Life: week 6/16

Last week was a full week so by the end of it, I was exhausted!!! Not-want-to-get-up type of exhaustion. Maybe it was because I had to work on Friday, or maybe it was just accumulation of two weeks as “single” mom with full time job kind of exhausted. However, I am still extremely grateful for having such an easy-going, helpful and mostly collaborative girl.

Nowadays she even picks her own outfit sometimes. ;)


don’t be fooled with this pic… beneath that “mask” I was tiiiiiireeeeedddd!!!!


Finally it was Saturday, a pouring saturday, but didn’t stop us to visit farmer’s market


here’s out purchases at the market:

  • butter lettuce
  • basil
  • parsley
  • collard greens
  • rainbow carrots
  • zucchini & summer squash
  • green onion
  • eggs


I’m obsessed with summer squash, specially roasted!!! oh… those  tomatoes are amazing too!

next stop: My Organic Market where we got


next was Target:

  • Mum mum
  • Aveno moisturizer and wash
  • freezed edamame
  • mini raisin
  • bread flour
  • avocado


last stop Great Wall:

  • winter melon
  • asian pear
  • naval orange
  • purple sweet potato
  • peaches
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • mini mango
  • apricot


All those groceries for a total of: $120. I guess eating fresh and local could be expensive.

Afternoon was spent watching soccer games. We have a mini fan! :)


and then 2.5 hrs nap for both of us. It was glorious!!! I feel so much more rested after that. So I made almond flour pancakes for Sofia


and then we went on a ride, the second time with Sofia. The first time she complained a lot during the last half hour (1 hr in total) so I was a bit worried if she still doesn’t like it, I might have to return the trailer. But for my surprise, she didn’t complain at all. Furthermore, she seemed quite excited. I guess a stop at the play ground helped!


Sunday: I was still exhausted and felt I was done for the day after just breakfast. But I knew if I didn’t change my attitude, it was going to be a miserable day for both of us. So, we dressed up and went to the church anyway.


Sofia was excited to get out of the house


can you tell?


once home, she was already asking for food, babbling “hambre hambre”


after lunch, another 2 hrs nap for S but not for me. I did some reading instead. And then went for another ride and play


this new playground is bigger and has more equipment, Sofia was really excited exploring them all



look how cute she is wanting to give me kisses through her little world



The yummiest thing I ate last week was this baguette (Mediterranean avocado on artisan bread) from Pret a manger. I had it as snack and it was so good that I finished it all!


How I missed baguette! after that, I wanted to make my own baguette. I used this recipe, which is simple although the entire process took over 2 days.


I baked it this morning and was quite pleased with the result


it was not as crispy as the baguette you get at store but the taste is pretty close. I think part of the difference comes from the fact that this baguette is half whole wheat.


can’t wait to make my own Mediterranean avocado sandwich! :)

Q: What’s your favorite kind of bread? Mine is definitely french multigrain baguette.


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My favorites

I’m playing along with a little survey that’s been making it’s way around the blogs

Name your favorite…

Person: Sofia and Star, no thinking involved ;)


Color: summer colors, mint, rose, coral, ocean blue, white


Food: corn (the rainbow kind)


Smell: natural jasmine smell in the park

Book: recent one: Gone girl


Movie: the Notebook, Before Sunset

before-sunrise-before-sunset-richard-linklater_medium MV5BMTk3OTM5Njg5M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzA0ODI3._V1_SX214_AL_

Time of day: evening once Sofia is asleep so I can have time for myself to have bubble bath for my feet and reading.

Day of the week: Friday. Every other week I have a Friday off so it’s a ME day. Sometime I dedicated it to do some pumping (mani/pedi/facial/massage), others I spend a day reading, and sometime I have to catch up with household duties (bills/accounting/etc).

Things to do when bored: reading. I can’t remember last time I feel bored. I always feel I have so many things to do all the time that whenever I have free time, I can’t wait to start!


