Life & Eats: 4/9-4/18

The past 10 days I was alone with Sofia. although it was tiring sometimes, overall it was great! She’s such a collaborative and flexible girl. Most of the time she simply accompanies me on whatever I’m doing (exercising, cooking, cleaning, reading, computer work). As long as she sees me, she just plays by herself and no complain 99%. ;) Let’s see what we’ve been up to

Painting class


they made a placemat for themselves for meal time


hand tracking

IMG_0295 IMG_0296

we had tea time one day where all parents were invited for snack while chatting about our kids and read them books


the weather was crazy few days


but spring is finally here!


they had cherry blossom day


some pics posing


so happy to be outdoor


with her little friend


last Saturday I had to work so I left Sofia at Sarah’s for few hours. She did really good, no crying and even let Sarah to trim her nails


had fun time riding the bike with Tara



on Sunday we went to the church for the first time. Unfortunately she cried the whole 15 min at the childcare and I had to pick her up. Luckily she played without making too much noise during the ceremony by my side (~1.5 hrs)


then we run errands


bought her some clothes.



bought a gift for a birthday party this weekend


and bought Sofia a set of magnetic set


she was entertained for good 20 min the first time, and plays with it daily for 5-10 min, very helpful when I need to cook

IMG_0412 IMG_0414

going to the play ground is one of her favorite thing to do


specially with this weather and nice views


on Monday, they had a portrait session at the daycare. I hope the photographer took some good ones for S





breakfast: toast with butter, eggs and fruits


toasts with avocado and egg + oranges


I’m obsessed with this bread. I get it from Mom’s organic, I believe it’s 3 seeds. It’s so good! Need to get another loaf this weekend. And pairing it with avocado with pinch of sea salt is out of this world!!! When I’m too tired sometimes, I simply make 2-3 toasts with avocado and called it a meal, a good one. :)

Homemade salad with black rice and hempseed dressing


leftover butternut squash curry


farmer’s market salad mix + roasted cauliflower + chilean smoked salmon.


lettuce from farmer’s market is sooo delicious, fresh, tender, crispy… I wish I can get it everyday!

some baking for Sofia’s breakfast: pancake in muffin with blueberries


baked oatmeal with blueberries and banana


We’re super excited for Star’s arrival… tomorrow night!!!! :lol: Next post will be about our family of 3. :)

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Toddler: 18 months

This little person has turned 1 year and half! How time flies???? and every day she’s becoming more fun!! Now that she understands and has her own opinion, our interaction is different than when she was a baby and only receptive. Now she can give back. She knows how to get us happy and mad, and constantly tests us. ;) I LOVE being her mama!!!


She’s such a happy silly girl most of the days. She simply turns on our days and whatever happens to my day, when I see her, everything is fine… actually more than fine, everything is marvelous.


when she was a little baby, I knew she needed me for protection and nurishment, but not necessarily she needed me emotionally. Now she does and she shows it. I am her refugee, her safe place, her play partner, her entertainer, her friend.


Sleeping: mainly like last month. She wakes up between 6-6:30am, plays 5-10 min in her crib and then “call” us to get her. During the week she’d take a catnap on the ride for 30-40 min, and then takes 1.5-2 hrs nap between 1-3pm at the daycare. She goes to sleep at night between 8-8:30pm (almost 1 hr later than before!) after the night routine (bath, moisturing, play in her room with no light, padding, kissing and she waves us before we leave the room). Sometimes she could play in the dark for 20 min before falling asleep, other times she’s asleep within 2 min. During the weekend, she’d take 2 hrs nap between 10:30-11am to 1pm, which is ideal because it disupts her lunch time and makes her tired by 6pm but too early for bedtime. So, we’ll try to switch the routine a bit next month, ideally to have the nap after lunch.


Eating: 80% of the time she eats well and eats by herself, specially when she is at the daycare. At home, she wants to play so she’s usually done in 5-10 min, so chasing after her occurs more often than I wanted, but I am more relaxed about it these days. She’s a good eater in general and I’m fine with that 80%. Her menu at home:

breakfasts: homemade blueberries muffin, pancakes, french toasts, milk with granola, milk with cereal, almond butter and jelly sandwich. She also has juice (apple/carrot/cucumber/celery/lemon) everyday if we do and lately she has started taken milk. For a long time, she wants nothing to do with milk so I started mixing chocolate coconut water with milk and she likes it. Nowadays, we can get her to drink at least 1 cup per day.

meals: Tj’s mini chicken potstick (12!), pappardelle with homemade bolognese sauce with veggies and ground beef, stir-fry rice with egg, frozen peas and corns. These are 3 favorite meals. I also try to introduce new combos such as ricotta ravioli, meat loaf, chinese noodles, stir-fry soba noodles with veggies, scrablemd eggs, quesadilla, etc.

snacks/desserts: yogurt, smoothies made yogurt/milk/banana, fruits (clementine, grapes, banana, blueberries, orange), applesauce pouches, animal crackers. We don’t usually give her snacks between meals unless she didn’t eat much, so these are mainly desserts.

She eats always with utensils (sometimes she even refuses start eating if we don’t give her utensils) and started using cups for drinks. She’s very good at both, no mess.


New developments: so many things happened this month!

