowl of black rice porridge.And lastly, 1/4 cup of fage with cinnamon.Then, I went to bed and continued missing my hubby! That was an emotional day!

Question: Have you found The One? How did you know that he is The One?


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