Celebrity: Fav actor: Ryan Gosling; fav actress: Angelina Jolie

Drink: coffee but only 1-2 per day


TV show: the House of Cards. The Best Show I’ve seen for a long long time!!! When is the next season????


Fruit: navel orange and peaches during summer

Vegetable: kabocha


Store/shop: Trader Joe’s

Workout: a good run or hiking. Once Sofia is old enough to go hiking, I’d definitely do it more often.

Quote: Live with passion!

Potato chip flavor: don’t like potato chip

Meal of the day: breakfast, particular savory ones, like panini, toast with sunny egg and avocado


Ice cream flavor: lemon sorbet and chocolate

Season: Summer! Because I love summer clothes and it feels vacation all summer long.

Dessert: if I order dessert, it usually involves chocolates.

Lifehack: dishwasher! I don’t know why I waited so long to use it.

Now… tell me, what’s your favorite food/movie/book/color/day, and why?

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Life & Eats: week 6/9

Last week we re-started the life of two: Sofia and me. It went quite well. She’s in a stage that is so easy to be with, mostly reasonable, plays alone well and just enjoys having my company.

I had a dentist appt on Tuesday which surprised me with headphone for music & sunglass for the light during the procedure. So considerate! :)


but the after pain was unavoidable and lasted for almost a week :( bummer!

This week we started the “tradition” of taking Sofia’s outfit first thing in the morning and she is very collaborative :)





she likes to snack during the ride and I’ve been giving her pine nuts. They’re great source of healthy fat and probably one of the few nuts/seeds safe for toddler to eat by themselves. She loves it!



I had Friday off and enjoyed every minute of it! I did manicure at home with these new summer colors


a massage with my favorite massage therapist that happened to be an old asian man


a lot of reading before I passed out and took a long and rejuverating nap


when I went to pick Sofia in the afternoon, I found a lovely gift for Star as father’s day present


an even bigger surprise: Sofia started to walk normal again. Since the cast of taken away, she has been walking as if the cast was still on, on her tippie toe. But that day, the teachers practiced with her how to walk with the feet and she started to do it when someone holds her hand. Wooooo!!!!!!!! And by Monday, she’s fully recoverd! Soooo happy!!!!

We went for a short ride once we arrived home


On Saturday we dressed up and went to the market


She insists to put her shoes on by herself


we had fun at the market and later at WF  and Tj’s and bought a lot of food



we spent the afternoon at home, I did some computer work while Sofia snacked the rice cake with me


after a long nap (2.5 hrs) for both of us, she played at her desk while I continued with the reading


and then just before the sunset we went to the play ground


on Sunday we went to the church


I think Sofia started to get used to the sunday routine


after church, she took a catnap on the ride


to carters. She eagerly wanted to try that sunglass


we had lunch


and another long nap! What a life changing experience is that she takes >2 hrs nap nowadays.


once when was up, we went to a friend’s house for BBQ and some playtime


she was not friendly at all with Chumei, she didn’t like that I was holding another baby.


overall we had an easy, relax and fun weekend. I love having Star here but I must say I also enjoy having “girls” time alone with Sofia. She’s just a joy!


breakfast has been: homemade black & soy bean milk + panini with cheeese and egg/turkey


loving the melted cheese


took lunch to work a couple of times: a salad of lettuce, golden beets, tomato, grilled chicken, roasted zucchini, brown/black rice with honey dijon dressing


dinners: stir-fry rice with assorted veggies and eggs


topped with avocado and milk salsa (I’m obsessed with it!)


salad made with lettuce, artichoke, tomato, avocado, black bean and salsa


with chips (didn’t like these much!)


sauteed bell pepper, onion, celery and mushroom with basil + brown/black rice


a weekend meal: black bean, avocado and hummus quesadilla + salad


snack that I liked a lot: these fig bars that the church had. I need to buy some, they’re really good. Sofia ate the whole bar while we were at the service. I was so intrigued that I grabbed one afterwards, and finished it in 5 seconds. ;)


Q: what’s your favorite summer color? salad dressing?

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