Vegetarian lasagna

Ingredients for 6 portions

  1. 6 sheets of lasagna pasta
  2. 2 small zucchinis sliced
  3. 1 medium eggplant sliced
  4. 1 can tomatoes
  5. 2 tbsp tomato paste
  6. 2 tbsp oil
  7. 1 medium onion chopped
  8. 2 tbsp wheat bran
  9. fresh parsley and basil
  10. part skim Parmesan cheese
  11. 1/4 c. nutritional yeast
  12. S+P

Prepare the tomato sauce: cook chopped onions to the oil and cook until brown. 5 min. Add 4, 5 and simmer for 20 min. Add 8 and 9 and seasoned. Cool it down for 10 min and blend it.

Grill zucchinis and eggplants for about 15 min until crispy.

Cook the pasta with salt and oil and drain.

Place first a layer of sauce

Add pasta

Spread sliced eggplants and 1/3 of nutritional yeast

Second layer of pasta + zucchinis + 1/3 nutritional yeastFinal layer of pasta + tomato sauce + nutritional yeast + mozzarella

Bake covered for 35 min and then uncovered for 15 min. And voila! Vegetarian lasagna!

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