  • She’s learning new words almost everyday. Now she can say: papa, mama, grandma and grandpa (in shanghainese), her fav teacher’s name (Ati), car (in shanghainese and spanish), water (spanish), nana for banana, thank you (english), sit down, shoes, hat, go down, light, milk, auntie, clean up (shanghainese), bye (spanish and english).
  • She has became more interactive with her friends at the daycare. For example, when they move from one classroom to another, she would be the one waving to the group to move together, and if someone is lagging behind, she’d take her/his hand and drag him/her to the other room. And when someone is crying, be’d softly touch his/her head and say “nice nice”, something that the teacher does. She loves dancing with other kids and give them hugs. One time, she was so enthusiastic in hugging everyone that she fell down and bumped her head.
  • She learned that chinese books are with grandma and spanish books are with mama. So if I tell her to grab a book, she’d grab Buenas Noches Luna first and others later.
  • She takes off her shoes by herself, and even put them on once.
  • She started to play alone at the playground and so excited about her newly independence.
  • She has preference over clothing. If she doesn’t want to put some particular item on, she’d refuse it and would pick the one she wants.
  • She’s very good at cleaning the mess. She loves pooling things out from the cabinet, especially in the bathroom when she always accompany me while I get ready in the morning. She’d play by taking the jars/bottles out and when I tell her that I’m almost done, she’d start putting things back. Of course, she doesn’t always behave so well, but most of the time she’ll do it, either all by herself  or with my assistance.
  • She has 4 molars and 8 teeths. They just came out without notice, no teething, nothing! :)



  • Dancing! Whenever music is on, she wants to take someone for dance.




  • she likes playing ball with us. Basically she throw it, I kick it away and she laughing like a silly girl. :)


  • her fine motors are great! She can make a bead very quickly.


her drawing is still nonsene but still amazing that she can do it thanks to the practices she gets at the daycare


  • she likes pushing her stroller


  • she likes playing with the rice box


  • playing at the playground by herself, for hours!!!




  • she likes practicing independence such as taking her shoes off by herself


She’s such a happy girl nowadays. Most of the time, she laughs and make us laugh with no particular reason. She just seems so happy and I love it!!!



sometime I wonder when and where she learn things… like this posture? Just tooo funny!!! :lol:


Weight: 20lb. 2 oz (18%)

Height: 30.5 in (40%)

HC: 18.65 in (75%)


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Travel: Chile 2014

I just came back from Santiago de Chile, a business trip that ended up being an adventure! why? because we had earthquake! :shock:

okay. let’s start from the beginning. It was my third time in Santiago, second time traveling for work. It’s a privilege to be able to travel for work to Chile, specially when I could travel in business ;) This time I traveled with Delta


I had a single seat with no one besides me. Yeah~ A welcome snack that I finished in 2 min ;) Love Sahale snacks


pillow and blanket were provided because it was a night flight (11pm-9am)


the seat not only goes flat, it even offers massage :shock:


I brought two books with me


necessities for in-flight-spa ;)


ready to relax


the menu looks very good


starter: smoked salmon, lentil salad and sunrise cocktail (it was okay, I had few bites)


appetizer: beet arugula salad with feta, creamy cauliflower soup and bread (finished the salad and the bread)


entree: sea bass with greens and polenta (the fish was delicious, I could have had a second serving of it. It was the beginning of my culinary adventure for this trip!)


the dessert cart came


and I went with the flan


I watched a movie and slept 5-6 hrs. Shortly after I woke up, breakfast was served


After checking in at the hotel I met with my colleagues for lunch.  I had a beef soup and this avocado shrimp salad


The rest of the week was a bit hectic… meeting after meetings. Fortunately the weather was really nice and sunset was specially beautiful.


Food was really good this time because my colleagues know where to go.

this place is called “aqui esta coco” (here it is Coco), so matching right?


fancy decor


three of us shared two appetizers: octopus


and ceviche of assorted seafood


for entree: I had sea bass with sauteed veggies.


and we shared a plate of dessert testing


although it was pricey, the food was really good. Fresh ingredients, well prepared, good presentation and great service!

Look the view where we had breakfast, at 21st floor



the food was fresh and good, but limited in variety. I had this combo almost everyday: 2 hard boiled eggs, fruits and toasts with butter.


we had lunch in different places but I only remembered to take pics at Baco


look this sign: (we don’t have wifi, talk among you). so funny!


we all had this salad: smoked salmon with salmon salad


another great dinner place: Rivoli. We were skeptical at first and wondered why the assistant picked that place because from outside, the restaurant looked mediocre, a typical family style italian place. But our skepticism didn’t go far, once the appetizer came, we all agreed it was going to be a good dinner. 5 of us shared 3 appetizers:

grilled octopus on couscous


ricotta accompanied by dry tomatoes and smoked salmon


mozzarella and dry tomatoes in olive oil


as entree I had grilled sea bass with sautéed mushrooms and zucchini. Absolutely DELICIOUS!!!


this place was the best of all during this trip! I am marking it down for my next time in Santiago. :)

On Wednesday night, we were invited to someone’s house for dinner. While we were chatting over wine and steak, a 8.2 degree earthquake happened on the north of Chile. We didn’t feel it but the news came out as Chile had a 8.2 earthquake, so emails/message/calls came altogether to check how I was doing. :shock:


fortunately there was no major damage but still 6 people died because it was followed by a tsunami the next day. On Friday 6:53am, while I was still in bed, I felt a shake! An earthquake of 5.4 occurred in a town 50km from Santiago. I got scared this time because the shake felt so real! I changed my air-ticket and left Friday evening. Later my colleagues who left few hours after me told me that another earthquake occurred that night, it was stronger and the light went off for 1 min. How scary!!!


on my way back, I worked and ate like a beast ;)

starter: smoked tune filled with goat cheese and cauliflower


appetizer: capresse salad, mushroom soup and WW bun 


entree: chopped lamb, sauteed zucchini with pepper and orzo salad


dessert: strawberries, pecan pie and chocolate cake (the chocolate cake was one of the best cake I’ve ever had!!!)


after all these food, I slept like a baby ;)


glad to be back to a “safe”ground!

It was a nice trip. Interesting meetings, delicious food, fun colleagues to hang out and bit of adventure. :)


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